Virginity Lost Abroad


Topic: Virginity Lost Abroad  The names Melvyn and let me tell you about the magical week away I had with a girl named Jessica in the snowy country Andorra
I'm gonna be 19 in January and I thought since I didn't have a good 18th id go on holiday and since I prefer the cold weather id go to Andorra so I booked a 4 start hotel very nice and snazzy cost me about 538 but its a price I could live with for a birthday present to myself so I wanted and picked up the plane tickets from Thomas cook 2 weeks before the holiday and there was this beautiful girl 5ft 7 and I was 5ft 9 she had silky blond hair and the nicest tightest ass. She turned round face to face to me and she had the blue est eyes like mine and she walked around me and walked out the shop, I picked up my tickets and walked out as well.

When the day came I packed my case and headed off to Gatwick airport I checked in and got rid of my case and went threw security. Waiting in the departure and looking around with my head phones in my ears and my eyes are locked on the girl that I saw in the travel agent but this time she had dark brown hair so she must of died it, I walked over to her and sat next to her I introduced myself and same for herself , her name was Jessica and she was 18 and she was going on holiday as she had passed her driving test so she was over the moon and couldn't wait to go on holiday.

Turns out she was going to Andorra as well and I was surprised and I wished that it was the same hotel as well but before I could ask her what hotel she was staying at the call out went out for my flight and I got on the plane and 2 hours later and an hour coach ride I got to my hotel and checked in I was in room number 19 which I thought was kinda ironic so I walked to my room with my case and hand luggage and I opened the door and oh my god a lovely single queen sized bed all to myself and a beautiful balcony with the view of the mountains. I unpacked and went down to the bar for a drink, I got a nice cold cocktail and I'm drinking away and to my luck there she was Jessica she looks right back at me and I walked over to her and we talked and talked and to our luck she was in room 18 even more ironic. She told me that she knew I was looking at her tight ass in the travel agent and I went bright red and she brushed her hand up my leg and my cock started to grow, she looked down and said “I like a man I can please” she looked at me in the most naughtiest way that said ride me like a rag doll she got up and whispered in my ear “Remember room 18 I hope to get room service later at about say 7pm” She walked off I couldn't believe what I herd I look at the clock above the bar and it was 6. 30pm.

I had 30 mins to get ready for sex so I ran to my room and had a shower and brushed my teeth so I was clean and my breath was smelling fine, I walked out of my room and went next door feeling a nervous twitch in my stomach, I knocked on the door and it opened and there Jessica stood in a short shirt and in a tight tiny skirt my mouth watered just from staring and she said that she was getting embarrassed from me staring so much, I walked in and she pushed me to the bed and she jumped on top of me, she unbuttoned my shirt and took it off and threw it to the ground and she unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off she started to kiss my chest she was so sexually aggressive, she moved up and whispered in my ear that she was still a virgin and that she was horny as fuck I couldn't believe it, it was like 1 of my fantasies come true.

I thought to myself I might as well get rough myself so I grabbed her by the arms and flipped us over so I was on top and we started kissing and our tongues sliding and rubbing against each other swapping saliva, I pulled off her shirt and her exposed boobs showing in all there glory, 34 C she was I couldn't help but grab them and play squeezing.

I lowered my my face and started to lick her nipples and I gently gave them a small nip her body jumped from the pure lust and heat as my hand was playing with her other nipple I used my thumb and 1st finger to rub her other stiff nipple and she was moaning “yes, yes oh my god baby you are so good please gimme more” I moved my hand away and I pulled off her short skirt and she was wearing a see threw pink thong with a pink bow on top my cock was now straining to be played with I slowly pulled off her thong teasing her, I tossed them to 1 side and I layed my face close to her ankle and made my way down kissing and licking every inch till I reached her vagina then I started to lick the edges of her walls then I lowered my tongue till it was softly coated by her vagina lips I ran my tongue up and down getting a taste of what was to come meanwhile Jessica's body is shuddering with pleasure.

I lowered my tongue and slowly and gently pushed it into her warm soaking wet hold I lay there for a second with out moving and she says to me “please baby don't tease me like this I want you to lick and swallow all my juices please!” with her saying that I couldn't help but lick away having my face mashed in her pussy licking away swallowing her juices as they started to flow, all she could do was curl her toes and moan, I moved away catching my breath and I pull down my boxers and out flung my 8 inch cock throbbing for her attention.

I looked and said “I didn't have a condom” and she took out a bottle of birth control pills and guzzled down 5 or 6 pills, she looked at me and said “Rip me apart baby” so I shoved my hard cock into her dripping wet pussy splitting her haymen apart she screamed at the top of her lungs I had to silence her so I grabbed a pillow and pressed it against her face to muffle the screaming after a few seconds she quietened down panting so heavily as the blood started to pour out of her already soaking vagina I slowly went back and forth rocking she grabbed the sheets so hard moaning so much I quickly picked up the paste smashing into her bleeding hole getting the blood on my balls, Jessica is screaming “ Oh my fucking god baby, Oh my fucking god!!!” I feel like I'm ready to explode I grab her shoulders and shout “ I'm gonna cum and its gonna be big” Jessica says “seed me boy fill me right up” So I grabbed her shoulders and with 1 final push I shoved my hard cock as deep and hard as I could and my cock exploded blasting waves of cum into her deep into her bowls she grabbed my body sending deep scratch marks down my back with her nails as we lay there panting I roll off her onto the other side of the bed and she rolls over and puts her arm over me and said “Oh my god baby, I love you so much” and she kissed me on the shoulder. I look at her and I move over and ring room service to tell them that the sheets needed to be changed and then we had a shower together and we fell asleep in my room.

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