My boyfriends best mate

True Story

My boyfriend came home from work the other night to find me sucking on his best mates cock, when I saw him I stopped and said I was sorry and that I couldn't resist the 7 inches of cock that Rob had. Chris (my boyfriend) said "babe, its ok, I couldn't resist it either when I first saw it". I was completely shocked then Rob forced his cock back in my mouth causing me to gag. Chris started to strip off and revealed his 7 inch cock, Rob began to stroke it. My pussy was getting so wet, and Chris knew it, he pulled me off Rob's hard throbbing cock and rubbed the head of his cock on my lips. He then bent me over and started pumping his rock hard dick in and out of my tight cunt.

Rob put his cock back into my mouth and i moan as the two of them spit roasted me.

Chris told Rob to get on his knees, Rob took all of Chris's cock at once, Chris handed me my dildo and said "put that up your cunt you slut, watch me cum all over Rob's face". I did, I was having multiple orgasms as did Chris. Rob then kissed me and spat Chris's cum into my mouth then I took his cock deep into my throat and let him cum.

Then it was my turn to squirt my juice, Rob started fucking my asshole while Chris took my cunt, fuck it hurt but I have never cum so much in my life.