My Best Freinds Daughter

True Story

My best friends girl came home from a bad marriage to an older man who controlled her every move. Since I had known her since she was a little girl she and I had conversations that she could never have with her father for fear he would take her husbands side.

I am in my early sixties and she is almost thirty years younger but she loves being around my home because there is always something going on as I am single and not yet ready to settle into middle age. I am very active and fit and love to take road trips as often as I can just to get away from all the people who know me in this small town. She was not a pretty girl growing up but has developed a very nice proportioned body that catches the looks of most men.

One afternoon while she was visiting wetalked about the possibility of her returning to her husband and I had questioned her closely about whether that was something she really wanted to do. She had suggested late in the afternoon that we walk to the park by the river since it was so nice and warm out. We walked hand in hand (as we usually did when away from her folks) and stopped by a picnic bench to talk and watch the last of the suns light disappear in the west.

Sam turned to me as the light was starting to fade and said "I don't really know if I'm ready to go back to my husband because he only has sex with me in one position and I'm not learning anything about sex". That was much more information than I needed because I had been feeling that nice warm hand in mine and her breath sometimes hitting the side of my face and it was certainly effecting me sexually. I asked her how she would know without experimenting and to my surprise she said "Will you teach me?"Wow. . . How was I going to handle this. . .

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  My best friends girl? As if she was reading my mind she leaned over and kissed me soft and long. When she broke the kiss she said "Daddy does not need to know".

As if in silent agreement I kissed her again and explored her back, tight ass and upper thighs. Her breath soon became ragged and I sat her on the edge of the table. She was wearing a light tank top with no bra and I gently pulled it down to expose her tits. She laid back on the table and I slowly sucked her nipples and kissed her neck just under her chin. As I looked around to see if we had any visitors in the park she lifted her hips and I stripped her shorts and panties off in one motion so as to help her make the decision to continue. I knelled down in the soft sawdust around the table and kissed her inner thighs and then quickly licking from her from her ass to her clit. She softly said "Oh My!" as my tongue invaded her pussy and then back to her clit. In short order she started an involuntary shaking and I placed her legs higher on my shoulders so I could get my tongue and two fingers in her now nice wet pussy. Out of nowhere it seems her legs suddenly clamped around my head and she grabbed my arms and pulled me as close to her pussy as she could get me. An almost violent climax rippled thru her and she clamped her mouth shut so she would not cry out and alert anyone what we were up too. I licked her clit one more time and she jerked and put her hand over her landing stripped pussy so I couldn't touch her anymore. She said" God . .

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  . no more right now. I want to suck you. "

She slid off the bench onto the ground and stripped my shorts and underwear off just as I did her. Now, I am not long in the cock, just a bit above averagebut I am very, very thick. She looked at my now very hard cock in the ever fading light, then me in the eye and once again breathed the words "Oh my". She forced as much as she could in her mouth and jacked what was left out of her lips quickly and firmly.
    I could feel her tongue licking the underside of my cock as she pulled her head back off my cock. I could feel the old familiar tightening of my balls as she wrapped her hands around my ass and forced her head even further on my cock. I announced my intention of cumming and she backed off enough to ask if I wanted her to take my cum in her mouth because she had never done that before and I shook my head and pulled her back up on the bench. She laid back and raised her legs, spreading them wide and placing her heels on my shoulders.

    I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and started slowly pushing into her a little bit at a time. When my cock broke thru that first tight line of muscle she once again uttered the now familiar "Oh my". My cock was now free to travel deeper in her and she dug her heels into my shoulders as if giving me permission to take her hard. Ipushed my cock to its full length in one motion and she grabbed my hips and set a rhythm.

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      I asked her tell tell me when she was close to cumming and if she wanted me to come inside her and she just nodded in an almost silentyes. My speed quickened and she put one hand up to her mouth just after she said "I'm ready. . . Come inside me". I took several very hard strokes and watched her eyes clamp shut and her hand tighten on her mouth to stop the noise that was dieing in her throat and I started pumping cum into her body until I could hardly feel my legs and I laid down on her body so I didn't fall on the ground. We laid there for a long time catching our breath and eventually breaking apart and getting our clothes back on to be safe from discovery by someone walking their dog.

    We left the park slowly, once again holding hands, but now with a different meaning. She turned to me under a street light and asked if I would teach her more before she talked with her husband and I took some time to think of the ramifications if we were discovered and decided I would take that chance. We will see each other in the next few days and I will continue with this story as it unfolds.