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Some years ago, when I lived in a small trailer park, a family moved into the trailer next door to me on a Saturday afternoon. All the trailers were rentals and pretty reasonable. The family was the mom and dad and two teen girls. Jennifer was the youngest at 18 and Julie was 18 Jennifer had the best body. She was slight of build with an hourglass figure that made her, what I guessed were around 34C tits really stand out. Julie was still carrying a little baby fat but not much and a lot of it was in her 36D tits. I asked their mom if the girls had a computer and she said they didn’t. I told her I had a very good one with a printer and internet that they could use whenever they wanted. She said they really appreciated that and it would really help them with their school work. I told her I was retired and the girls could come over whenever they wanted.

The girls went to the local middle school and their parents had picked the trailer park because it was only a short walk to their school. Their parents both worked and said they didn’t get home until around 6 pm and asked if I could keep an eye out on the girls for them. Little did they know.   That Monday I was relaxing in a cutoff tee shirt and a pair of my skin tight stretchy shorts. They were made of the jersey material that had small hole all over. They came with an underwear liner in them which I had cut out.

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   They were white and with the liner out I may as well been naked from the waist down. The front seam separated my cock and balls and highlighted them perfectly. I’m circumcised and keep my package completely shaven. I use a cock pump regularly and when erect my cock is around 8 inches and my cockhead is almost 3 inches across. It was around 2:30 when I heard the girls go into their trailer as they came home from school. After a few minutes I heard their trailer door open and close again and I heard their voices outside the back of my trailer. Anticipating a chance to expose myself to them my cock got as hard as a rock. I slipped my cockring on over my cock and under my balls and watched as the veins popped on my shaft and my cockhead got even fatter. I adjusted my cock straight over to the left of the seam in front and my cockhead was just about at the edge of my hip. My balls were so fat they looked as big as my fist and they were really visible. I was ready to open my back door and a quick glance in the mirror confirmed that my cock was straining against the thin material and trying to tear its way out. Pre-cum was already leaking out and the thin white material over my cockhead was now totally transparent. I opened my back door and stepped out on the small 3 foot by 3 foot porch. It was about 3 feet off the ground with steps going down.

Jennifer and Julie were standing there behind my trailer smoking.

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   They both tried to make excuses and begged me not to tell on them. I told them it would be our little secret and they could go back there anytime they wanted. I was talking to Julie and I noticed Jennifer’s eyes wander down to my groan area. When she caught sight of my very swollen package her mouth dropped open and her eyes got as big as saucers. It was like she was transfixed on my cock and balls for almost a full minute. Then she reached over and pulled Julie’s arm and leaned over and whispered something to her. Then Julie’s eyes went down to my package and she got the same look on her face that Jennifer had. Now they were both staring and it made my cock jump a couple of time, in my shorts, with pleasure. I decidedto let them look with my permission so I asked,

“Do you girls like my shorts? They are new. I just got them yesterday and they are really comfortable. They are so thin and light it almost feels like I’m not wearing anything. How do they look in the back?”

I turned around so they could see them from the rear. With them pulled up tight the seam in the rear was all the way up the crack of my ass and I had checked it in the mirror and with the seam not showing my ass looked completely naked. With me asking them ‘how they liked them’ they could now look all they wanted and not feel like they were peeping. With me standing on my little back porch my package was just about eye level for the girls.

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   Jennifer said,

“You aren’t going to wear those out in public, are you? You know they are pretty thin and see through, don’t you? But I think they look amazing. Don’t you Julie?”

Julie agreed with her and I told them I had thought about wearing them out in public but if they didn’t think I should, I wouldn’t. I told them if they offended them I would be happy to go in and change into something a little less revealing. Jennifer stepped right over next to my porch and her face was now less than 2 feet from my very swollen package, looked up at me and said,

“Please don’t change. I love the way they look on you. Tell him Julie. Tell him we really like the way they look on him. The material looks so soft. They look so amazingly gorgeous on you. Do you have any idea how sexy they look on you? I’ve never seen anything like these on a man before. If you ever do wear these out in public you will have to beat the women off of you. (Blushing, she continued) I didn’t mean you would have to beat off, I just meant women would be all over you. You are a very good looking older man and probably know lots of women and probably never have to beat off, do you?”

I told them I didn’t have a woman in my life at the present time and did have to beat off regularly. I asked them if they thought that was wrong of a man to do that. Julie said it was very natural for a man to do that and she knew all the boys at their school did it almost every day.

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   As one of the girls was talking to me the other one was getting an eye full of my very swollen cock and balls. It was getting me so excited I was afraid I was going to cum without even touching myself. Then Julie said they should be getting in to do their homework. I reminded them that I had told their Mom they could use my computer whenever they wanted to. They said thanks but they just had reading to do that evening but would really love to the next day. These two young beauties had my mind reeling with thought of how to let them catch me jacking off. They had made it clear that they were well aware of boys in their school doing it and thought it was OK for a man like me to do it too.

Overnight I hatched my plan. I was sure they would head to the back of my trailer for a smoke break as soon as they got home. With my back door left slightly open, from close to where they were the day before, they would be able to hear and see me in my computer room. If curiosity was to get the best of them and they investigated my partially open door, they would be able to see directly into my computer room. I normally jackoff, sitting in my computer chair, while I look at porn on my computer. I setup a small mirror up on my computer desk so I could see out of my computer room and out my back door that was open about 2 feet.   Jennifer and Julie would think they were being voyeurs and I would be unaware of their presence when they looked in and saw what I was doing. I had a set of headphones that I could wear with the sound all the way down.

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   That way I could hear what they were saying and they would think I didn’t know they were there. I was so excited that next day waiting for them to get home from school, my cock was hard all day long.

When it was close to the time they were supposed to get home I was looking out my kitchen window and saw them coming up the main drive into the trailer park. I knew they would run in and change into shorts and thin tops with no bras, like they did the day before, so I could catch glimpses of their cute little tits. I got into position in my computer room and was already lubed up and stroking.

After about 18 minutes of very slow jerking I heard their voices outside my trailer. At first they were just chatting about their school day, as they were smoking, when I heard Julie say,

“Look Jen, our neighbor left his back door open. Maybe we should close it for him. ” Jennifer said,

“I’m closer Julie, I’ll get it. ”

I was turned slightly to my right and was stroking my cock with my left hand so when she stepped up beside my small porch and reached for my door she got an eye full of what I was doing. She froze in het tracks with her hand on my door. Her mouth was dropped open and her eyes had the look of total shock in them. After about a minute I heard Julie say,

“Hey Jennifer, why don’t you close his door for him? What’s wrong with you? Cat got your tongue?”

Jennifer turned to Julie and put her finger up to her lips to tell Julie to be quiet. Then she waved Julie over to where she was standing by my porch. Julie joined Jennifer at my open door and instantly got that same look of shock on her face as they stood there watching me jacking my very swollen and intensely sensitive cock off.

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   Julie tried to pull Jennifer away but she was having none of it. When Julie realized Jennifer wasn’t going to budge away from her voyeurism show she gave in and just stood there watching too. I could tell I was almost done and wanted to play it up for them some more. As if I were talking to the man fucking the gorgeous woman on my computer in the ass I said,

“Oh! Fuck Yes! Fuck her in the ass while I jackoff on her face. My cock is feeling so fucking good. Man I love to beat my meat. OH! FUCK! I’M CUMMING”

The intense tickling took hold of my swollen cockhead, crashed down into my balls and blew my cum out of my pisshole. Four squirts landed up onto my chest and stomach and then just flowed out in small squirts and puddled around my navel. I kept stroking for some time after I stopped cuming because the girls were still watching and some of the best feelings in my orgasms come after I cum. The tickling in my cockhead is so intense my whole body jerks uncontrollably as it was doing while the girls looked on. As my body jerking settled down Julie pulled on Jennifer’s arm for them to leave. This time she agreed and in a move I thought was so thoughtful and sweet she quietly closed my back door for me.

I went to the bathroom, got a wet wash cloth and was cleaning the cum off myself when I heard a knock at my front door. I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed for the door. When I got there it was Jennifer and Julie.

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   My hard-on had subsided some but there was still a pretty respectable bulge that both girls noticed immediately. Jennifer, although younger, seemed to be much more outspoken than Julie and she said,

“Is it still OK for us to use your computer? Are we interrupting anything? We wouldn’t want to disturb you if you were busy. Did we catch you getting into the shower? We can come back later if you need to take care of what’s going on under your towel. ”

Julie poked Jennifer for being so bold but I thought it was cute. I did notice that, with the girls being in such close proximity to me,  my cock was getting hard again and it was sticking almost straight out under my towel and had the girl’s full attention. Since they had mentioned my cock's state of erection first I figured it was OK for me to talk about it too and said,

“Girls I’m really sorry about that. He just seems to have a mind of his own. Especially when cute young girls like you two are around he wants to come out a take a look. He’s a nasty old thing and he always wants attention. I spoil him way too much and he expects me to take care of him all the time. I’ll go put some shorts on and when he sees I’m not going to let him out he will calm down. ” Julie quickly jumped in and said,

“NO! Please don’t do that. Jennifer and I don’t mind at all if you just stay relaxed in your towel, do we Jen? After all, we are begging the use of your computer so the least we can do is let you stay relaxed. Its hard being alone all the time and we are sure you have needs just like any other man. After Jen and I saw you, I mean after we talked earlier we were sure you are a very virile man and need to take care of things.

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   Like Jen said, if we are keeping you from anything we can leave?” I said,

“No girls, you are not keeping me from anything. I just finished taking care of him a few minutes ago so he should be satisfied. He just gets so excited around young girls. He always wants to come out and play. ” We all laughed and Jennifer said with a smile,

“You know, I bet if we weren’t here you would probably be naked and your big guy could just hang out all he wanted to, wouldn’t you? Julie, don’t you think that since we are invading our neighbor’s privacy we should just let him pretend like we aren’t here and just do what he normally does? I would really love it and I think Julie would too if you would just take off your towel so we don’t feel like we are imposing on you, right Julie? That is if you are not too shy to be naked in front of two teen girls. ” I said,

“Well girls, the offer sounds amazing and no I’m not too shy, but you are both pretty young and I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone ever found out. With me being old enough to be your grandfather, the authorities would look very harshly on me being naked and alone with you girls in my house. I’ve only known you for a couple of days and as much as I would love to be naked while you girls were here, I’m still a little nervous. You understand, don’t you?” Julie said,

“Listen Mister, you may be much older but you are still a sexy man. Jennifer and I just watch you jacking off through your open back door that I’m pretty sure you left open intentionally so you could expose yourself to us. After that, do you think we would be over here offering to let you go naked in front of us if we wanted to get you into trouble? I don’t think so. OK, the discussion is over. I’m taking your towel off. If you want to stop me you will have to ask us to leave and we promise we will never tell anyone what we saw. You know if we wanted to we could blackmail you and make you do it.

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   After all you did expose yourself to us while you were jacking off. And by the way, I don’t know about Jennifer but that was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen. Now give us that towel. ”

I told them they were right and I had set it up where they would catch me jacking off and I had not cum that good in a long time. I took the towel off and handed it to Julie and her and Jennifer just stood there staring at my now completely rock hard cock and very swollen balls. Jennifer spoke first and asked,

“Could we please sit on the sofa and you let us touch you all over your stuff. If it feels half as good as it looks it will be amazing. Julie was just bull shitting. There is no way we would ever blackmail you and we would love it if you would teach us how a woman makes a man feel good. If you would do that for us we would love you forever and do anything for you that you want. Julie and I noticed yesterday that you were all shaved down there. That looks so cool. I bet your skin is so soft while your cock is all hard. I also have the craziest urge to kiss your cock right where your juice is leaking out. Am I being to nasty and gross?”

As I escorted them over to the sofa I was so excited my cock was throbbing up and down with every heartbeat and pre-cum was leaking out and dripping down on my legs as I walked.

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   The girl’s eyes were glued on my cock and balls the whole way. As we sat down on the sofa, with the girls on each side of me, I told them they could touch me anywhere they wanted and as much as they wanted. I told Jennifer that she wasn’t being too nasty at all if she wanted to put her mouth on my cock. That was one of the ways that a woman showed a man how much she cared for him. I said she should be careful though. My big guy really loves young girls and he may not be able to control himself. I told her if she wasn’t careful he would squirt right in her mouth. Then the girl’s hands were all over my cock and balls and I was in dirty old man’s heaven. I couldn’t believe how soft their hands were. Jennifer quickly discovered that if she gave my very sensitive cockhead a little pinch my cock would jump big time. She and Julie thought that was the greatest.

    I told them I wanted to show them something else and asked Julie if she would go into my computer room and get my cockring for me. She was closest and I told her it was the first door on the left down the hall. I said it was a small yellow tube looped around with a small ball connecting the two ends and it was on my computer desk. Julie was back in a flash and handed it to me and I slipped it down over my cock and stretched it over and pulled my fat balls through it.


       I pulled the two ends down through the ball to snug it around the base of my whole package and told the girls to watch closely. I don’t know why I did that. Jennifer and Julie hadn’t taken their eyes off my cock and balls since we sat down. In just a few seconds wide eyed Jennifer said,

    “My God Julie, look how it’s swelling up. I didn’t think it was possible but it’s getting any bigger. Look how the veins are all popping out and the head looks like it’s going to burst. And look, there’s more juice coming out. You dirty old perv. I bet you had this cockring on earlier when you let us catch you jacking off and yesterday when you were flashing us with your thin shorts on, didn’t you? You like young girls like Julie and I, because you know we haven’t seen anything like this before and are going to want to look and touch all we can, don’t you? Once you flashed us yesterday and we saw how big you cock is you knew we would want to see more, didn't you? You are such a dirty old man to let two very young innocent girls like Julie and I come in your house and see you naked and let us touch you all over your stuff and I just love it. Don’t you Julie?

    Julie had a huge smile on her face and both her hands were now massaging my swollen balls and she said,

    “Oh Jennifer, look how fat his balls have gotten. They feel all warm and I can feel them moving inside his sack. The skin is so soft on them it is like velvet. My whole body is on fire with excitement with you letting us touch you like this. I dreamed about this last night and this is exactly what I dreamed I would do if you let us see you naked. God! This is way more fun than I ever could have imagined and even more than in my dream.

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       Is your pussy tingling too Jennifer?”

    Jennifer’s hands had found my cockhead again and she was telling Julie that it took both her hands to reach all the way around it. She said her pussy was tingling too and said she didn’t think she could take much more without taking care of her. She started running the fingertips, of her two index fingers, on the underneath side of my cock and around to the top where my cockhead was all flared out and joined my shaft. Her fingertips felt electrifying as she slid them back and forth around my cock. They were touching the very sensitive skin where my shaft joined my cockhead and it was driving me crazy. I asked her where she had learned to do that. I said I had been with a lot of women and none of them had ever done that to me. She said she had never touch a cock like this before and she noticed how shinny and smooth the skin looked under the head and she just wanted to feel it. She said it felt like silk and really hoped I wouldn’t make her stop. As I assured her she could do it as much as she wanted, I noticed that the girls had worked up a rather large glob of pre-cum on my cockhead right over my pisshole. Jennifer was leaning in close as she massaged around my cockhead and said,

    “That’s mine!” and she leaned over and put her lips over my pisshole and started sucking on just the tip of my cockhead. I moaned in ecstasy as she sucked for almost a minute. She rose up and told Julie she should try it. She said my juice tasted really good. Julie said she would love to but Jennifer had taken it all.

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       I put my index finger and thumb at the base of my cock and milked it up and another even larger glob of pre-cum oozed out of my pisshole. Julie was on it in a flash and she sucked about half my cockhead into her mouth and started really sucking on it. She was flicking her tongue back and forth over my pisshole and sucking like crazy. She was showing no signs of stopping and now Jennifer’s fingers started moving faster around the base of my very sensitive cockhead. I told them that they should stop because I was losing control and my cock was taking over. It was like the girls were in a dream world and totally absorbed in what they were doing and didn’t hear me.

    The very intense tickling hit my cockhead like a hammer and rushed down my cock and into my balls like a tidal wave. I felt the muscles around my prostate contract so hard it almost hurt. The first rush of cum hit me so fast I didn’t have time to pull Julie off my cockhead. My cum exploded out of my pisshole into Julie’s warm soft mouth and she gagged like crazy and came up off me choking. My second squirt hit her in the face before she could rise all the way up. Jennifer realized what was happening and kept stroking my cockhead as she aimed it at her legs. My body was jerking uncontrollably as two more squirts went across Jennifer’s bare legs. As she kept stroking my swollen cockhead my cum kept oozing out of my pisshole, running over her hands, down my cock and onto Julie’s hands that were still massaging my balls. I finally stopped cuming but the girls were still engrossed in what they were doing.

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       In the aftermath of my orgasm the intense tickling in my cockhead, Jennifer’s hands were causing, was unbearable. I reached for her hands and slowed them to a snail’s pace and my hands on hers was like I had awakened her from a dream. She said,

    “I’m so sorry. Was I hurting you? I didn’t mean to. I just got so lost in watching you cum like that. Does every guy cum that much? Does it taste as good as your other stuff?”

    Before I could answer any of her questions she was licking my cum off her hands. Julie followed suite and was licking it off her hands and said,

    “I am so sorry I rose up and stopped sucking you. It’s just when your first squirt hit the back of my throat so hard, it gagged me big time. Your stuff really taste good and next time I will let you shoot your whole load in my mouth. ” Jennifer said,

    “Hey! I get to do it next time. I couldn’t believe how much you were squirting and when your hot stuff shot across my legs my pussy exploded. My shorts and panties are soaked I came so hard. ”

    Julie said she did too, but they had better get cleaned up and get some homework done on my computer or their mom and dad wouldn’t let them come over anymore. After we got cleaned up the girls asked me if I would stay naked and come into the computer room with them in case they needed any help. Of course I said yes if they would keep their minds on their homework.

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       I told them I really love having them over and would hate it if their parents stopped them. I said next time they came over, if they wanted, I would return the favors they had given me today. The girls were trying to get me to tell them what but I said they would have to wait. They still couldn’t keep their hands off me and each one of them kept playing with my now hard again cock and balls as the other worked on my computer.

    I do so love the curiosity, enthusiasm and sex drive of young girls.




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