Another Fuck in the Life of a Pornstar

True Story

Erik pumped his seven inch dick in and out on my tight, wet pussy from behind, both of us lying sideways on the couch. I moaned sexily. I am a dark-skinned 19 year old with black hair, medium sized breasts and a tight, but experienced pussy.
"Ah, shit yeah," I sucked in a breath. His dick pumped in a not too slow, not too fast rhythm, driving me wild. "Uhhhnn yeah," All seven inches were inside me with each thrust, and his balls tapping my clit was an amazing feeling.

Suddenly, he pulled himself out of me and flipped me over, so he was on his back and I was on top of him. He pushed himself back into my wet pussy and he went back to his rhythm. I held my hips still as he pumped his dick into my pussy. Erik smacked my ass.
"Ooh, do that again," I groaned. He smacked my ass. Then his hips stopped moving. Not wanting to stop now, I rode his hot cock, and fast. Finally he got going again and our thrusts met, making a hot slapping sound, his balls crushing my clit. His speed ranged from a tortuous slow to a raging orgasmic fast.

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   Erik leaned his head forward and expertly nibbled at my nipple.
"Ohhh, yes" I moaned. He released my nipple, moaning, and he grabbed at my ass, trying to get as much pussy as possible. I ground his dick into my pussy. I rode his cock again, sitting up and massaging my nipples. One of his hands reached out a massaged my clit for a moment. Erik started pumping again, and the surprise extra force made me lean back over him. One of his arms started to shake me, and he was mumbling something.
"Jenna," He said. "Jenna!" Erik pushed me hard, and i woke up.
"Jenna," my brother, Russel, was standing over me. "Get up. You're gonna be late for school. " He walked away.
"Fuck," I mumbled.

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   Only a dream. .