My best friend and I make love

True Story

100% REAL!Hmmm. . . . i was home alone becuase my mom and dad were out of town for the weekend. I have brown hair, 5"6 42 D, Blue eyes. Well my friend came over and she is 5"9 fine body her boobs were like in the g section. i was wearing a small tank top so yea my boobs were falling out and short shorts, i was reading a book while lying on my bed. She came in my room and said, hey!. i close my book and said hey. She was looking at me very strange so i asked what was wrong. she said nothing then smiles. That did turn me on. So i asked if she wanted to lay with me and watch a movie. she said sure. so we are wataching a movie, and we are both laying on my bed.

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   She was wearing a tank top like me :) and was wearing normal shorts. well while we were watching the movie, she asked me if i wanted a massage and i said sure. So she got on top of me and gave me a massage on my back like a normal one. Then she flips me over and starts to kiss me!!! I was like omg. But it felt soooooo good so i started to kiss her back. i sat up and she started to put her hands up my shirt n unhook my bra, i let her so she threw it across the room. she wasnt wearing one so. then she slides her hangs up and down my boobs and it felt good and i told her to keep doing it while i laid her down. then she tells me to remove her shorts and i did. She then told me to to get on my kness and hands so i did and she got on me and started to hump me and play with my boobs and she kept saying i love you ur the best!. Then she laid me down and removed my shorts and underwear and started to lick my pussy and i kept mouning sooooo much. she then removes my tank top and started so suck my boobs then she cums all over them.
    so i got up again and we started to paly with each other, i had one hand on her boobs and one down in her pussy while she had her hands on my boobs playing. i laid her down and started to go up and dwon on her. we did this for hours till we got exhasted.

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       after all tht we watch the movie and did this everytime my parents were away. .