My first time was aprostitute

True Story

I was sneaking around in a well know lovers lane in the bush near my place one Wednesday afternoon. I was supposed to be at sport but I bunked off. Often people go there and have sex in cars and you can see them sometimes.

I saw a car there and the back doors were open and there was a guy fucking a girl on the back seat. She was naked and he had his pants off. I had noticed it was a taxi so I imagined the girl was paying for her fare by giving the driver a fuck.

I watched them for about five minutes and it looked like he came because he pulled out of her and stood at the side of the cab and squeezed the rest of his cum out of his cock and wiped it with his handkerchief.

I was pulling myself because it was so sexy watching her get fucked.

After he finished and was putting his pants on she got out and stood beside the car and just stood there. She didnt try and get dressed.

I must have moved or something because she said something to the guy and pointed toward where I was watching them. He ran over and caught me, I had my cock out and he laughed at me and said watching a real man having a good fuck were we.

What is that thing in your hand surely not a cock. Did you see mine – thats a cock. He grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me over to where she was standing – still with no clothes on.

Well he said if you want to watch, then have a good look at this.

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   He turned to the girl andsaid sit down and give him a look at it.

She sat on the edge of the seat and opened her legs and I could see her bare cunt. Then he got me by the hair and pushed my face right onto her cunt and it had some cum leaking out and he rubbed my face in it.

Then he said ok let him haveago, he has a useless little cock lets see if we can make a man of him.

She leant forward and undid my pants and pulled them down and my cock was all hard and sticking out.

She said he wont get that into me.

He said we wont know until you try.

He said have you ever fucked a girl yet.

I said no.

He said well you will always remember your first time and he said to her get in and he can do you.

She didn’t hesitate and got onto the back seat got her legs up and he said ok fuck her. I had to get in and between her legs and try and get my cock into her.

Once I was in the car it was easier and when I got close to her I could see where I had to put it and I aimed my cock at her cunt and pushed it in. it went in and it felt good – even though she had his cum in her it still felt good and I began to fuck her like I had seen him do. As I was fucking her she said want a suck and pushed one of her tits up for me to suck.

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   I did and it was good.

The guy said how is he.

She said quite good I can feel his little cock working wonders on me – he is right on my clit.

He said to me – do you like it.

I said yes.

Then make the most of it sonny you wont get a second chance to fuck her unless you have a lot of money.

I imagined then she was a prostitute because she didn’t mind me fucking her and wasn’t bothered about being nude, and she didn’t have hair on her cunt.

I did it to her for about 4 or 5 minutes and I came and shot my cum into her as well.

She said well well he can fill me up as well. Good boy, I hope you liked it.

I said I did, it was good.

She said was it your first time.

I said yes.

Well she said my first virgin boy. How wonderful.

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   I haven’t fucked anybody his age for about 18 years.

He said how old were you then .

She said 12.

Fuck me he said you started young.

I got out and stood there and did what he did and squeezed the rest of my cum out.

She said well that’s that. Two for the price of one she said. I dont do that very often.

The guy said to me now fuck off and get lost you have had your fun.

I grabbed my pants off the ground and ran and got away from them before I put them on.

A while later I heard the car go and he tooted the horn.

Evidently the girl I fucked was a prostitute and I didn’t have to pay. She was my first fuck. I sat there and tried to remember it all. Then I went home and when I got there I wanked off again thinking I was fucking the girl again, it was great.

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   I didn’t tell anybody for a few weeks because nobody would have believed me but it did happen and it was my first fuck.