My First Time

True Story

This is a story about the first time I had sex. And yes, it's true.

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Me and my boyfriend came home from town at 11pm. We were both 18 and had our own house. I parents helped us pay for it. I was wearing short-shorts with stockings. When we were out at town, I always caught him glancing at my legs. I was tired from walking around a lot, so I slumped onto our bed. Ken, my boyfriend, walked over and
sat on the bed next to me. He massaged my feet for awhile, then I rubbed my foot on his obvious bulge in his jeans. Then Ken took off his jeans and stuck his rock hard boner between my stockinged feet. I usually never give him footjobs non-barefoot, but I guess he was so horny, he didn't mind. I watched as he slid his cock through my 18 toes. After awhile, he was gripping my feet hard and thrusting his cock through my feet really fast, and then finally cumming all over my stockinged feet.

He smiled at me as he peeled off my stockings, then my short-shorts.

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   He took a good look at my hairless and smooth legs and then began to lick my legs. He started with my right leg, licking under my calf, below my knee, down my thigh and to my butt. He used both of his hands to rub my smooth thighs and calves. He then held both mylegs up straight and put his cock between my calves and began thrusting. I love letting him fuck my legs, it really gets me turned on and makes me happy that I'm satisfying his fetish, and I REALLY love the feeling of his rock hard cock touching my skin. As Ken fucked my calves, he also massaged my feet and played with my toes. Toes. That was Ken's favorite part of my foot. I felt it was a good idea to be topless, since Ken was about to cum all over me, so I took off my hoodie and singlet and then undid my bra. At the same time, Ken was taking his shirt off too.

When Ken was about to cum, he let it all out onto me. I watched his cock spray spurt after spurt of cum all over my stomach, breasts and face. I counted about 5 - 6 spurts. When Ken finished, he knelt down on the bed and grabbed my legs and started to lick and rub them. Then he started to lick my pussy.


   I moaned as he sucked my clit and tongue fucked my opening. I put my legs over his back, my soft and smooth thighs rubbing against the sides of his head. When I came, my honey poured all over his mouth and down his chin, I was moaning and spazzing from my orgasm. After Ken finished swallowing most of my honey, he began to suck on my nipples. He had this way of making little amounts of milk come out of my nipples with his tongue. He would suck on one breast and squeeze the other. After a few minutes, he aimed his cock between my breasts. Did I mention his
cock was slightly bent to the left? Anyways, he stuck his slightly bent cock between my breasts and I pushed them together, so they were hugging his cock. I watched as his cock came up close to my chin, then disappear into my breasts, and then out again.

Ken began to thrust in and out of my breasts, constantly moving faster and faster, making the bed rock a bit. Just moments later, he said,

"I'm going to cum, get ready to swallow ok?"

"Sure. " I said as I squeezed my breasts closer to his cock.

I had my mouth open for a bit as he continued to thrust in and out of my breasts, and then finally sticking his cock into my mouth. His cum tasty just slightly salty, but was still edible. When Ken finished cumming in my mouth, I pulled his foreskin back and forth a few times to get the final droplets down my throat.

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   I lay there breathing heavily when Iwas interrupted by an electric shock of pleasure that jolted through my body from my pussy. I looked down to see that Ken was fingering me. He rubbed his thumb on my clit and fingered me with 2 fingers. Awhile later, I came on his fingers and he sucked his fingers to swallow my cum. After he finished swallowing my honey from his fingers, he picked up my foot and started to suck on my toes. He sucked on my big toe for a bit then licked between my toes. He licked from my heel all the way to my toes and then licked back and forth on my soles. Then he put my whole foot in his mouth, his tongue sliding around all my toes. When he was done, I pulled out one of my drawers, took out some lube and put it over my feet and his cock. I lowered my sky blue toes over his slightly bent cock.

I pushed his boner so that it was on his stomach, then used my toes to slide up and down his shaft. I didn't take too long to rub my toes on his dick-head, since I know howmuch he likes toes. With one foot, I squeezed his dick-head with my 5 toes, and with the other foot, I rubbed my soles on his shaft. After several seconds of squeezing hisdick-head, I used both my soles to rub both sides of his cock. After a few seconds, he said,

"C'mon baby, use your toes more.

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I nodded and began to tickle his dick-head with my toes again. I made my other foot into a tippy-toe position and slid it up and down his shaft. When he told me he was going to cum, I used my left foot to lift his cock up and then put my toes over his dick-head. I squeezed his dick-head for a few more seconds, and then he finally came between my toes. His cum shot up on top of my toes and between my toes. When he was done cumming, I licked my lips and started to suck on my own toes, licking his cum off my toes and swallowing it. We usually finished off our sexual sessions with me giving him a footjob, so we both lay on the bed under the blankets and tried to fall asleep. I put one leg between his, so that he could rub it and fall asleep. We don't usually sleep naked, so I could feel his balls on top of my thigh between his legs, and his boner on my belly. Though I'm used to feeling his boner on my belly. Ken continued to rub my thigh as I tried to fall asleep since it was quarter to 12. For about 18 minutes he rubbed my thigh before I almost shut my heavy eyesand fell asleep. That's when he whispered to me,

"Jess, can I fuck your thighs one more time? Then I'll go sleep, I promise. "

I sighed and said no, but he kept saying please, so I guess I had to. We both got out of bed, then I bent over on the side of the bed.

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   We never use lube when he fucks my legs because my legs are really smooth and hairless. I'm not trying to brag! Anyways, he stuck his boner between my thighs, right under my pussy and began thrusting. While he fucked my thighs, he constantly kept telling me how smooth my thighs are. As Ken started to thrust in and out of my thighs really fast, the bed started to rock. When he came, he did it on myback like always. He always seems to shoot more spurts when he fucks my thighs.

"There, you happy?" I said smiling at him.

I went into the bathroom to wipe his cum off my back and then went back under the blankets with Ken to sleep. He said good night to me and kissed me. I pulled him closer and stuckmy tongue between his teeth. We tongue-kissed for awhile, and before I knew it, he was on top of me. We continued to kiss for a bit more and then, he whispered into my ear,

"Do you want to do it?"

I was shocked when he said that. I've always wanted to know what it feels like to get pregnant, so I said yes. It was either wanting to get pregnant, or I was too horny. He smiled and aimed his cock at my pussy.

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   I was wondering how he was going to put his slightly bent cock in me. Then Ken grabbed his cock and bent it right to make it a bit more straight, and then pushed it into my vagina. I was really nervous. When he penetrated me and was fully in, I felt something rip. I told him to moved gently since it hurt. After a fewminutes, the pain was gone and I told him it was okay for him to fuck me. He smiled and started ramming in and out of me at a quick pace. I could feel his cock still bent slightly inside me, and it was rubbing against my G-spot perfectly. It was the best feeling I ever felt. A few minutes later, he was ramming in me really hard and fast. I let out a long and loud moan as I reached an orgasm and came. A few seconds after my orgasm, Ken came inside me. I could feel his cum shots hitting my cervix and my belly warming up.

We lay there breathing heavily for about 4 minutes, when he began to move again. He told me to wrap my legs around his waist, and I did.

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   He started thrusting in and out of me, and every time he did, my legs would rub against his waist, making him more hornier and ram in me harder and faster. When we were about to cum, I tensed all the muscles in my body and squeezed his waist with my legs wrapped around him. He came inside my unprotected womb again, filling it up ever more and fertilizing my waiting eggs. He fucked me 2 more times in that position, then we both went to sleep. .