A TRUE story of a reply to a gumtree ad

True Story

Dogging, Sexclubs, Nudist Spas. . . . . I have pretty much done it all.
By 2009, I had done/tried:
Straight, BDSM top and bottom, Bisexual, three way, 4 (and more) way, peesex/ watersports, butt plugs, violet wands, needle play, double penetration, spanking and loads of other stuff.

Clubs and spas can be a bot expensive and dogging is hit'n'miss, so I started to try responding to gumtree ads
--- and soon found out that 90% of them are from timewasters, wannabes, prostitutes or chancers.
But. . . 1 in 18 can be very interesting.

I responded to an ad from tom, offering himself and sarah for a bi guy to play.
I met up with tom in a pub, alone and we chatted and found we got on reasonably well, so he took me home to meet sarah.
Sarah was quite beautiful, with a charming irish lilt that was as beautiful as her features.
tom put on some dance music and sarah danced around wildly, doing a strip for us both, removing her clothes and literally throwing themwith abandon.

escort from greece 

   she targeted tom with her bra and hit me foursquare in the face with her knickers.
with her shaven pussy and 36B tits on display she proceeded to give tom a little lap dance. While she rubbed her crotch and arse on tom, i did my own inelegant strip, kicking my clothes off as fast as I could.
when I was naked sarah came to give me a booty dance, and tom took the chance to strip himself.

sarah knelt on the floor and sucked toms cock and he indicated I should help her out
My lips rubbed one side of toms cock, and sarah rubbed the other with her lips -
Tom thrust his cock in and out and at the tip sarah and i kissed until tom thrust his cock between us again

we played for the next hour, alternately sucking cock and pussy, stroking labia and then helmet.
eventually tom wanted to cum and see me eat a creampie direct from sarahs pussy
The sight of tom fucking sarah and then shooting his load in her cunt, almost tipped me over the edge, but I had promised tom to eat sarahs creampie, so, as soon as he pulled out, I clamped my mouth over her creamy cunt and sucked toms cum direct from sarahs heavenly pussy.

almost cumming from the previous exertion, tom kindly allowed me to rub my cock and shoot my cum all over his partner's face.

i met up with tom several times after that. . . but i may leave those for someother stories