Freshmen Fever

True Story

This is a True Story written to the best of my memory.

Started out as a normal day. I’m a Junior in highschool, so I was sitting in Spanish class watching the clock tick by. I had been looking at this girl I knew in front of me, she was a freshmen, but hot. Very hot. She was very short, but had a nice curvy figure. Her tits where large Bs or small Cs. Her name was Kaitlen. Finally, the bell rings. I stand up and put my back pack on and I look up right as Kaitlen is going to pull up her pants, she misses her pants and her thumbs loop around her black thong. She pulls it up high before she realizes. She stuffs it back down in her pants and adjusts. She then looks around to see if any one had seen. We lock eyes and I just smile and wink. She blushes and runs out of the room. The rest of the day goes on as normal.

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   After school im talking to some friends and Kaitlen walks up with a sad face. I ask “whats wrong?” she tells me she missed the bus, so I offer her a ride.
We pull up outside her house and she doesn’t get out. “this is it…right?” I ask her. She smiles and reaches over and unzips my pants and has my semi-hard cock out. She starts stroking it slowly, up and down. She leans over and puts the tip in her mouth and sucks, her tongue licking the very top. She pushes more of it into her mouth, im fully hard now, she’s got about 5out of 8 inches of it in her mouth and stops. She starts bobbing her head up and down, im blown away, I was not expecting this. While she blows me, I reach over and put a hand under her shirt and start massaging her tits. She moves a hand and un buttons her pants and sticks her hand down her panties. After about 18 minutes I tell her im going to cum. She puts my cock in her mouth as far as possible and waits for my load. I explode into her, she tries swallowing it all, but some falls out of her mouth onto my jeans. She licks it up and licks off my cock one last time.

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   She just smiles, buttons her pants, gets out of the car and runs towards her house. “fuck yea. ” I say, and drive home.
Next two days go bye uninteresting, one girl that sits across the room from me in English wore a skirt and no panties, but that’s it. I’ve been driving Kaitlen home every day now, but nothing more has happened, we haven’t even talked about it. Wednesday I drive her home and stop outside her house. She starts to get out, but I say: “wait, hold up a sec. ” she sits back down and I stick my hand up her skirt, “I think I should return the favor. ” She blushes and says “well…alright, my parents aren’t home…want to come in?” I say sure and we go into her house. She turns to me and says “you know im a virgin, right?” I tell her I did. “well…uhm where do you want to do it?” she asks “well, it’s your house, your choice. ” I reply. “well, lets do it in my parents bed…that would be really hot. ” We go up the stairs into her parents bed. She strips down fully leaving my mouth agape.

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   She’s dead sexy. I pick her up and throw her on the bed. She squeals a little in surprise and I dive between her legs and start licking her pussy. “oh my god, that feels amazing!” I stick my tongue inside her and wiggle it around, then I flick her clit with my tongue and suck on it. I slide a finger in her pussy and she lets out a loud moan. I start finger fucking her until she’s moaning constantly. “Fuck me, put your dick in me, please!” she yells. I get up and take off my clothes and position my self between her legs, my fully erect dick resting on her pussy. I take the tip and start teasing her with it, damn she’s wet. “Ready?” I whisper. “yes, do it! Please!” I lean down and kiss her and thrust my dick into her pussy. It’s so tight I only get about 4 inches in at first. Kaitlen is already lost in ecstasy, so I shove in more and more till I have all 8 inches in. I pull out slowly, my shaft glistening with her pussy juices. I press back in till it’s fully in again and pull out.

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   I lean down and kiss her again. And she whispers: “harder, faster. ” I start increasing my pace and im eventually fucking her hard core. Her tits where flopping so I reached up and grabbed one, squeezing it gently. “im gonna cum!” I say. “inside me! Inside me!” she yells. I thrust in deep and shoot my hot seed into her pussy.
I pull out and lay down, she climbs on top of me and sits on my dick. Putting it all the way in. I see her eyes roll back in pleasure and she starts bouncing up and down. I reach around and grab her little ass as it bounces up and down. She leans forward so she’s leaning on me, her ass still going up and down, and whispers “holy shit, im going to have an orgasm. ” I smile and start thrusting up into her, I feel her body shudder and she yells out. Her juices flow all over my dick and onto my thighs. That makes me loose it and I thrust up and cum inside her again.

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   We stop for a minute, sitting there looking at each other. She leans over and starts sucking my dick, it gets hard again instantly. She works her magic and I end up blowing up in her mouth. I move her into doggy style and push my hard dick in. I start humping her hard and fast. I slap her ass and she moans in pleasure. I reach around to grab a tit and she grabs my hand. We fuck, im trying not to cum so I can make her orgasm again. With out warning she throws her head into the bed and moans loudly. Her hips are shaking and I cum, but I pull out and shoot the rest on her ass. She collapses down and I move up to kiss her. “you should leave…my parents might come home soon…” I kiss her again and agree. I get dressed and get in my car. “fuck yea. ” I say and drive off.