English Comp 2

True Story

I did not like college. I went because I was told that I could do better with a degree of almost any kind at that time. It did not really matter. Sooo, of I went to a local college. No, I will not say which one. A friend of mine, Carol, who was almost as flat and boyish as me had gotten me wearing different clothes especially to school. I wore no bra (not a change) and very light and airy peasant shirts and blouses. These usually hung low in the front, not there I had anything to show off but they were comfortable. A loose skirt that was long and tied at the waist was next and sandals. Sometimes a thong and sometimes nothing under.

Anyway, Carol met me one day and we went to registration and had lunch after. We went over our classes and she looked at me and said, "Oh shit, I can't believe who you have for Comp 2. Old lady Bradshaw" (not her real name). "Is that bad?" I said. "Well, she is just a bitch, someone needs to give her a good night in bed, she acts like she has not had any for years. " Carol said.

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   "And she absolutely does not like to help with study, either you get it or you don't. "

Well, the first day of Comp 2 came and I was forced to sit in the back corner of the room and she went over the roll. She called my name and I responded and she looked at me hard. It did not really make me nervous but my thoughts were, "Come on bitch, I dare you. " and she seemed to see that even though I did not speak. A couple weeks went by and nothing was happening. Evaluating the structure of writings and like that and then one day she asked several to come up and read what they had written on some short essays we had done. I was called and walked up and we had to turn to the class and give a summary of our eval. I had picked an obscure lesbian local writer and so read the meaning of the essay to the class and there were a lot of red faces, either from embarrassment or because they got turned on by the essay and the graphic eval I did.

I finished and walked back to my seat and no one said a word. "Very good performance" said Ms. Bradshaw, "See me after class. " My heart sank some but I still was not really worried. She said we could pick any type and writing and not have to worry about the content. We had left our essays after reading them and so the class left and I waited till everyone was gone.

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   She was not looking up and so I walked to the desk. You wanted to see me Ms. Bradshaw?" I said. She looked up and it was then that I saw how she really looked. She was not unattractive but just plain. Hardly any makeup and the blouse and skirt she had on could have been worn differently. She was overweight but then she was not fat. I was looking down at her and noticed that her nipples, which seemed huge, were hard through her blouse.

"Why did you pick this essay?" she asked me. "I liked it. " I said. "In what way?" she asked me. "What do you mean, in what way?" I asked her. "Well, as something that you notice in some women? Is it something that you wonder about? Or has it happened in your life?" she was asking as she came around the desk and leaned against it facing me. "Or, is it something that you wish would happen in your life?" she concluded.

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   The essay was of a young woman that had been seduced by an older woman and I had actually picked it for the reason to see what her reaction would be. I leaned forward and put my chin in my hands and knew that my blouse was hanging open. I looked up at her and smiled, "Maybe it is something that I hope will happen. " I said. Her face got red and she seemed uncomfortable and I think that she was trying to intimidate me but I still looked at her waiting for her response.

She held my essay up and read, "I had wanted her to caress my body and to kiss me all over with her full lips, to take me and to make me her lover for life if that could happen. " Is that what you would like?" she said. "Well, I think not for life, I like variety too much. " I said and she began to speak, "But you know Ms. Bradshaw, you could be a very good looking woman if you wanted to. " I took over the conversation and stood up stepping within a foot of her face to face. "Why would I want to?" she asked. I reached out and undid the top two buttons on her blouse and she did not move. "Because then you would get more pleasure out of life. " I said and another button came undone and then another.

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   Still she did not move. Now her plain white bra was exposed and her chest was heaving in it trying to get out. I stepped closer and whispered to her, "Turn around. " and she did and I pulled her blouse out of her skirt and undid her bra and moved my hands to the front and let her 40DD chest fall into my hands and massaged her breasts from behind with my arms around her and kissing her neck I took her nipples and they got harder between my fingers. "Oh Sandra, what are you doing dear?" and moaned. "I am making sure I pass the extra credit for the class. " I laughed.

I turned her back around and unzipped the skirt on the side and it dropped to the floor and her full panel panties I pulled down and she stepped out of them. She only trimmed her hair some and so had a full mound of hair surrounding her pussy. "A natural red head I see. " I smiled at her as I went to my knees moving her legs apart and she moved her bottom onto the desk. She just moaned as I kissed her tummy and the as she moved onto the desk all the way I lifted her legs and found her lips and began biting and sucking them gently and then harder until she began moaning to do it more and not to stop. I licked her the way I loved being licked and as her orgasm got closer I slipped in three fingers and began really going in and out fast and then she sprayed my face with her juices and the juices hit my chest since I had taken off my blouse. She was shaking all over and I came up face to face now and kissed her deep and she kept moaning and then she asked me if she could eat me too. "Of course, we must have a two way street on this.

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  " I said and now we were both naked and I got on the desk and laid back and spread my legs. Her face was lost between my legs now and she kept saying how she loved my shaved pussy.

After I had a wonderful orgasm we took our clothes and went to a small room off the classroom and again once inside took each other as much as we liked. It was dark and we were dressed and the scent of our lovemaking all over the room and we walked out and to her car. She got in and I kissed her and she gave me her phone number, "We will have some weekends I hope. " she said. "Yes we will, And by the way, Carol H. told me you were a bitch. I don't think you are. " "Well, she never took the chance to get to know me. " she said and drove off. That was a wonderful semester and we still have some fun once in a while.