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His hand quickly runs across my body as I watch his fingertips brush my skin lightly. The fire that has been smoldering in the pit of my stomach seems to follow his touch as he whispers sweet nothings in my ear. Wetness splash out between my legs when his hand gently massage my tits. He leaned down to kiss me when suddenly instead of loving words all he could say was Beep…. Beep…. Beep.
 My eyes popped open to see it was 7:30am and I realized there was no passionate lover, not for this virgin I guess. Awwww man I forgot to turn off my alarm clock for the weekend and now there was no way I could get back to sleep. With a reluctant sigh, I dragged myself out of bed to get dressed. I rummage around my messy dresser to find an outfit that would finally get me that boyfriend I have been waiting for. I stood in front of the mirror as I stare intently at my naked self; a head of short chestnut brown hair, dark brown eyes above slightly pink full lips with a lovely golden complexion, farer down a decent pair of 36b breast that look huge compared my tiny waist, and the flare of my hips that smooth into my shapely long legs. Not bad, I muttered to myself as I pulled my green mini skirt up my legs and to top that off I threw on a smug green t-shirt. I just didn’t understand it, where is my prince hiding and why he isn’t here to take away the curse of being 18 and still a virgin.
I rushed downstairs to wolf down my little brother’s cereal when he wasn’t looking and searched the house for my beloved daddy who was going to take me to work today. I bullied him out of the house and into the car in seconds, the sooner the better; I couldn’t wait to flirt with that new cute apprentice that was working for my dad. My hopes were crushed when the trainee called in sick that day so no flirting for me and without that to keep me busy, I just tinkered with the pens on my dad’s desk until I felt like boredom was going to come up behind me and just strangle me to death.

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   My brain was going to explode when my daddy dropped in to ask me if I could go buy lunch for all the workers which of course I would do. I needed to escape and it wasn’t a bad way to go. I grabbed a twenty on my way out and asked the guys (all in their 30s and 40s, so they were of no interest to me) what they wanted to eat and of course being the manly men they were all said barbeque. I knew exactly which barbeque place they meant too because well this wasn’t my first time getting lunch for the workers.
So to Kate’s barbeque I went. The place was full with the lunch crowd from the construction workers to the stuffy office pencil pushers. After a long wait full with leer grins from the construction worker and bright blushes from the pencil pushers, I finally got to the counter where I quickly made my order just to find out I was a few dollars short. Embarrassment blossomed in my cheeks as I showed the cashier that I just had a twenty but to my great relief, he smiled understandingly as he told me it was alright if I just came back later and paid him then. Gratitude sweeten my smile as I went to wait for my order on one of the back tables, I just kept thinking it was really kind of him to do such a thing for me. With my head resting on top of the table, I gazed at the friendly cashier. He had the lean strong build of a swimmer and a very endearing smile that just made you want to hug him. His stark black hair was cut close to his head but instead of looking brutally dull, it emphasized his vividly blue eyes and made him intensely adorable. I let out a little forlorn sigh as I wonder why I couldn’t get a man like that, good looking and sweet. Even long after I picked up my order and thanked him again, I couldn’t stop thinking about that guy at Kate’s.
After my dad’s shop closed for the night and he was heading home, I told him I was going to hang out at my friend’s house near by and I was going to catch my own ride home so just go on without me.

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   As I was locking up the shop, I decided it was a good time to pay back that charming cashier on my way to Tracy’s house but I had to hurry up because the sun was setting and to be out at night wasn’t a very safe option. I got there just in time as the cashier was closing the drapes and just about to leave. I rushed in and proudly gave him the money that I owed him. He listlessly held the dollar bills in this hand as if he had no idea what in the world it was. Uneasy, I barely tapped his shoulder when his incensed eyes snapped up to mine. He gripped my arms as he glared into my eyes. He snarled as he growled out, “You think you’re so hot, don’t you bitch?!”
 Bewildered I just stared at him blankly. I stuttered, “What the fuck are you talking about?” his eyes drilled into me as his labored breathing brushed my bangs out of my face. “You think just because you’re hot, you can treat men like shit. Well YOU CAN’T!” he roared. This man was fucking insane was the thought was just ran over and over again in my head. “I don’t treat men like shit, I promise. ” I whimpered. He didn’t even blink; he just kept on staring at me like I was the lowest piece of crap on earth. He started shaking me in his frenzy, “I know girls like you, prancing around like a goddamn slut in that mini skirt! God you’re just like my girlfriend, always acting like she’s all that.

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  ” My knees went weak at the insane fury in his voice as his nails dug even deeper into my arm. His outraged rant went on, “God, How dare she fucking leave me for my BEST FRIEND!!!! I mean after everything we been through, she fucking leaves me for my goddamn best friend. ”  I found my voice again to ask him “who the hell is she?”
Before I even finished the sentence, he backhands me with such force I thought my head was going to snap off. All my strength drains down into a puddle at my feet and all that was keeping me from following it down was his remaining hand still holding me with a death grip. Tears from the sting sprang to my eyes as for a second he grew silent. Then without a single warning, I found myself pressed up against the wall with his savage mouth bruising my lips. My hands desperately pounding down on his back as my mind screamed this isn’t how it was supposed to be, my first time is be loving and tender…. TENDER!
My scream was muffled by his tongue when I felt his hand urgently mangling my tender breasts. I was gasping and panting from my struggles as he slides his rough tongue down the side of my neck as my breasts were wildly mauled. A disturbing tingle charged my skin as my body begun betraying me. I shut my eyes in shame as I felt the hot liquid of desires seeping through my panties. My mind disgusted with its host, demanded that I struggle harder and stop being such a pushover. But before my body could follow such orders, his hand caressed my swollen clit through my soaked thong and everything in my mind went blank. To satisfy this aching sin hidden within me gained importance. I gingerly buried my fingers in his smooth short hair and slowly began returning his kiss.

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   For a second he froze with shock at my slow but sure change. With both our mouths connected, he carried me to a cleared table and lay me down with my legs limply wrapped around his waist.
Despite my breathy protest, my panties were shoved aside as his hand coaxes my dripping cunt to pour, persuading my heart to race, and goading me to rock my hips. For a split second, I closed my eyes and just took it all in, the scent of his musky sex lingering in the air, the feeling of cold table on my back and a human inferno on top, how terrifying and yet so fucking exciting this all was. My eyes flew open when I felt seven inches of hot rock hard cock on my tummy, I have never wanted anything more then to stop the sweet pain swelling in my tight virgin cunt at the sight of his big fat dick. He teasingly stroked his cock against the pouting lips of my pussy as I laid there whimpering, not knowing what to do just knowing that’s that cock will stop the pain. He moaned as he relish in the feeling of the head of that beautiful cock sliding into my tight cunt but he completely frozen when he felt the only proof of my virginity blocking his path. Self loathing and guilt darken his eyes as he attempts to yanks himself out of me but my legs held him still with his cock still barely in me. Surprised, he stared down just to be enthralled by my needy eyes, unable to believe what was going on. Frustrated and overwhelmed, I laid there panting with tears of desperate passion blurring my vision but baffled about how to stop this excruciating itch. Angry pleas burst forward from my swollen lips as I begged him not to stop but still he stood there his face impassive. I grinded my teeth together as the throbbing ached through me.
 Left with no choice, I screamed at the top of my voice, “You stupid fuck, no wonder she left you for another guy!” It was like watching a dry tree touched by a single spark, one second nothing and then everything ablaze. A roar booms through the room as his furor exploded, his hands pinned me down to the cold table as he mercilessly tore through my hymen and cruelly deflowered me. My body stiffens as the pain dug in but it was lost in the greater sensation of the pleasure of being so complete and the knowledge that I’m not a virgin anymore.

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   My back arched to push more of him into my cock-hungry pussy as a new awareness made me feel every inch of his dick as it surges in and out of me. His pace quicken and the thrusts were nearly violent, my body responded to him by tightening somewhere deep inside of me. My breathing got labored as I felt my body reaching for something I didn’t understand but knew I needed. Digging my nails deep into his back, I felt my cunt tighten on his cock making him force it in me even harder. He went rigid as he lets out a primitive bellow then I felt him shooting his heated seed deep into me. The feeling of him cuming was too much and my body exploded with light as I screamed my own climax.
For a long time, all that was heard was grasps for air from the both of us but too soon an awkward silence shrouded us. He wouldn’t look me in the eye as he angrily wrenches himself out of my embrace and aggregately gets dressed. I just laid there on the table top dazed at what has just happened to me, my skirt flipped up revealing a little puddle of cum under my mewing pussy and my cute little t-shirt dangling around my neck with my breast already starting to show the dark bruises where his hands had been. I trembled with so many raw emotions, feelings of shame and disgust but also of a pleasure that still courses through my blood and of a deep sense of contentment. No more virgin thank you very much. It was absurd to think of such a thing when you just got raped but he stopped and I kind of forced him into me so does that mean I raped him? Oh gosh if he stops and I push him on does it still counts as rape?
I promptly hopped to my feet, a little sated sex bunny, and properly without hesitation, I straightened my clothes. With my mind set, I marched up to the unknown lover who was still bumbling with his belt and tapped his shoulder. Surprised, he snapped his head back to meet my determined eyes, his eyes a mixture of anguished remorse and satiated lust. I boldly demanded to know his name and what does he plan to do now that he has stolen my virginity.

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   Stuttering he clumsily told me his name was Daren and that he’s s-o-o-o sorry about what just happened.
Smiling serenely, I reached out and held both of his hands in mine as I stared deep into his eyes telling it was alright. He searched my eyes for some inner suffering but all he saw was a lovely glow in my smile and slightly wicked eyes which made him bulge in his pant again. The compassion in her eyes made the whole story spill from his lips before he could even stop it. “My girlfriend of three years just up and dumped me for my best friend and I guess it drove me crazy but still that’s not excuse to have……” “Aw, you poor thing. ”  “Well it’s just when you walked in with that damn mini skirt and tight shirt; it was like something just snapped in me and I couldn’t stop myself and then I found out you’re a virgin and god…” he paused and took a long breath before he bravely declared, “If there is a baby, I’ll take full responsibility and I swear. ”
Nonchalantly I brushed his statement away, “I’m on the pill so don’t worry” “But you’re a virgin, why are you on the pill?” “It helps regulates my periods” “ooooooh” He chuckled nervously. I composedly asked him, “Are you looking for a new girlfriend because as it would seem, you owe me big time buddy. ” I cocked my head slightly to the side with a smug grin awaiting his answer. “And this way, I can consider this as our first date instead of what the police would call it. ” Add in a bit of blackmail just to guarantee a yes. His eyes widen with shock. I thought to self, you know maybe the blackmail wasn’t such a good idea but oh well, I’m desperate.
Then his face dawn a smile so bright it was almost blinding. “I can’t believe a gorgeous girl like you is still single but it would be my greatest pleasure to cure that.

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  ” Bowing he took my hand and placed a sweet gentlemen like kiss on it. And of course me feeling so lady-like I reached down lower and gently stroked his hard on.


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