Two Lucky Days


   ÂThe day after, Kix left for a short vacation for all of Spring. For the whole time she was gone, I had jerked off looking at a picture of her, remembering that one lucky day. We spoke on the phone often and everytime, I made a little comment about how much my hands missed her ass and her boobs. And then finally she came back, and by now, it was Summer. The first day she came back, she had to unpack, so we didn't see each other. Kix and I had made plans to meet up to "watch" another movie the next day. I couldn't wait.
  ÂThe next day finally arrived and I woke up early to make sure my bed looked neat and clean. I took a long shower making sure every part of myself smelled good. As the time for us to meet up came, I left my house early so I wouldn't have to run and sweat. I waited at the train station for Kix for a couple of minutes. She arrived and immediately saw me. She ran and jumped into my already open arms. I missed her so much that I started kissing her soft lips and neck. ÂWe walked back home and discussed her vacation. We eventually got to my house and we went to my room.

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   We closed and locked the door even though we were alone. My parents had left to look at colleges for the day and wouldn't be back until the day after at 9AM. The second I turned around, she grabbed me and kissed me passionately.
  ÂI slowly walked her to my bed while kissing her, making sure not to crash into anything on the way there. I layed her down on the bed and continued to kiss her. She returned the kisses furiously. Her tongue swirled around my mouth and mine tried to wrestle hers down. I reached to massage her breasts over her shirt, but she felt my hands, so she took them and slid them under her shirt. I didn't care, I moved my hands up toward her breasts. I rubbed them and squeezed them for a while. Her breasts were so soft, but not loose, they were just perfect. She wrapped her legs with mine as we continued to kiss. I stopped massaging and slid her shirt off.
  ÂAs soon as I slid Kix's shirt off, she reached to take mine off. I continued to kiss her and didn't stop.

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   I reached for the clasp on her bra and unsnapped it. I took her bra off and started rubbing her breasts again. She brushed my hands off her and pressed herself against me. She was steaming hot. She pushed me forward and sat on my lap, still kissing me, still swirling her tongue in my mouth. I layed her back down and broke our kiss.
  ÂI started kissing her sweetly scented neck and inched down. I kissed and sucked on her nipples. They were so warm and soft that I could resist opening my mouth a little more and suck a little harder. My tongue rolled around her nipple and she giggled. I switched to the other breast and then continued to go lower. I reached her bellybutton and then at the button of her jeans, I stopped. I looked up, I asked if she was ready and okay with this. She took a minute to think, but eventually nodded her head and smiled. I smiled back.

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  ÂLooking back down at Kix's jeans, I undid the button with my teeth and pulled down the zipper. I pulled her jeans down to reveal her lacy black and red thong. She kicked off her jeans and I kissed her abdomen. I kissed lower every kiss and reach her clit over her thong. She pulled my head up but didn't say anything. She just kept kissing me. She already had her hands on my jeans as she undid the button and zipper and I kicked them off. She rolled me over and put herself on top. She broke the kiss and started kissing my chest and stomach. She reached my boxers and stopped. She pulled my boxers down slowly as my already hard dick jumped out. I kicked those off too. She put her soft, small, and warm hands on it and started to turn it in circles. I looked at her and smiled, knowing how unexperienced she was. I took her hands and started to use them to stroke my dick.

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   She kept going on her own as she stared at it. I stopped her after a little while because I didn't want to waste it on a handjob. I kissed her lightly and nudged her head toward my dick. She slowly lowered her head and kissed it. I almost came just from that. She stopped as she saw my dick jump around. She held it in her hands and looked at it, I was uncut. She put her lips around it and sucked lightly on it. It felt funny at first and tickled, but when she started to really suck on it, I was already moaning. After about five minutes, I was already saying that I was about to cum. She immidiately pulled her head up and just stroked me until I came. I guess she didn't want me to cum in her mouth. I rolled her on her back and started kissing downward again. When I reached her thong, she again pulled my head up and kissed me. I knew she just had her mouth on my dick, but I didn't care.

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   I slid my hands down on her thong. I rubbed her lightly, almost tickling her as she squirmed and squealed. I put my hand under her thong and used my fingers to rub and squeeze softly.
  ÂKix squirmed a little, but eventually stopped. I put my index finger into her vagina and she moaned lightly. I pulled my finger out which was now wet and licked it. She looked at me curiously, so I stuck my finger back in and gave her a taste too. She only licked off a little for a small taste, so I just licked off the rest and kissed her. I continued to rub her as my finger explored her. I rubbed against the walls, but didn't shove them too deep. I pulled them out and licked off the juices. I started kissing downwards once more and when I reached her thong, she let me kiss her everywhere. So I pulled her thong down carefully. I threw them to side and saw that she had closed her legs. I kissed her lightly on the lips and told her that it's okay.

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   She slowly opened her legs a little to give me access to her sweet smelling pussy. I moved my head toward it while looking at her in the eyes. I told her to just say stop when she thinks we've gone too far. I kissed her clit lightly and she jumped, dragging my head with her. She apologized, but it was okay, I didn't expect any other reaction. I kissed her clit again, and she resisted jumping. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over it. She jumped again. I told her to relax and that it would feel good. I kissed her clit once more and ran my tongue over her clit again. I kissed and kissed and ran my tongue over her whole pussy. I then stuck my tongue out and started to roll my tongue into her vagina. A warm, sweet scent came from her and I smiled. I licked her pussy and stuck my tongue inside. She lightly moaned.

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   One of my hands went to open up her pussy lips a little for better access, since her legs were not open enough. My other hand went toward her breast as it started rubbing and squeezing. My tongue went crazy and she started moaning a little louder, and a little loud each time. I started sucking softly to taste her juices, and she moaned even louder. I kept kissing and sucking, she soon started moving her hips around and moaned. A gush of juices came into my mouth as I drank it all. I was hard again. I licked her off and cleaned her up as she relaxed her muscles and calmed down. I went back up to kiss her. She whispered to me, "I love you. " And I whispered back to her, "I love you too. "
  ÂI got off the bed and went to my drawers and pulled out a condom. Kix looked at me curiously. Right before I tore it open, she took it from me and threw it back into the drawer. She kissed me and said, "Stop.

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  " I didn't try and force her, I knew that she really meant it. So I took her hand, unlocked the door, and grabbed all our clothes. We ran to the bathroom and turned on the water to fill up the tub. She kissed me again as we waited for the tub to fill up. She looked down at my hard. She put her hands on it and it jumped. She smiled and sat me on the toilet lid. She kneeled and kissed it again. There was still some cum from before. She made a slight smiling but disgusted face as she tasted it. I don't think she cared though. She started to suck on it and swirled her tongue around my dick like she did in my mouth. She kept sucking and eventually sucked a little harder so that the foreskin lifted a little even. She rolled my dick around her mouth and kept bobbing. My hand was stroking her hair as she kept going.

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   I almost screamed, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming. " This time, she didn't pull back, she just kept sucking. My knees went weak as I came in her mouth. She took it all in and swallowed it. She looked up at me as I got up and picked her up. I held her in my arms and kissed her. The tub had filled with water. We closed the water and got in. It was nice and warm. We got some soap as I started to wash her. I put some soap on my hands as I began to rub and squeeze her breasts again. She moaned lightly. I rubbed some soap onto her back, and then her ass. I squeezed her ass as she jumped a little. I laughed and kissed here again.


   I put more soap on my hands and started to rub her pussy lightly. I just kept rubbing the outside of her pussy and her clit. I rubbed and rubbed on the clit as she started moaning louder again. I saw her tense up as I began to rub faster. She eventually loosened up and pulled me in for a kiss. She put soap on her hands and started to rub me everywhere. My dick was still weak from before and was only semi-hard. She gave it a squeeze and stroked it with soap on her hands. Her hands slid easily on my dick with so much soap, but I still was at a semi-hard state. We used the showerhead to rinse off the soap and we got out. I wrapped her in a towel and got into it. I hugged her and kissed her deeply as we dried each other. She put her clothes on and so did I.
  ÂAs we left the house, she told me, "This has been the most amazing day, I love you. " I told her right back without hesitation, "I love you too.


  " I kissed her one more time, more passionately than ever. I rode the train with her and then took one back home without her, thinking about the whole day. .



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