Young whores pt 3


Young Whores pt 3 Ashley and Trudy come back

This is a continuation of my young whores series . About two businessmen who fall in love with two sixteen year old hookers . Now Jack has a plan to help them get away from hooking .

It was so good to have my beautiful teenage lover back in my arms again safe and sound . But I had to ask Ashley
"How did your pimp Jimmy take to you and Trudy quitting,

"Well not as bad as we expected ,He said that he wasn't making money off us anyway so, So he wished us good luck and just let us go". Said Ashley with a big smile on her face . I could tell she was happy to be back in Malibu with me .

"Well I'm glad you both came back, I've been thinking of asking Mike to let you both work for us,

Trudy asked . "Like what, Are you and Mike getting into the Pimp biz now,"

"No Trudy my dear,We're getting ready to open two new stores in Las Vegas ,And I think You and Ashley will make great models for our new summer clothing line, "And also you both can ride into town with Mike and I,
And you can help our young customers put their outfits together ,You both seem to know a little bit about style".

"Are you serious Jack ,"Oh I'm so glad we met you". Said Ashley as she hugged me tighter.

Then Mike asked "And when did you come up with this grand scheme partner, . Looking like he was a little puzzled by the whole idea.

"Well old buddy ,It really just. . .

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  . kind. . of came to me as of right now, But what do'ya think".

Mike replied . "I think you possibly might've flipped your fucking lid, "But on the other-hand it sounds like a fantastic idea , "So lets go inside and roll a couple joints and pour our new employees some of our best wine and celebrate" .

"Now your talking, . Said Trudy as she came over to Mike and took his hand Looking up at him with her green eyes and her unforgettable smile . Then we all left the driveway and went inside .

We began the celebration on the living room couch . I went to the wine cellar to get some of my best Napa Valley wine . As I looked at the Vintage year I noticed the date it was bottled in 1994 sixteen years ago . "94 was a very good year", I said to myself thinking of the two beautiful young laddies that were waiting upstairs . As I stood with my back turned to the stairs . Ashley snuck up behind me and wrapped her arms around me she startled me a little at first .



"I missed you so much Jack, she said softly as I turned around . "And I missed you to sweetheart " . Then I put my hand under her soft chin and tilted her head back so I could place a kiss on her lips . The kiss started out slow at first then we began kissing passionately . Our tongues touched and we tasted each otherfor what seemed like forever . I finally broke away and said . "When ever you kiss me, I feel twenty years younger,"

She looked up at me with her pretty blue eyes and smiled at me . "And you make my pussy wet when you kiss me Jack" . Then she reached down and gently fondled my cock and balls through my pants . "I guess you really missed me didn't you sweetheart,". "hee. . hee. . ,She giggled and took my hand.

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   "Come on upstairs baby, Trudy and Mike are waiting for the wine, .

When we came back up to the living room Mike and Trudy were making out on the couch . Trudy was giggling as Mike unbuttoned her purple silk blouse and slid his fingers in to fondle her bare tits . It seemed that both girls didn't like to wear bras . Today Trudy had let her long auburn red hair down . She wore a silky purple blouse with a short black mini skirt that was now hiked up so I could see she wasn't wearing pantie's . She'd already kicked
her sandals off and I noticed she painted her toenails bright red to match her fingernails and lips .

Ashley was dressed in a one piece soft cotton orange and red paisley print dress . It was low cut at the neckline. And it was very shortit came about eight inches above her knees . she wore her shoulder length blond hair down and she parted it down the center . I loved the way the sun shined on her hair through the window as she stood beside me she was barefoot now and she painted her toenails pink to match her fingers and lips.

"Hey you two why don't you get a room" . I said jokingly to the horny couple startling Mike and Trudy from their passionate kissing . "Well come on Jack baby join the party".

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   Said Trudy as she pulled away from Mike .
I handed her a glass of wine and Ashley handed Mike his wine . Then I poured Ashley and myself a glass and made a toast . "Here's to Ashley and Trudy our beautiful new employees,"

" I'll drink to that". Said Mike . "Bottoms up and cloths off". Said Trudy with a devilish smile . Then we all downed our wine glasses . I put my arm around Ashley and guided her over to the couch . She sat close to Trudy
and asked her . "Aren't you excited Trudy, We're getting real jobs girl". Mike lit a joint and passed it to Trudy

"We did have a real job Ash, It wasn't a legal job, But it was a job," Replied Trudy sarcastically .

"Oh come on girl". said Ashley ,What was the last real job you had anyway," . Trudy blew out some reefer smoke and replied .

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  "I worked with my father when I was fourteen
at a ski resort up on Mount Shasta,He died that year in a car accident, Things were good for me until then".

Then she went quiet for a minute with a sad look on her face. "I don't feel like talking about my private life right now I just want to party, Maybe when I get to know every one better I'll tell my story".

Then she whispered into Ashley's ear . "What do'ya say we swap guy's tonight, Here maybe this'll loosen you up girl" . Trudy then put the joint inside her mouth so she could blow Ashley a shotgun hit . Mike and I both watched as Ashley took a big hit from her young friends lips . Then she held it in for a long time then blew the sweet smoke out slowly . Then she pulled Trudy close to her . And whispered. "Lets give them a lezzy show,That'll get them horny and then we can do a swap"

Both girls then stood up giggling . Trudy heard the song by Katy perry called {teenage dream} playing . "Oh I love this song, Come on Ash lets dance, "Oh I love this song to". Said Ashley and she followed Trudy to the center of the living room and they both started dancing to the fast beat of the song. Until the U2 song called
{with or with out you} came on and they started slow dancing .

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  Trudy started kissing Ashley and gently rubbing her hands up and down Ashley's back and ass .

Ashley started doing the same with Trudy. It was Ashley that unbuttonedTrudy's silk blouse then she threw the blouse over at me and it landed on my Lap. But Mike and i didn't notice what the girls were up to . We just sat back passing a joint back and forth watching the sexy show.

Then Trudy helped Ashley out of her one piece dress and threw it at Mike having it land on his lap . I noticed him pick up the dress. He put it to his nose to smell the aroma of Ashley's Shakira perfume . So I did the same with Trudy's blouse. And her scent automatically started turning me on . Then Ashley took off her white lace thong pantie's and tossed them at Mike . This left my beautiful girl fully nude now . Trudy then took off the short black mini skirt and instead of tossing it at me she brought it to me . Then she lowered her self to me placing her lips to my ear she said .

"Ashley and me are swapping guy's tonight".

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   Then I watched Ashley smiling at Mike as she walked over to him . She first kissed him then she lowered her nude body down to kneel on the floor in front of him

Then as I watched Trudy do the same to me . I saw Ashley look at me giving me sexy wink . Then she started unbuckling Mike's Grey dress pants . "Well I guess this is going to be an interesting night after all". Said mike As he looked over at us watching Trudy unbuckle my belt and unsnapping my black dress pants . "Yes old buddy these girls are just full of surprises". Trudy took my cock out and began to slowly lick kiss and suck it until I was fully erect . Mike was enjoying Ashley's sweet mouth also .

"Damn girl you really know what you're do'n. . . Oh. . yes.

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  . yes. . ahh". Mike exclaimed as Ashley's pink lips and tongue slurped and licked around his long thick cock .

I was also enjoying Trudy's sensual way she sucked cock she would quickly slide her lips up and down on my shaft then stop and suck hard on the tip of my cock . "Oh. . ahh. . Trudy baby that feels so damned good," . As she sucked me I began wanting to return the favor by eating her sweet young cunt . But I didn't want her to stop sucking me yet It felt way to good . And I could already feel the cum rising in my nuts. "Oh.

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  . baby. . your making me cum. . oh. . fuck. . yes . "Slurp. . slurp. . suck, .

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  Trudy gulped all of my semen down her young throat . "Mmm. . slurp. . slurp. . You taste so good Jack". Trudy said as she looked up at with her green eyes .

Then Mike came in Ashley's pretty mouth. "Oh. . shit. . yes.


  . oh. . yeah, Baby you really know what your do'n with that mouth of yours" . Then Trudy scooted closer to Ashley she placed her hand under Ashley's chin to tilt her face towards hers . And began kissing Ashley . This was so hot as they gave each other a taste of our cum .

We took a short break I poured every one the last of the 1994 vintage wine. "This just happens to be sixteen year old wine, I said . "94 was a good year for wine and women". Mike replied . I swallowed the last of my wine then whispered into Trudy's ear . "Now I want to eat your sweet pussy, .

Trudy giggled a little then said "Are you sure you want to eat a whores pussy" . I replied.

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   "Your'a retired whore now, So shut'up and spred'm girl". Then I slid down on my knees. I gently pushed her back onto some pillows . Then I touched the soft folds of Trudy's pussy lips. I gently opened her up with my thumbs . Then lowered my face down . Right away I inhaled her musky sweet scent . And my cock started getting erect again . As soon as my tongue tasted her salty sweet cunt. An electric sensation ran down my spine . And I began slurping away at her like a starving man . "Oh. . ooh. .


  ahhh. . Thats so good, . Trudy shouted out . Then she placed her hands on the back of my head like she was trying to bury my head inside of her hot little cunt . Then she started humping my face and moaning.

Meanwhile Mike and Ashley decided they should follow what I was doing with Trudy . "Hey girl you want to to find out who eats pussy better, I can make you cum ten times better then he can" . Said Mike to Ashley .
"OK lets find out how good you are,Mikey baby" . Ashley then laid herself back against some pillows and Mike knelt on the floor between her out spread legs . "You have such a beautiful pussy Ashley, I know I'm going to enjoy eating you" . Mike said then he lowered his face down to Ashley's bikini waxed pussy . As soon as his mouth and tongue touched her cunt lips Ashley began moaning softly . "Mm.

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  . ooh. . mmm,That feels wonderful Mikey" .

For about fifteen or twenty minutes the living room was filled with sounds of slurping sucking and moaning . Mike and I brought the girls to the finale climax at about the same time . "Ohh. . . oh. . yes. . yes. .

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  oh fuck'yes, Trudy exclaimed as her ass began hopping up and down on the couch . Then as I was finishing Trudy off I heard Ashley coming to .

"Oh. . oooh. . ahhh, Oh Mike your pretty good at that, I think you deserve my hot pussy reward" . Then she pulled him up on to the couch . Right next to where Trudy was sitting as if she was trying to make us both jealous . Then she climbed up over his already hard cock and lowered herself down over his erection . "Mm. . Now this is your reward big boy" . And she started riding him slow at first .

"Come up her big Jack and get your hot pussy reward, .

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  Said Trudy "I don't think anyone's ever ate me like that" .
I then traded places on the couch with the beautiful young redhead . My cock was still rock hard and it was easy for Trudy to lower herself onto me . Her pussy felt so hot and tight as she slowly pushed my cock deep in to her young love hole . "Oh. . yeah Ashley, Your right he does have a hot cock" . Then she leaned over and passionately kissed Ashley . As Ashley broke away from the kiss she told Trudy . "Your right about Mike's cock to,Lets fuck them really good , "After all their our bosses now" .

"Hey now girls fucking us isn't a requirement ,But it is one of our fringe benefits" . Said Mike as his hands and fingers fondled Ashley's firm young ass cheeks . "Oh. . yes.

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  . Ashley baby thanks for my pussy eating reward . "Mmm Your so welcome Mike. . baby" . Ashley said looking sensuously at Mike with her blue eyes.

Trudy's pussy was so hot it seemed like every time she lowered herself down on my shaft she became a little warmer . "Ahh. . yes. . Honey your cunts so fucking hot " I then lifted my face to her firm young breast and started kissing and sucking each nipple . "Oh. . yes.

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  . I love that your making me cum Jack, Now why don't you just lay back and close your eyes, And enjoy my pussy baby" . So that's what I did but as I was laying back with my eyes closed . She stopped ridding me . I felt her pussy slip off from my cock . Then I Heard some giggling and the next thing I new Ashley was slipping her wet snatch down over my cock . And Trudy went back over to Mike
"Were playing musical cocks, . Ashley joked as she started humping me faster and faster .

"Oh Mikey I like Jacks cock, But I was missing yours baby, "Oh yes Ashley has a nice tight cunt, But I was missing yours baby". Mike replied . Then both girls started riding us hard and fast . The living room was once again filled with the scent of sex . And it was such a turn on for all of us .

"Oh. .

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  mmm,Oh Jack I love your cock, . Said Ashley whispering it into my ear . Then she whispered to me "I want you to cum in me Jack, I love it when you cum in me, "Your wish is my command baby" . I replied and then I started humping my hips up and down pushing my cock harder into Ashley's tight young cunt . "Yes. . oh. . Jack ,That feels so good inside me. . Oh. . yes. . your making.

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  . me cum Jack, "Oh. . Ashley. . here. . It comes baby. . Oh. . . ahhh, . I screamed out as I shot my hot cum deep inside of Ashley's wet pussy . We held each other tight as our orgasm's shot electric surges of pleasure through our body's.

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   "Mmm I like the way your cock throbs inside of me" . Ashley whispered in my ear as she hugged me tightly .

Trudy and Mikewere still at it so Ashley and i sat and watched the wild sex seen unfold .

"Oh. . oh. . yes. . Mike cum in me. . Oh cum. . inside me baby. .


  YES. . YES, Trudy screamed out loudly as she came all over Mike's cock . "Ahh. . OH. . SHIT. . Oh. . . fuck. . yes.

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  . baby, Here it comes. . . ah, . "Now that was fucking hot Mikey". Said Trudy as she hugged him tightly . Then she looked over at us and with a big smile she asked Ashley . "Have you ever sucked cum out of a girls pussy, It taste even better with some girl cum mixed with it".

"Hee. . hee, No Trudy I've never done that before,But heck I'll give it a try . Said Ashley . Then the girls lifted themselves off from our cocks . Then they stepped over to a bearskin rug that was in-front my fireplace .


  Trudy laid down on her back and then Ashley knelt down straddling Trudy's pretty face with her knees . Then she slithered down and placed her mouth over Trudy's cum soaked pussy lips . And started to suck and lick Mike's jizz from her best friend cunt . Trudy started doing the same . It was one of the hottest things Mike or I had ever seen . I could see my cum dripping out of Ashley pink cunt lips and Trudy just opened her mouth and let it drip in she caught the drip with her tongue then swallowed it down .

"Oh. . Yes. . Ashley. . That feels so good girl, Your making me cum again, . Then we watched as Ashley started moving her slender hips in a slow humping motion . Sliding her pussy up against Trudy's red lips .

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   "Oh. . yes. . yes. . Trudy, That's the spot baby. . Oh lick me right there". They must have went at it for about fifteen minutes and finally they rolled off from each other . Looking very satisfied . "Hey girls, That was just to hot, . Said Mike.
"You two are just full of surprises, . I said .

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Its'a nice evening lets go out to pool for a skinny-dip, We can talk about what you girls will be doing to help with the up and coming grand opening at our Las Vegas stores . "Yeah sounds good partner, Besides after that little porn scene they put-on, I think we all need some cooling off" . Said Mike as he stood up . We all grabbed some cold beers and stepped out on the rear patio . I took Ashley's hand and walked her into the pool .
As we sipped our beer Mike asked Trudy . "I hope you don't mind but if your going to be our employee's I need to know your last name, "Well OK boss man, Trudy said sarcastically "My last name's Douglas, "Well its nice to meet you Trudy Douglas, . Said Mike . Then I asked Ashley what her last name is "Its Swift " . Nice to meet you Ashley Swift . I said

"Being as we own the stores,We can make up some phony home addresses for you both, And pay you under the table for awhile, At least until you both turn eighteen, Then I said .
"Both Mike and I are both walking a thin line here,We can be charged with statutory rape,
"So when we're in public we must keep a low profile,So lets keep any shows of affection ,To the house"

"Yes I agree said Mike, I know it'll be hard to do but we can make this work, I really like you Trudy but we don't need people talking, Right babe". Then Trudy spoke up "OK I can control myself ,But when we get home, I'm going to be raping your old hansom ass baby" . Then she reached under the water and fondled Mikes penis

Ashley was quiet at first then she spoke up . "When is the grand opening" .

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  As she swam to me placing her arms around me from behind . "Its next weekend, . I replied "So you girls and us need to start picking out some clothing lines for the show, . "Oh I'm so excited Jack ,I've wanted to be a model ever-since I was a little girl" . Said Ashley

As usual the weekend went way to fast . Ashley and I slept together It was early Monday morning . I was woke upby one of Ashley's bad dreams . "No daddy no please daddy". I heard her saying softly . I gently shook her shoulder . "Hey baby its me Jack are you OK sweetheart , . It took her a few seconds to come fully awake.
but then she wrapped her arms around me and said .

"I was having a dream about my dad, He came here to take me home, I dreamed that he had a gun and he shot you Jack, It seemed so real, Oh please tell me it won't happen". I held her as she cried and tried to sooth her worries .

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  "Now sweetheart its just a dream, It won't happen, I promise". As I stroked her pretty blond hair .

"I'd just die if anything happened to you Jack, Your my savior, You're the best thing that ever happened to me".
"I know I'm way to young for you but, This all seems to right to be wrong,Don't hate me for saying this Jack, But I think I'm falling in love with you" . I replied to her . "Baby I was hoping you'd say that ,Because I feel the same way about you " . Then I rolled her on her back and began kissing her passionately . My right hand slid down her royal blue silk nightie and pulled the hem of the gown up . My fingers found her bare pussy and I began fingering her slowly . Until she was wet . Then I slid my face down towards her sex. So I could eat her out and make her forget about her bad dream . "Now you just relax baby, Old Jacks going to make you feel all-better now,"

She tasted so good. I could taste her sweet salty girl cum that was already flowing. Slurp.

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  . slurp. . suck. "Oh. . yes. . Jack. . you're making me feel so good". Then she began to buck her hips into my hungry mouth . "Mmm. . baby.

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  . thats it let yourself go". After I had her good and excited I moved myself over her and pushed my hard cock into her hot wet pussy. "Oh. . Jack you know just what I need. . every time" . We made love until the sun came shining through the skylight above the bed . "I guess its time to get ready for work sweety" . Then I pulled my soft cock out of her cum soaked vagina. "Mmm now that's the way to get our day started" . Said Ashley as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me .

We showered and then dressed . I put on my usual tweed business suit .

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   Ashley dressed in a white button up midriff blousethen a short tan pleated skirt . "Its the nicest outfit I have, How does it look". Then she did a cute little spin around for me "Baby you could make a burlap sack look good, Hey why don't you go down and see if Trudy and Mike are ready". She came over and kissed me than walked out and down the spiral stair case . I watched her go out of sight .

Then I went to my closet and pulled out my gun box where I kept my glock nine milometer pistol . I pulled the clip out and made sure it was fully loaded . Then I placed the clip back in and let the slide come back to place a round in the chamber . Then I took my jacket off and slide a shoulder holster on. And slid the glock into the holster . I wasn't sure if it was the dream she told me about . Or was it the fact that her father was obsessed with her . Even though she told him not to come looking for her . He just might be crazy enough to do so . And I wanted to be ready for what ever might happen.

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   "I'm not letting this bastard take her, She's getting a new start here, And I'm not letting himruin this for her now". I thought to myself as I walked down the stairs .

End of part 3 please read part 4 and see what happens next


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