True Story

I was towing my 30 ft boat to a service center about 200 miles from my home. About halfway way through an uneventful trip, there is this hot young gal hitch hiking. I made a quick stop and in she got. Turns out she is heading to the same city I was. It is winter and she is wearing a winter coat and jeans. After some small talk, I find out her name is Jenifer and she is sixteen native americian. Long black hair , big brown eyes and beautiful smooth skin. An overall hot little lady. Especially from my fifty-two year old eyes:) Anyhow we were haveg a great time and I ask her if she wanted to have a toke. She was all up for that, I told her my pot was in the boat so we pulled over at the next rest area and I said we should toke in the boat so we wouldn't stink up the truck. I help hoist this little hottie up into the boat OMG what a fine ass. I turned on the diesel heater, and ask Jenifer to roll a joint while I made us drinks. I was sure to pull out the wiskey. . . a sneaky bastered but I was planning to fuck her and fuck her good.

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   It was getting hot so Jenifet took off her coat. . . she sure wasn't shy about showing clevage, she saw me starring and just smiled. Well a joint and a stiff drink and all was great. I was being bold and told her she was absolutly beautiful and extreemly fucking hot. I have found that being bold and very forward pays offf and it looked like it was working. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her while playing with her tits. She resisted very little but said what type of girl do you think I am. I said that while she looked the cute innocent little girl, It was o/k to be a wild little whore with me as no one will find out and besides letting go makes for the best sex. She almost melted into my arms, I pulled off her top, and pushed her back on the bed. In less than a minute, I was looking at a nude little honey laying on my bed. I striped and pulled her face to my cock, she looked at me and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She didn't have a lot of experience but none the less I took control, holding her head and fucking her pretty face. .

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  . . I watched as she fingered herself while I pumped her face. . . . wasn't long and I flooded her mouth with a load of all loads. She gagged a bit but managed to swallow most of my cum, some ran down her chin and dripped onto her tits. I pulled her up and kissed her sharing a lovers kiss. I then went down and ate that hot little pussy, she fucked my face like a whore in heat until she screamed in orgasim. We laid there for a while and I started to get hard again, this time I slid into her hot tight pussy from brhind and enjoyed the fuck of a lifetime. WOW No one was expecting her at home or where she was going so we partied all night and till noon the next day. When I dropped her off, she gave me her number and said she knew we could never be a couple but would like to meet up with me again. I said thats a for sure and headed down the road. I have to pick my boat up in a couple of weeks and plan on another hot adventure.

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