The Gay Guy and the T-gurl


I think I'm gay. I used to think I am bisexual, but that doesn't make much sense. I love dressing as a girl, and am sexually stimulated by it. Plus - all my waking and sleeping time is spent dreaming about sucking cock! I haven't had tons of opportunity to do so, but occasionally things work out.


I know a couple of gay guys, but have never tried to approach them. For some reason I had it in the back of my mind that a gay guy wouldn't enjoy a guy dressed as a woman. Because I guess, gays are only attracted to "men". But then it dawned on me that gays do have sex with gays, right? Wow, what a unique discovery, like where have I been?


I thought about this for a while, and last week I approached a guy I know, very attractive, small physique, dark hair. Very easy to get along with. A little bit effeminate. He had on a previous occasion told me he is gay. I appreciated his openness, and his courage to come out of the closet that I'm still stuck in.


I treated him to a coffee and told him I how much I appreciated him telling me about being gay, and that I had something personal and confidential that I wanted to tell him. He gave a little smile and guessed "So you're gay too?" I nodded, he said "When other guys tell me they have a secret to tell me, it's usually to say that they are gay"


I am considerably older than him, and didn't expect that he'd come on to me. He didn't. I think he just thought I wanted to be comfortable with myself by being a close friend of a gay guy.

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   It's true also, it's great to be able to talk about it. We talked for a half-hour or so, mostly about what attracted me to others, gay or not. He told me a bit of his history with me, not always satisfactory. We walked to our cars and as we split I asked him if he's like to get together some time. I think he understood what I meant by "get together. " He didn't answer directly, just said "never know. " I felt it was something of a brush off, and I couldn't blame him for that, given my age, plus I'm not exactly a Brad Pitt.


I think it was about a month later when I got a call from him, inviting me to supper at his place. I asked if he'd mind if I brought "all my secrets" with me. He said of course, probably thinking I meant I would tell him more about my gayness.


I brought a little bag with me, which seemed to surprise him. We had a nice supper, he turned out to be a great cook. It was all small talk until desert, when he asked me what kind of guy was I attracted to. I said "a guy like you. " Again I got his sweet little smile.

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We left the table and brought coffees to the living room, me on the sofa, he on an easy chair. I could already feel my groin growing warmer He asked "do you want to talk about your other secrets?" I said I'd rather show him. He said "What do you mean?" I answered that I would like to show him, not just talk about it. He gave me his ok, I got up and grabbed my bag still by the door, and went into the bathroom, he staring at me with a questioning gaze, but still with that sweet smile.


In the bathroom, I started my dressing, feeling a little  uncomfortable, even foolish. Why wouldn't i just undress and come back to him nude? Why? Because I'm a gurl remember, and girls and girls need to get themselves ready.


I have a figure hugging simple black dress of figure hugging lycra, always my favourite. And my figure isn't bad, I am very thin. But almost no butt unfortunately. I donned my black pocket bra, inserting my smallish silicone breast forms, I have much larger ones (36DDD), but they're just a lark. The smaller ones fit my frame better, Then my mesh suspender hose, with those convenient opening front and back. No panties. Then my dress. Then my 6' heels ( I really know how to walk in them). Then my short brunette wig.

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   No makeup, not into that yet. I brushed my hair, smoothed my dress, and prepared for a grand entrance. I was shivering by this time, my "clit" had become hard as rock, and my groin was burning.


Out I came. He was reading labels on a few DVDs, with his back to me. I walked to his chair, touching his shoulders gently, and said "Turn around and you'll know all my secrets. "


He got up and did so. He did not seem at all surprised. Again the smile, and he said "You look very nice, very feminine. " I got the feeling he was ready. I reached out my hand and he took it. We came together, just touching gently, feeling each other's bodies, truly getting to know each other. A moment passed until the touching became more vigorous. I took his head in my hands and kissed him. His mouth and tongue welcomed mine.

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   I was so weak I thought I would faint. Our hands now began to explore each other's body, and it was soon evident to both of us that we were both ready for the next step. I whispered "I didn't know you are attracted to girls also. " He said "I am to girls like you. "


He suggested he should get into something more comfortable, we separated slowly while still holding on to each other and he went to his bedroom. About 20 minutes went by, seemed a bit long to me, but I was ok, just longing for him to return.


I was sitting on the sofa when I heard the door open. He was dressed "en femme" !!!


And she was gorgeous.

A full ball gown, a white layered gown with large ruffles, armless. A hint of small breasts with little cleavage. Long golden hair. Subdued red lipstick, large hoop earrings. She was a true beauty.


"I guess we share the same secrets" he said, as he walked toward me. All I could think about was kneeling under that long gown!


We embraced again, longingly and lovingly.

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   He asked me to dance, and we both chose a slow piece, to which we waltzed, holding each other tightly. He wore a delicate perfume which invited me to kiss his neck. We kissed again and again, the temp speeding up until the music could no longer keep up with us.


"Let's watch a video" he said. He picked up a DVD from the coffee table and put it in the player. It was a DVD of a shop in the US that markets womens clothing especially made to fit men. It seemed out of place, but this gurl has class, an I wouldn't dare protest.


We cuddled on the sofa, him describing each outfit the gurls wore on the video, telling me what he like best. The action continued though, as we touch every art of out bodies. That was difficult with the thickness of his gown. But I could still feel what I wanted.


We weren't far into the DVD when he stood and held my hand, leading me into his bedroom. We fell onto the bed together. My dress raised itself up in a few moments, and his hand was on my clit. With a little trouble, I was finally able to feel his.

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   It seemed like a nice size, not unlike my own. I couldn't resist as well as he, and I squirmed down on the bed until I could get my lips around his gown and onto his clit. I sucked until he came, which was only about 2 minutes. Swallowing his cum, I could not leave my little tent right away. I hugged his clit, rubbed my face with it, licked it, kissed his balls, for a long time, still hidden from his view.


When I came our from under, he held me in his arms and we kissed again. He said "Now it's your turn gielie" I am older so don't come as quickly, but my precum was already running. He pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed, kneeled before me, and embraced my clit. He was an expert cocksucker, much better than me. I came a small load which he also swallowed. We were both wiped out and laid together on the bed.


We slept, or napped I should say, for about an hour, still wearing our full regalia. We awoke together, not saying a lot, and walked to the kitchen where we did the dishes and cleaned up. It was getting late. He asked if I'd like to stay overnight, of course I said yes, that would be wonderful.

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He went to his bedroom, I went to the bathroom and undressed. In a moment he came in, and we showered together. I kneeled in front of this goddess in the shower, and once again this young gurl gave me cum, my real desert that evening.


We went to the bedroom and dressed for bed. I always wear a bra and my breast forms and panties to bed, I love waking and feeling them. They are a part of me. He wore nothing to bed.


As we lay in each others arms. we talked about sex. And we talked about love. And we talked about what we would have for breakfast. He said he would have me, and I would have him, what more would we need?


I have searched for a compatible t-gurl for years. We have found each other. Thank you God.





If anyone would like to write me about this story, my email is melissa4155@yahoo.

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