Trip to the Doctors


Topic: Trip to the DoctorsMy names Jack. I'm 17, and this story happened to me last week. It's all true I assure you.
So, I went in for my physical so that I was cleared to play sports next fall. I still go to a pediatrician and I always feel weird seeing all the kiddy paintings and stuff around but I've just never gone through the trouble of switching. Now usually I see this creepy dude who checks me out and whatever then let's me go. However he got fired this year so I didn't know who I'd see.
A nurse came and got me to bring me to the exam room. This nurse was real cute. She was maybe 5 5, couldnt be much above 100 pounds. Nice B cups and dark hair. She was a stunner. She did the normal stuff, checking my weight, blood pressure and whatever. We flirted throughout all this, then it wa stime to check my height.
She walked me over to the wall where the measured it. She leaned over me to get the stick the pull down to the top of your head to measure the height.

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   Just as it came down on top of my head she looked me in the eyes. Then, to my shock, she put her lips to mine and wildly started kissing me. I lifted the top of her scrub over her head and her beautiful boobs fell out. They were perky as any set I'd ever seen and I almost went wild when I saw them. I went after them, flicking, sucking and twisting.
 I'm not going to be modest, I'm good at what I do. It was only a couple of seconds before her nipples were hard as rocks. Soon after, soft moans started to escape her lips. Working her boobs with my mouth, my hand worked its way into her pants. As I felt her panties, they were soaking wet already, dripping onto the pants of her scrub. I quickly ripped them off her body and went to work on her well shaven pussy. Fingering quickly in and out of her pussy, my tongue went to work on her clit. As I did my work downstairs, clearly audible moans kept coming from the raven haired beauty's mouth. I continued to shove my fingers deeper and deeper into her love hole and sucking and tonguing her clit. Within a minute she rewarded my efforts as her sweet juices exploded in my face and I heard a full out scream come from her.

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Now, I knew it was time. "My turn" I said. She got down to her knees and quickly unzipped my jeans and pulled down my pants. I smiled as I actually heard her gasp when she saw my manhood. It was my most prized possession, thick as a wrist and a full 18 inches when completely hard. She looked up to me with doubt in her eyes and I knew she was thinking she'd never be able to take all of me. She would see. She took my dick in her fist and moved it slowly and unsurely towards her mouth. I got impatient and thrusted. Unready for the attack, her throat took me deep down. I pushed deeper and deeper as I heard her gag until finally my balls slapped her chin. Assuredthat her mouth could take me, the nurse went after me hard and fast. She was amazing, tonguing me expertly as she took huge amounts of me deep in her throat. Just as I felt my balls tighten, I pulled out of her mouth, I wasn't going to be happy with just some blow job.
I picked her up off her knees and carried her to the exam table.

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   I laid her down with her firm beautiful ass hanging off the edge just a little to give me the best entry point possible. She looked up at me in the eyes and said, "I've never taken someone as big as you. Can you take it easy?" With a grin, I nodded. I had no intention of taking it easy. I teased her slit, rubbing my mushroom top along it, up and down, up and down. "Oh my god" she moaned in pleasure, " just shove it in. please I need it!" I smiled, knowing I could get away with anything, this girl really wanted it.
"You asked for it" I whispered in her ear and shoved hard up into her. A huge moan of pain and pleasure pushed past her lips. It was the greatest sound I had ever heard. I started a little bit slow, thrusting in and out, working my way deeper inside her. Before long I had picked up the pace and she was going out of her mind. She thrashed around moaning and screaming with the pain and pleasure of the biggest dick she had ever taken. I slammed harder and harder into her, trying to get my entire self into this tight girl. Just as I was really starting to enjoy the fuck, I bottomed out, my head hitting the cervix.

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   I looked down and saw a full 3 or 4 inches left to get in on the action. I saw her eyes snap open in pain and shock when I hit it. Seeing the desire in her eyes, I knew just waht to do.
I pulled out, saying "Fuck this, you ain't woman enough to take me. " I turned away, waiting for it.  
"Please, please, please dont stop. I'll do whatever you want. Please anything you want. "
"Ok bitch. You want this dick real bad dont you?" She nodded. "Ok then I want a decent fuck. Only way that happens is if I rip that open. "
"Oh" she moaned in anticipation, " just do it, dont stop. "
"Beg me. Beg me to rip you open and put a baby right in your womb"
"What? No! I'm on my period.

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   Wait" she said when she saw me start to pull my pants on. "Please just put your huge dick all the way through me. Put a baby inside of me. Please I need it. Oh god just dont make me wait any longer. "
Smiling I turned back arond, and roughly threw her back on the table. I pushed down hard on her to give myself easier access. Hard as I had ever, I thrust into her, this time it only took a few thrusts to get to that wall. I repeatedly slammed myself hard against it. Her eyes flung to the ceiling, feeling all the pain and pleasure I could provide. After a few thrusts, I felt her wall start to weaken, and by about the tenth thrust I slid right through, breaking her wall. This time she actually screamed at the top of her lungs. Able to get my entire self inside her, I started to truly enjoy this fuck with this beauty. She was starting to move past the pain of having her inners ripped to shreds too. Her legs wrapped around my back and she was moaning and continuously spraying my dick with fluids.

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   It was all too much. I felt my balls start to tighten and my cum started welling up. I knew it was coming and I let it happen. I shot my load deep deep inside of her. I came, shooting gallons of cum inside her, completely filling her up. She loved it, moaning her hardest of the time and squirting all over the place.
Spent, I slunk on top of her. Enjoying the moment, just resting on top of this naked beauty. Looking down, I saw my spunk just starting to leak out of her beautifully shaved pussy. We remained like this for a couple of minutes. Then she looked me in the eyes and gave me a passionate kiss, searching the insides of my mouth. She got up, put her scrub back on and walked over to the desk. She picked up a pen, grabbed my hand and put her name and number on it. She smiled at me, informed me the doctor would be in shortly, and then it was over. She walked out the door, the last part to leave: that beautiful ass that was so firm, and was driving me crazy.

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