Working Hard


Cam got out of his car and walked into work. The store was fairly busy today, lots of customers, which meant lots of cleaning to do. Cameron was hoping for an easy, quiet shift but looks like he wasn't in luck. It turns out he was going to be luckier than he thought.

Cam went into the office and greeted the other manager.

"hey, how's things?"

 "not too bad, I gotta run so I'll leave it all to you. "

The other manager left and the casuals started to turn up for their shifts. One always caught Cam's eye. Emma.

Emma walked in wearing her netball uniform, that short skirt showing off her amazingly long and tanned legs. Cam quickly averted his gaze when he realized he was staring but Emma didn't seem to notice.

"Hi Cam!" she said as she put down her bag

 "Hi Emma, how are you?" cam said, His mind in a very different state of mind.

"I'm good! I just have to get changed. " Emma said and began to walk to the girls bathroom. As she did she dropped her work clothes. As she bent down to pick them up Cam got a great look at her.

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   She was wearing pink lace underwear, semi see through which really got cam excited. This time however Emma noticed him looking and simply winked, picked up her clothes and continued on her way to the bathroom.

Cam's mind was swirling, he had often fantasizes about Emma, she had long, wavy brown hair and always wore a bow, giving her a sense of innocence which cam found to be very hot. She always wore baggy jumpers so it was hard to tell what size here tits were but it didn't matter, she was perfect to cam.

Work went by and nothing really eventful happened. "alright guys, I need one of you to stay back and close up with me. " cam said and to his surprise Emma was the first to speak up.

 "I'll do it" and cams heart rate increased. A chance to be alone with Emma? He wasn't about to pass it up!
Cam let the others out and locked the door. He and Emma went into the office, he made sure she went first so he could stare at her arse, perfectly round.

 "Do you like what you see, boss?" Emma said playfully and wiggled her bum.

"I i uh I do, your fucking hot Emma" Emma shrugged

"well thanks but I think it's my turn, you've been staring at me all this time, you've even seen my underwear, it's only fair if I see yours!"

Cam couldn't believe it, the girl of his dreams was asking him to strip! He obliged. Cam wasn't the fittest of 18 year olds but Emma didn't seem to mind as he took of his shirt. "you look sexy with no shirt, boss" Cam continued and took off his pants, his cock was semi hard is his boxers, you could clearly see the out line of the 6'5 member against the fabric.

"Wow that's big, I've never seen one that big before!"Emma said clearly amazed.

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 "Well Emma you've seen me, now let me have a closer look at you.


Emma slowly removed her work jumper, her b sized tits were covered by a matching pink bra. "you like my tits boss?" Emma said as she grabbed them and pushed them togethor.

 "they're perfect!"
Emma smiled and slowly brought her pants down, she was amazing, her browner skin and thin figure was driving cam crazy.

Emma walked over to cam and kissed him, her lips were so soft, her tongue playfully mingling with his. Cam grew harder and Emma noticed. "what are we gonna do about this boss?" as she grabbed his cock through his boxers.

"ohh Emma, you don't know how long I've waited for this. " cam moaned as Emma got down on her knees, slowing rubbing Cams cock. Emma just smiled and pulled down Cam's boxers, his now fully erect cock sprang into Emma's face.

 "Woah, your huge!" Emma said as she marveled at the size of Cam's cock.

"Suck it Emma, Suck my cock like a good girl. "

Emma looked up, "yes boss" and lowered those soft lips onto Cams eagerly awaiting cock.

Emma couldn't fit it all in her mouth but that didn't matter, she bobbed up and down like a pro, her tongue flicking across the head each time she came up. "Ohh Emma that feels so good, suck that dick, fuck yeah" Cams dirty talk seemed to spur Emma on as she now began to suck more ferociously, her head was moving back faster and faster, she even grabbed Cam's balls and rolled them in her hand.


   Cam began to move his hips in time with Emma's bobs, getting faster util he felt the pressure building in his balls. "Fuck yeah you dirty girl, I'm gonna cum, FUCK!" Cam blew his hot load into Emma's mouth, she clearly wasn't expecting this though as her eyes opened wide and she stopped sucking but cam thrust into her mouth, shooting his load down her throat.

Emma let go of Cam's cock and looked up at him, cum dripping down the side of her mouth. "I've never had a guy cum on my mouth before, I like it!" and she licked her lips. "Got any more?" Cam looked down at her, she rubbed the cum off her face and licked it up, giving cam a big smile as she did. Even after sucking cock she still looked so innocent.

"I think it's your turn now Emma, get up on the table" Emma did as she was told and layed on the table, her long legs dangling over the edge. Cam got down on his knees and spread Emma's legs, revealing her beautiful pussy.

 "What are you doing boss?" Cam looked up, surprised.

"Havnt you been eaten out before?" Emma looked away shyly,

 "my boyfriend makes me suck his cock but he doesn't do anything to me, I'm still a virgin. " cam couldn't believe his luck, this was going to be amazing. "Well then, I think your gonna enjoy this. " cam placed his hand on Emma's pissy and rubbed her slit, bringing a slight moan from Emma. Cam then lowered his face and licked her moist slit, Emma's whole body quivered.

 "Oh Cam that's amazing" Cam began licking up and down, each pass making Emma moan louder and louder.

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   Cam then flicked across her clit.

    "OHH god that felt good, don't stop boss, it feels so fucking good!" Cam flicked his tongue back and forth over her clit, applying pressure and releasing. Emma was in ecstasy , she was screaming with pleasure,

    "OHHHH FUUUCCCKK CAMMMM!" Emma came, her juices flowed from her pussy and covered Cam's face, she tasted so good he lapt them all up. Emma was shaking, "oh my god, that was the most amazing thing I've ever felt!" Emma said still shaking.

    "I've got one more surprise for you" Cam said and stood up, his cock in his hand, now erect again.

    "I dunno cam, your so big and I'm a virgin what if" She was interrupted as cam pressed the head of his cock against her pussy.

    "Don't you wanna feel me inside you? Make you cum again? You want me Emma, let me have you" Cam said as he rubbed his cock up and down Emma's dripping pussy.

    Emma moaned "I want you boss, have me now!" cam positioned himself and slowly posed inside her pussy, she was incredibly tight but her juices were making things easier. Cam pushed in and Emma gripped the table cloth. Cam felt her hymen, "you ready Emma?" Emma wrapped her legs around his waist and bit her lip as she nodded. Cam thrust forward breaking through and bring a squeal of pain from Emma. Cam didn't stop though, he pulled out and drove in again, burying his full cock in her pussy. Emma was in clear pain but she looked at Cam with such eagerness, "Fuck me boss, I'm yours" cam pouned her pussy as hard and fast as he could, pulling out then ramming in again as Emma's screams of pain became moans of ecstasy. "Fuck, fuck, oh god dont stop!" Emma screamed and cam rammed in as deep as he could as Emma's pussy got even tighter. "Oh god, im gonna cum, fuck me boss, fuuuuckkk!!!" Emma came hard, cam could badly move inside her she was that tight.

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       He managed to get some small thrusts as her juices once again covered him. Emma was drenched in sweat, her skin glistening under the lights. "Your amazing boss, cum in my pussy, I want to feel you cum in me. " Cam couldn't hold back anymore, he thrust as hard as he could and blew his load deep inside Emma's pussy. "Fuck! Oh God!" cam moaned as he thrust again and again, each time releasing another load of cum. Cam pulled out of Emma and stepped back, her pussy was dripping wet with both her own cum and now his own. Her body was covered in sweat making her glisten under the lights. Cam leaned down, his cock still quivering inside Emma's pussy and kissed her deeply. "Your amazing emma"

    Emma got up and embrace cam, she pressed her body against his and kissed him deeply. "That was so amazing boss, we have to do this again. " Cam smiled and kissed Emma, they would do this again and very soon.