Dr Mimi & Me

True Story

I never believed in these bizarre erotic stories until one day something similar happened to me. My name is Jawad. , I am Lebanese, I am 19 years old and studying mechanical engineering at the Lebanese American University in Byblos (Lebanon). To contribute to my tuition fees, I work in an administrative office headed by Dr. Mimi, a powerful mature woman, in her fifties, but far from being a grandmother she was an imposing lady, Dr. Mimi has always been good to me, she facilitated my tasks. One day, while the secretary was unavailable during lunch break, I was left alone with the boss. She summoned me to submit a certain folder. Standing near the chair where she was sitting I could not remove my eyes away from her cleavage, which revealed a huge chest, and as I was fond of her for a long time now, I decided to take my chance and risk everything, so without really thinking I rushed to her breasts that I imprisoned strongly with my hands as I kissed her hard.
When I moved away from her, Mimi was staring at me with a questioning look and retorted:
- How dare you? . . . Can’t you see the door is wide open?
Surprised by this unexpected reply, I ran to close the door and returned to her. Still standing by the desk I untied my pants, put one leg on the table and took off my boxers exhibiting an 8” cock, Mimi was already drooling, as she has attacked my cock, stroking it with both hands while licking the tip and crown, before she started sucking greedily with her warm lips & tongue. At the same time, I boldly undressed her, minding not to break the harmony which she applied in her perfect blowjob. Once naked, both of us, I stood up and sat in her chair while resting my feet on her desk, she directly understood what I wanted from her, so she placed herself on top of me in the old 69 position and continued her meticulous work, her bottom stuck to my nose, I couldn’t resist myself, my erection was at its best I started caressing her ass tonguing her hole & moving slowly towards her wet pussy, her smell was intoxicating & stimulating then gently I parted with my fingers that clump of hair that adorned her vagina, licking and sucking her lips as she was moaning and moving her waist to reach up to my eager mouth, than I reached up to her clit, first starting to beat around the bush, making her impatient & begging me to imprison it between my teeth & tongue, which I did with great delight, I also began to explore the interior of her sex with my fingers, while my mouth was caressing & eating her erected clitoris.

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   Her excitement rose when my caresses were increasing and getting more focused, and from time to time she turned to stare at me & evaluate my performance, I looked back at her, I smiled tenderly then spanked her slightly.
My purpose was to give her a G-orgasm; I pressed the palm of my right hand on her pubis, just above the bone & continued to finger her from the back into her vagina’s frontal wall by insisting elliptic movements whereas my mouth continued to devour her button. her breathing pace got shakier & faster with every movement I was making, her waist was moving like a belly dancer & she started to bite her lower lip just to prevent herself from moaning heavily, finally she collapsed with intense reactions as if she received nervous shock, hence I thought to have reached my goal: she climaxed.
Wanting to extend this long-awaited intercourse, I forced her off my tail to avoid ejaculation. My boss dropped to her knees on the desk, in a position that does not lend itself to confusion. “Praise the Lord”, she was practicing “Christian charity”. Her bare tanned legs pressed against mine, she lifted up her intimacy towards me & from the corner of her eye, Mimi was watching in the mirror of the wall our animal coupling, breathing heavily. I kissed her warmly with the tongue stroking her neck and ears, and then slid my lips to embrace her neck where they lingered before continuing on to her gigantic breasts fallen to one side.
- Call me DOCTOR, "she whispered to my ear.
I sealed my lips against her breasts, taking the nipple between my lips and sucking the tip as if I drank milk, gently. Gathering her breasts to the middle with my two hands, I licked one side and the other then kissing them every time, feeling the tip of her breasts harden. With big licks, I continued my job. Without removing my hands from her chest, I went down with my mouth and tongue over her ribs, on her belly, re-caressing her big breasts with my hands made me mad with desire, at the same time, I continued to run my tongue over her belly slightly curved.
Kneeling before her wet engorged pussy, I parted her legs, caressed my partner gently & softly before gradually getting closer to her sex, then I took my penis and continued to excite her with firing cap movements and while fixing her in the eyes at all time I forced my way into her warm sanctuary. Her vagina contracted around my dick, she bit me and plowed my neck and back while shouting more or less strong.

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   Afterwards I sat on the desk near the photo of her husband, she climbed on me, my penis slid inside her, she was trying to get her second orgasm with voluptuous movements back and forth. You know, each woman has her own pace & that must be respected, whereas me, I aroused her clitoris with one hand, on the other, I was sucking her breasts as well.
"Doctor, oh yes, Doctor’: I cried.
Without prior notice, I turned her, facing her to her desk and penetrated her from behind while massaging her buttocks and breasts. Suddenly her vagina contracted and tightened around my cock signaling the arrival of her orgasm that was betrayed by her heavy and intense breathing, in addition to her fingers that caged her nipple.
Shortly after, she kneeled in front of my cock and swallowed it eagerly; she wanted to perform an expert’s fellatio on me without forgetting to massage my rear. Moments later when I felt myself ready to cum, I withdrew my cock from her lips, not without difficulty and ejaculated on her face completely by big jerky jets … shouting: "Dr. Mimi, oh putain. . . ” And for her to answer: "Jawad, you bad boy” before licking my balls with that smile I’ll never forget.