Furthering my education

True Story

College Party

Because of a very shit leaving cert (final exams in Irish high schools) I decided to return to school, to re-sit my leaving again the following June.

On returning to school (an all-boy Catholic Boarding School), I found out that I was not alone and that three of my mates of the previous five years were also returning. The first week was an absolute bore as the teachers went through their “this is the most important year of your lives” spiel, which was internally imprinted on my brain from the previous year. I was in serious need of a piss-up.

Thursday evening came and I was ready to crack, so I called my cousin Joe who was at uni in the city and asked where the party was, I was bailing for the weekend. I called home told my parents the story and got them to call the school to let me out, amazingly they did without asking a single question.

Call came in, I signed out and I was on my way to the city within the hour. I rolled up to Joe’s place at about 6 and they had already started. Did the 3 S’s as quickly as I could and brought the guys out on a beer run. We returned shortly with a boot load of beer and tequila, it was time for me to get fucked.

Couple of hours went by and the party was hoping, everyone merry and talking shit. I was in the kitchen getting a few beers when the most ridiculously beautiful girl walks in. About 6’1 (in heels), medium-length brown hair, gorgeous 34 C breast, and dressed to kill in a figure hugging dress that finished just below her beautiful round ass. My jaw hit the floor.

Joe must’ve seen me salivating cause he came bombing passed me, grabbed my arm and dragged me over to introduce me to Michelle. I just went with it, the Dutch courage taking control, I handed Michelle a beer and we got chatting.

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   Found out that she was studying History and English, was hoping to be a teacher and was currently out on teaching practice…but more importantly she was single.

Just my luck, exactly what the doctor ordered, a few beers later and a whole lot of flirting I got her out dancing, making sure to leave my mark and send out a warning that this girl was all mine, (don’t think to many would argue with me, 6’4, 18 stone or 210lbs with a thick 8in penis). She turned her body into me grinding her delicious ass into my groin, my cock getting harder and harder with every touch. She turned her face towards me, with a beautiful smile, she looked down to see my cock bursting at the seems to get out. Her eyes returned with a look of animal lust in her eyes, I could sense her heating up, it was time to make my move, I went in for the kill. The kiss was electric.

After a few moments, Michelle broke the kiss, took my hand and led me out of the living room, Joe with a wry smile on his face, winked as we passed. As I was led up the stairs, visions ran through my mind of what I was going to do to this beautiful piece of ass, the Neanderthal within me wanting to grab her by the hair and drag her to the closest bedroom. I pointed to the second door on the left indicating to her that that’s where we were heading.

Michelle dragged me through the door, swung me around and pushed me against the door as it was closing and then…. . Click. I grabbed her by her ass and dragged her towards me, forcefully pushing my lips against her, Michelle lustfully obliged. We spent a few minutes exploring each others bodies, me running my hands over the beautiful, natural curves of this brunette goddess, her getting acquainted with my rock hard abs and the bulge between my trousers.

I ran my right hand from her ass, along the base of her long slim back and up to her shoulders, where I easily slid the zipper down, to release the prize within.

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   Once down, I slid the dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Elegantly stepping out of her dress, revealing the sexiest black lace panties and bra I had ever seen. I held her close, running my hands up along her breasts, while running my tongue from her ear and along her neck, she moaned with pleasure.

As I was doing this, Michelle ran her hands in under my shirt and lifted it up over my head and throwing it to the ground. Michelle pushes me back against the door and begins kissing my naked torso, from the my chest, each of my nipples and down to my stomach. On her knees, she undoes my belt and unbuttons my jeans dragging them to my ankles along with my boxers, my throbbing cock springing free ready and waiting for the attentions of this raunchy, horny, beauty. She places her hand along the shaft of my meat, and gently begins to jerk me off, I groan in pleasure. Using this as a sign of approval, Michelle takes my cock in her warm, wet mouth. All I can think is…. WOW.

With all the teasing it doesn’t take long for me to shoot my load down her throat, three short bursts, ecstasy.

Michelle looks up into my eyes, smiles, licks her lips and I drag her to her feet, turning and pushing her up against the door, I undo her bra, releasing those beautiful orbs out into the air. I slide her panties to her ankles, she steps out and flicks them across the room, and begin my attack on the most wonderful 34 C breasts, I lick, suck, nibble and tweak her hardening nipples. Michelle takes my cock in her hand again, stroking it vigorously to get it hard again. It doesn’t take long.

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I cup her ass cheeks and lift her, slamming her against the door, she wraps her legs around my waist and slides my cock into her tight sopping wet pussy. She groans loudly into my ear, begging me to fuck her hard. With long hard thrusts, I slam my cock balls deep into Michelle. I’m in heaven. Harder and harder I pound this wonderful pussy, into orgasm, my cock and balls now covered in pussy juice. Michelle bites down on my neck as her body contorts in fits of orgasmic pleasure.

I turn and place her on the bed, and then run my hands down along her delicious breast and beautiful solid body and down onto her legs, bringing them onto my shoulders as I kneel on the floor before making a bee-line for her swollen pussy. Sucking hard on her sensitive flaps and clit, Michelle begs to stop, unable to catch her breath.

A lust filled smile crosses my face, I’ve just started my dear………. .
First Story, I know parts are long winded but I thought some of the info was needed to set the mood of the story. More to come if the feed back is good.

Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.