I Seduced My Teacher Pt. 2

True Story

Well, I went home and Kathy and I talked about all I had done to Ms. Taylor, sorry, Yolanda now. We both were thinking of what to do next. "Why not both of us stay after and have her?" I said but Kathy did not want to for some reason. "Well, I am going to make sure she is totally under my control. " I said to her. "I want to make her do everything I tell her to do. " "That will be hot. " Kathy said and I began my plans for the next day. I called Leslie that was in the class and that is very much the total lesbian butch and told her and she could not believe it. "You wanna help me tomorrow with her?" I asked. "What do you have in mind?" Leslie asked me. "I wanna make her totally my slave, so she wil do all that I tell her when I tell her. " I said and Leslie said, "Oh, I get it, a little torture, a little pain maybe?" "Yeh, that is it. " I said, "Bring your big toys tomorrow. " I said and she said that she would.



The next day went slow but I saw Yolanda in the halls a couple times and she had dressed as I told her to and smiled at me as we passed. Finally the last class came and we were all there and I went past her and said, "I love the way you dressd, it is perfect for what is going to happen later. " I said and she looked at me asking with her eyes what was going to happen. "You wil see. " I told her quietly. About half way through the class Leslie went to her desk, we had a study time going and she was dressed in her usual jeans and t shirt and very unlady like way she handled herself. She was at the side looking down Ms. Taylor's cleavage and whispered, "Nice tits Yolanda, very nice. " She froze as she heard this and then Leslie put her hand on Yolanda's back. "The skirt is nice too, bet you have a thong on huh?" she said. "I think you need to go to your desk. " Ms. Taylor finaly said her voice shaking. Leslie reached to the bra strap in the back so that no one could see and with her fingers undid the hooks through Ypoland's blouse and her tits fell out still in her blouse. "Nice, very nice.

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  " Leslie said and walked to her desk smiling at me all the way back. Ms. Taylor just sat there cause to get up would show hertits out of her bra and so finaly calss was over and everyone left except Leslie and I.

"Class is over, you two cal leave. " she said as if to try to get us to go. We walked to the desk and each went around one side as I walked by the door locking it again. Leslie had her hand on her shoulder and I walked to her, "I really like the way you dressed today and now we will show you why I wanted you that way. " I said as I turned the chair to Leslie. She reached down and undid the blouse and then told her to sit up and then the blouse was off now on the desk. The bra came all the way off and Ms. Taylor was sitting there covering her breasts, or trying to anyway. I went to Leslie and began undressing her and then when she was naked I took off the skirt and left Ms. Taylor with just her thong standing there in front of Leslie. Leslie grabbed her roughly and kissed her forcing her tongue into her mouth. Ms.

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   Taylor was crying now and then turned to me, "I don't want to do this please, please stop. " "We did not ask if you wanted to, you are going to whenever we want and wherever we want to, you will do as we say and now we will make sure of that. " I said and then Leslie was sitting in her chair her legs apart and her pussy wet from the excitement of doing this to the teacher. I pulled out a camera and told her to stand behind Leslie and put her tits on each side of her from the back and then to smile. She managed to do it but not that well.

"Now, get in front on Leslie and on your knees. " I said and she did. Leslie leamed forward and began kissing her and massaging her tits pulling the nipples hard and making Yolanda cry out sometimes. "Now suck Leslie's tits. " I told her and she did and I got close ups of that. "Now down her tummy to her pussy dear, and eat her the way you ate me yesterday. " I said and she was begging us to stop but I reminded her I already had pictures that could ruin her. She did as I said and began licking Leslie. Leslie began moving her hips and pushing Yolanda's face into her pussy and kissing her and so I put the camera on auto and left it so that I got around behind her and reached around massaging her tits and finally fingering her pussy. Leslie had a wonderful orgasm and let us see that Yolanda's face was soaking wet so we all kissed each other.

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   Then we made her eat my pussy and now she seemed to be enjoying it. She was making nice noises that she had made the day before.

"Okay" Leslie said, "Now for the real fun. " and she put on a huge strap on dildo. "Time to really get you broken in. " she said and Yolanda was now afraid, "No please, I can't. . . " she said. "But you will when I am finished with you, bend her over the desk. " Leslie said. She got behind her and began rubbing the dildo in her wet pussy juices. "Oh yeh, this is going to be good" Leslie said and the camera was now in a better place since I was going to help with this too. Leslie began moving slowly, in and out, just an inch or so and Yolanda tought that it was going to be gentle and then just as Yolanda began to moan some Leslie rammed hard and all the way into her pussy and she let out a cry. "How it that bitch?" Leslie said as she drove into her over and over again.

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   "Oh please, it hurts, you are hurting me, please stop. " she was now crying with tears in her eyes. "Do you think we should?" Leslie said. "No," I said laughing, she needs to really be broken in good. We need to make sure she is a real slut when we finish. " I said and she looked at me knowing she had been betrayed. Leslie kept drilling her hard and deep and finally in spite of herfear she had an orgasm and her body convulsed al over.

"Okay, good, she is getting there but now we have to really take care of her. " Leslie said and I held her hands down on the desk. Leslie now rbbed some oil on the dildo and on Yolanda's ass and then the dildo was at the entrance to her virgin ass hole. "Now we really make you a slut. " leslie said and pushed hard so that it went in in one stroke, making Yolanda really cry out and beg for the pain to stop. "Sorry baby, this is how it has to be. " I said kissing her tears. "But I will do anything you say, please stop, please.

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  " she was begging. After about 18 min or so, Leslie stopped and pulled it out and it made a noicse as it came out. We had cleared the desk and now she was told to lay on it and Leslie and I both began kissing her all over, eating her pussy and sucking her tits and making her really hot. I was eating her pussy and Leslie was sucking her tits and kissing her. An orgasm was just beginning and I shoved the dildo into her ass and Leslie pulled her nipples hard causing her to cry out and the orgasm kept coming. We let it finish and I pulled out the dildo and Leslie began kissing gentley and I began eating her pussy again. Again as the orgasm began we did the same thing. I shoved the dildo in and Leslie pulled her nipples hard and then, as I watched she began biting her nipples harder and harder. I went to the top and took a tit in my mouth and began sucking and Leslie and I both looked at each other as Yolanda cried and cried as her orgasm stopped and now it was us sucking and biting her tits. I began fingering her pussy while sucking and biting and she had another orgasm and more pain. I saw that Leslie had blood on her lips and that the nipples she was biting was bleeding. But Yolanda was moaning and moving her hips to my fingers now and so I began biting her nipple that I had and after blood came out I made sure she had an orgasm.

We both made love bites all over the body now, her chest was covered with them and her tummy and legs. Almost anywhere that could not be seen had a love bite on it. We both stood up and looked at the slave now, "Who do you serve slut?" Leslie asked her.

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   "You and Sandy. " she answered. "And anyone that we tel you to expose yourself to or have sex with, what will you do slut?" Leslie said. "I will do anything you or Sandy say. " she said back. "Good, get up and dress. " I told her. She did and stood there after waiting for us to tell her what next. Leslie whispered to me, "Wanna test her now or later. " she said. "Tomorrow is Saturday," I said. "Let's do it tomorrow. " Leslie looked at her and kissied her. Yolanda kissed her back and as if the kiss was air to breathe. "Tomorrow, be at the park, a tank top and skirt, no bra and no panties, understand?" I said.

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   "Yes. " she said. "Be there at 12 noon. " got that?" I said and she said yes again. "You may go, but remember these pictures and the movie I have, they will go out if you do not do excatley as I say. ""Yes, I do" she said and then said, "Can I ask something please?" "Yes" I said. "Can I kiss you please. " "Yes. " I told her and we stood there kissing for a long time. "Remember, at the park. ""I will be there. " she said and we all left. Leslie talked about it for hours and then went to bed together.

The next morning we got up and showered and dressed and went to Leslie's house. We got her Doberman and headed to the park.

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   Her dog is beautful and he is very horney even for a dog but he somehow knew he was in for a treat. We drove up 441 and to Sandy Creek Park and went in and around to the other side we had told Yolanda to be at. She was there and got out of her car and walked to us, her breasts that had no bra swaying as she walked and her dress blowing in the breeze. Ringo, the doberman was jumping knowing that something good was up for him. Leslie had the camera and we met Yolanda who was looking at the dog. We all kissed and I took her hand and we walked into the woods. We found a pavillion and stopped there and I told Yolanda to undress and put her clothes on the table. She did and all the love bites were very visible. We laid a blanket out and told her to sit in the middle of it. Leslie took the collar off Ringo and told him to sit next to Yolanda and he did as he was told, some of his cock sticking out as if he knew what was going to happen. Leslie and I sat near by and I took the camera. "Now, play with the dog, begin peting him and slowly work around to his cock, then massage it and get him really hot. " Leslie said and Yolanda had tears in her eyes again. "Do I have to?" she begged and Leslie went to her and slapped her across the face. "Yes, you do.

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  " and she walked back to me and sat down.

Yolanda began petting Ringo and he liked it and then we pointed for her to move to his belley and then further and finaly to his cock that was coming out more. She finaly took it in her hand and was massaging it and it grw in her hand and she was wide eyed looking at it. He had nuzzled in her lap and was licking her some that was making her face red as he did and she enjoyed it. I looked at Leslie, "Sixty nine or what?" I said. "Yeh, sixty nine. " she said and I told Yolanda, "Lay down next to Ringo and get close to his cock with your face and let him put his head between your legs. " She had given up now and just laid down and her face was inches from his emerging cock that her hand held. He had his head in the perfect place and was licking her already making her jump and moan. "Okay, do it. " Leslie said and she began licking him and then he began humping and his cock was in her mouth. He was going wild and really humping and she was trying to take him in but it was too much. "Okay, on all four dear. " Leslie said and she did as she was told. Ringo knew what to do and mounted her and soon, he hit the pussy and sank into it.


   She was going nuts herself and was closing her eyes most likely trying to picture a man and not a dog in her than then the knot hit her pussy and plunged in making her cry out. They were locked now and Ringo was humping her hard and she was having orgasm after orgasm. We heard a couch and looked to see two couples behind us watching as we filmed and they were sitting watching. Yolanda was lost in pleasure and as Ringo kept humping she was moaning and telling him to fuck her harder. Finally he slipped out and began licking himself and she pushed him to his back and began licking him for him, his dog cock sticking out and her licking him clean.

As she finished and looked up we all applauded and she just sat there cum leaking from her pussy and she looked in a daze. The two guys that were there with their girlfriends stepped up, "Mind if we fuck her too?" and Leslie said, "Do it. " Yolanda laid back and spread her legs and the first guy slipped into her cum filed pussy nd he drove into her hard but she did not cry out. He filled her after a little while and then the other guy did the same. "Not bad for a used up pussy. " the guys said and they all left.

We got up and told Yolanda to walk back to her car totally naked and we carried her clothes. We walked by two more guys walking to the lake to fish and told her to suck them both and swallow their cu,m, she did asshe was told. We gave her the clothes at the car and told her to dress the same way for school from now on, thin bra, thong and thin blouse and skirt. We drove off and were so hot that we stopped on the way and ate each other out after seeing Yolanda do her thing.


   Monday, she was dressed sexy and ready for anything. It was a great school year.