I Seduced My Teacher

True Story

It was my Senior year in high school and I was really enjoying all the fun I was having. Most of my requirements had been met to graduate and so I just had to take 3 classes for the year and not miss many days and I would graduate. I had become friends with Kathy who I met at the beach during the Summer. We both had driven there that day and her car had a flat and so I brought her back home and on the way we discovered our mutual love of playing girl on girl. I will tell ypu about that later but the thing is that we started classes and both had a special class for college transition. They called it "Life Skills" and it looked like and easy A so we both took it. It was still hot when classes began and so I wore tank tops and shorts and tube tops (not that I had anything to put in them) beacuse they did not take anything to get ready for school and Kathy and I liked to play with each other early in the morning when we net before classes. She was a 36C and loved my small tits as much as I loved her dark nipples that made up most of her tits.

Well, anyway, we went to the life skills class and it was taught by Ms. Taylor and she was very properly dressed. She wore clothes that were very business-like and was about 5'8" and had a lovely plus size figuer with she was very self conscious of. Her tits were at least 42EE and she had nice hips and a waist that was surprisingly small and then those hips that we knew had something delicious at the "Y" of her legs. KAthy and I both wanted to have her and so we said that we would do all we could to seduce her. One day she passed out an assignment for us to write a paper about something that was memorable last Summer and Kathy and I both looked at each other and smiled. She was afraid that if she realy wrote something that it may get the paper graded as a failure and so did not but I decided to write in very graphic words about how Kathy and I first made love girl on girl. I had flirted a lot with Ms.

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   Taylor and she seemed to get red faced and did not speak too well when I accidentially let my tube top show my nipples at her desk one day and she excused herself for a little while.

Well, the paper was very descriptive of all that Kathy and I had done from the first kiss to the wonderful night we had spent together in bed totally naked and had explored all we could explore. I especially liked the one passage I wrote that Ms. Taylor had underlined, it read, "I felt her lips against mine and then opened my lips as her tongue circled them and then explored with my tongue each other's lips. As we kissed our hands found each other's pussies, soaking wet from sucking each other's nipples hard and making each other have orgasms as we laid together on the beach our bathing suits off and no one in sight. I kised her deep and then went to her nipples again and then further down to her sweet pussy and the juices I had on my fingers I licked off letting her watch me and then I kissed the lips of her pussy making her moan loud. Then my tongue teased her clit and I sank it into her pussy and felt her juices squirt over my face as she had a sweet orgasm. After that she turned her body around so that we laid in a 69 position and began to bring each other to full orgasms over and over again. "

Well, anyway, that passage was circled in red ink. She brought the papers in and said that she was satisified with all of them except one. She handed them out and kept mine. I looked at her and licked my lips and she turned red and looked away. As class was ending she said, "Sandra, please stay after so I can discuss your paper with you. " I had taken off my panties before class planning on going thrugh with the second part of her seduction and the tube top was just at the top of my nipples under the button up shirt I wore. Everyone left and Kathy smiled at me as she went out the door and closed it behind her.

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   "Please come up her and sit down. " Ms. Taylor said to me. I did and waited for her to speak, making her take the first step. "This is a rather graphic paper don't you think?" she said sitting in her chair. "Well, I thought that it should be written that way to get across everything that happened. " I said and looked at her. "So all of this really happened? You and Kathy?" she said. "Yes it did, and there was a lot I left out cause it would have been too long. " I said. "I see. Well, I don't know what to say. On the one hand it is realy well written and on the other hand it is very graphic and X rated and should not be accepted at all. " "But what is m grade?" I said. "Ah, well, to be honest, ah, I was not sure.

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  " she said.

I stopped and looked at her a long time, deep into her brown eyes and I made eye contact with her and held it lickingmy lips. "Do you know how beautiful you are Ms. Taylor?" I said and she startled and said, "What? What did you say?" "I said, do you know what a beautiful and desireable woman that you are?" and she turned bright red, her dark brown hair that was up began to fall from the bun she had it in. I got up and she sat frozen in her seat and walked behind her and undid her hair and let it fall over her shoulders. I stepped in front of her and smiled, "That is so much nicer when it is down. " I stepped behind her again and put my hands on her tense shoulders. "What are you doing?" she barely got out. "I think you know what I am doing. " I said and walked to the door and locked it. She still sat there as if unable to move and I came to her again and began massaging her shoulders and began slipping down to the from of her blouse unbuttoning it one at a time and then after that slipping my hands to the top of her bra. I kissed the neck just under her ear and she shivered all over but did not move. I took advantage of that and kissed her neck the other side too making her moan and shiver.

I leaned her back in the chair and then my hands went to the top of her bra and inside and massaged her soft huge tits and made her moan and she said, "This is not right, we should not be doing this. " I took off my tube top and siirt and dropped it on the desk in front of her and she said, "Oh my god.

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  " and turned to look at me. When she swiveled her chair around I stood there half naked and then slipped my skirt off and showed her my body totally naked. I took her hand and she stood up and I undid her bra and it fell to the floor and her lovley tits fell into my hands and I began massaging them. I dropped a hand to her skirt zipper on the side and undid it and her skirt fell to the floor and then I went to her hose top and began taking them down. As I did I moved down with them, my face inches from her skin all the way down and she stepped out of them and I then took her panties down the same way. We stood there totally naked and I hugged her letting her feel my body against her. I was kissing under her ears again and she was moaning and hugging me, "Oh this is not right, we should not be doing this. " she kept saying over and over. Finally I took her face in my hands and said, "If you do not stop saying that I will have to shut you up. " She looked at me, "How will you stop me?" she said and I took her face and moved to her lips and began kissing her slowly and moving my hands around her body as I parted her lips and my tongue explored her mouth. THen she began kissing me back and our embrase was totally both of us now, not just me.

I went down her body and sucked her huge nipples till they were nboth hard as rocks and puled them making her weak and so I sat her down. I made sure that she reclined her hips forward so that they would be available for my next move. "Oh my god, now what are you going to do to me. " she moaned and I simply ran my tongue around her pussy lips that were soaking wet already.

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   I found her clit and went to work on it making her hips move with me and her moaning louder. I decided to really go crazy and move to what I had actually planned for our second encounter and got up and brought my bag to the floor with me. "What are you goin to do now?" she said. I am going to drive you crazy. " I told her and went back to her pussy this time eating her as if there were no tomorrow. After a while she had a wonderful juicie orgasm and I came up to her face and made her kiss me. She resisted at first and so I took her face in my hands and told her to lick her juices from my face. As she finished she was enjoying it. I held up a 9 inch dildo and showed her what was going to happen next. "Wait Sandy, wait please. " she begged me. "Why should I wait?" I asked her and she turned red again. "I, ah, well, I have never, well, I have never had something in me. " she said. "You have never had a man in you with his cock?" I said.

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   "No, never, I have only played with the outside. I am virgin. " I looked at her, "How old are you?" I said. "25" she said. "Well, today guess what, you will not be virgin tonight. " I said and began moving around the slippery pussy that was in front of my face. I began moving it around the entrance to her soaking wet pussy and she began begging me, "No please don't, please, please don't. " Her hips were betraying her feelings because they moved with the dildo that was at the entrance.

"Oh, why not love?" I asked her. "Well, I wanted to be virgin for my, well, you know, when I get married someday. "I had the dildo at the entrance to her pussy and my face was inches from hers and I said, "Well, I don't know, If I take it then it will be mine forever and so will you. I am flat, maybe I can be your husband. " I said. "Oh Sandy, no please, it is not right, none of this is right, please don't. " "Well, I think that maybe.

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  . . " I began and then pushed the dildo all the way into her pussy making her cry out. "I think I am going to make you mine. " I said and she was there with her legs up but crying. I began moving it in and out of her and sure enough there was some blood on it. I kissed her deep and she began kissing me back and her hips began moving with the dildo. JUst as she was to have an orgasm I stopped and she began begging me to finish it for her. After a little begging I did as she asked and made her come to an orgasm. She humped the dildo like a wild animal and she let her legs hang on the arms of her chair.

I stood her up and then I sat down in the slippery chair, Handing her the dildo I said, "Now you eat me and fuck me. " She looked at me and got on her knees and began kissing my legs and worked up to my pussy and then I buried her face in my pussy athat was pulsing and needing relief. She ate me and then one orgasm came and I told her to use the dildo. She was gentle and I told her to let me have it and I drove it deep inside pussy. I began to really pound my pussy hard and fast and she sat there looking at me.

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   Finally another orgasm shook my body and I let the dildo drop to the floor, "Eat me through another. " I told her and she did just that. We kissed and finally got up, both weak from our play. We dressed and she fixed her hair in a mrror. "Tomorrow leave your hair down. " I told her. We stood there and she looked at the gradeless paper on the desk. She reached for her oen and put a large "A plus" on it. I kissed her again and we walked to the door and out to the hallway. It was empety and we walked out to the cars. My car was in the far lot and Kathy was waiting in it sleeping.

Kathey woke and and smiled, "Well, don't the two of you look like you have eaten all the pussy you can?" Ms. Taylor said that she had just found out how nice it can be. "By the way, " she said, "I guess you can call me Yolanda now. " and I said okay.

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  "Well, Yolanda, tomorrow, I want you to wear a thin bra, that is almost not there and a thong pair of panties, no more heavy stuff. I button up blouse that is unbutoned down to the top of your cleavage and a skirt that is slit up the side to show you naked legs, no more hose ever, understand?" I said. "Okay. " she said and she walked to her car and got in and waved as she drove off. Kathy kissed me and said, "Oh damn, you ate her pussy, she tastes so damn good. " I laughed and said and that is not all we did. "Next time you will have to stay after and we can take her home to really get her broken in. "

More later everyone.