Trick or Treat


Trick or Treat (Part One) Threesome MFF
©Shyblueeyes1968 2009  
Summary - Two 18 year old Goth girls, decide to go Trick or Treating after a Halloween Party and call upon their former history teacher, and fulfil there school girl fantasies. Story includes girl on girl and light lay in bed, reading, as always, before going to sleep. It was funny, but unless he read, even for a little while, he could never get off to sleep. Of course, he avoided anything too stimulating or heavy, just something interesting or, occasionally when the mood took him, the odd erotic story, although, he didn’t do that quite so much in his thirties. But hey you couldn’t beat a good wank to relieve stress and release the tension in your muscles. Mind, he’d prefer something better. He’d been single for far too long, getting on for five years now. Yes there’d been flings, but nothing permanent. It didn’t help that he was far too shy and awkward to make the flings a regular event. His frustrations were often made worse because of the very oblivious flirting and teasing from his older teen pupils at the school where he had taught for 5 years. This flirting and teasing, and his efforts to ignore it were accompanied by the taunts and rumours that he was in fact gay, mainly from the teen boys, but rarely from the girls. Not that he was bothered about that, what bothered him was the way, if he let himself, his mind would dwell on some of the sluttier of the girls in there short come ether skirts . Even in class, occasionally, he could feel the one eyed monster rousing itself. Fortunately, he had always managed to control this, and the one eyed monster had yet to cause him any undue embarrassment.
Mind, there were moments, especially two years ago, when two girls in particular had pushed the limits as far as he could go, but they had left at the end of that academic year, much to his relief. But he’d not forgotten them, even now; the thought of them was enough to make the beast rise up.

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   He resisted the temptation, and forced his mind back too book he was reading, which was one of a series, a fantasy, but one that didn’t take itself too seriously, and was quite funny in many places, this would be the 14th or 15th he’d read. He glanced at the clock again, hmmm 10:36, he’d allow himself to read until he couldn’t keep his eyes open, tomorrow was Saturday, so no school, no need to be bright eyes and bushy tailed.
There was a time when on Halloween’s night, he’d have been in a club, dressed as a vampire or something. Mind in his Goth days it would have been hard to tell the difference between normal everyday ware, and fancy dress. This thought made him smile to himself, as he thought about his pupils and their reaction if they knew about his Goth days. He still dressed in black and his house, which was Victorian, still retained a very strong gothic flavour, which is why he bought it. Mind he’d grown out off painting his room black. With a smile at the memory of his younger self, he returned to his book and let himself slide back into it.
Suddenly the door bell rang; David looked over at the clock, 11:10, “FUCK” he cursed! Who was that at this time of night, it was too late for trick or treaters, sod it, he wasn’t going down to answer it. The bell rang again, he ignored it, and again, he ignored it. However after the sixth or seventh time, he cursed, and threw back the covers and stood naked; stomping over to where his dressing gown lay, he picked it up and moving out of his bedroom he slung it on, pulling it around his body, he tugged and then knotted the belt. This had better be important, or he really would have some politically incorrect language to use when he opened that door too whoever they were. He turned the upper hall light on and stamped loudly down the stairs, as the bell range for the eighth time. As he neared the bottom of the stairs, and was close to the door, he could hear voices, and the sound of giggling, someone was telling someone else to stop giggling, hmmm female, which mellowed is temper, but only a bit.
As he passed, he turned both the hall light on and the outside porch light on.

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   He reached the door; he could see two vaguely female forms through the frosted and etched pane glass front door.
He opened the door and was greeted by duet of “Trick or Treat Mr Lake” follow by giggles, giggles that hinted at a little too much drink. Any thought of expressing his anger were swept away by the vision that greeted his eyes. Standing under the porch light, giggling and leaning against each other for support were two girls, one dressed in a sort of school uniform, the other, yes, the gown and pasteboard hat, as the classic school teacher. Both girls were oddly familiar, but for moment, couldn’t place them.
“Hello Mr Lake, we were passing and saw your light on” said one. “We’ve been too a party, and I need a pee” announced the other. “Well emmm I…. ” was all he could manage, as they both staggered forward. “Where’s your bathroom Mr Lake?”
That voice, he knew that voice, “It’s up the stairs, turn left, straight in front of you” he answered, still trying to catch up with the situation, he had two young women, correction two very sexy young women, clearly very tipsy, staggering towards his stairs.
Clinging to each another, they began to ascend the stairs, one step at a time, allowing David the time to examine them closely. One, he noticed, dressed as teacher, was clutching a bamboo cane in one hand, and was wearing a very long gown, black and shiny; all he could make out was some very high heeled boots. The other, oh my he thought, was in a very short skirt, pleated and flared. He could see that her hair was in pigtails. His eyes moved down, ooohh, fishnet stockings and white ankle sock (where had see them before?) these where finished off by, very high heeled, black shoes.

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   At the top of the stairs they swayed, “which way was it” they chorused together. For brief second David thought they were going to sway backwards and topple back down the stairs. “Left and straight ahead” he replied. “That’s it, left straight and ahead” and they disappeared from view, allowing David time to ponder; who were they…surely not; if they were, well he’d let them use the toilet, and see them out. However, his slowly hardening cock, clearly had other ideas, and he fought to suppress his rising desire.
He stood and waited, he could hear sounds of talking and giggling, images of what they might be doing flirted across his mind. “Stop it” he told himself, and moved on to ponder why women and girls, no matter when and where, took so long in the bath room. No!! Better not think about it that was moving in the same direction. Better get them out quick he decided firmly.
At last, he heard the sound of the toilet flushing and the door opening, followed by the sound of whispering and more giggles. Finally they came into view, but this time they were managing to walk unaided. His growing suspicion was correct; it was Julie and Jenny, the two girls that had caused him so much grief the before year last, not to mention countless sleepless nights and hours of fantasies. Between the pair of them they had almost driven him insane with lust and guilt. They walked slowly down the stairs, David eyes were drawn to Jenny, and in particular Jenny’s white blouse, which was tied in a knot, and unbuttoned, and several sizes too small, not to mention thin. She was clearly not wearing a bra, and her nipples, showed clearly through it.

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   David could feel his cock begin to stiffen again and is determination to soften. “Hmmm thank you Mr Lake, I was dying to go” said Jenny; forcing David to tear is eyes away from her nipples, dark and purple and very pointy. “That’s Ok, ummm would you like a taxi, I can call one, and you shouldn’t be out on the streets like this at this time of night” he told her. “Would you, thanks Mr Lake” replied Jenny, leaping from the last step and throwing herself at David and wrapping her arms around him. She smelt of perfume and some sort of drink, and his arms went around her automatically to support her. She kissed him on the cheek and pressed herself against him for a few seconds, pushing against his hard cock. “Yes, thank you Mr Lake” added Julie, now by Jenny’s side, and she too reached up to kiss David, her gown briefly falling open. This made David look twice; she was wearing some sort of black lacy Basques, and not much else that he could see. He looked up into her eyes and there was a smile and a very knowing look in her eyes.
He pulled himself away, “right hummm, a taxi, I’ll just ring you one, shouldn’t be too long” he walked though into the lounge, and both girls followed him. As he turned on the light, both girls exclaimed in wonder. “Wow Mr Lake, what a cool room, I always said you were a Goth, this is amazing” said Julie. “Well thanks, um I not as much as I was once, but still like the gothic look, emmm. . ” he was now blushing, realising that what he’d just said could be interpreted in a different light.

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   “Wow look at the dragons, there’s hundreds of them” shouted Jenny, and both girls rushed over to admire David’s collection of dragons. David followed, and said “just a moment, I’ll turn the display lights on”. He pushed gently past Jenny and bent down, just as he did, she shifted her position so that he had to brush past her legs, he could smell her perfume and something else…no, he put it from his mind. He turned on the light, and was rewarded by more gasps of wonder and praise. He straightened and watched the two girls admiring his collection of dragons.
“There’s so many, God where did you find them?” “Well, I’ve been collecting them since I was about 12, and people still buy them for me” he replied. “I bet you didn’t buy these when you were 12, Mr Lake” said Jenny indicated the group of more erotic dragons and maids, maids in various states of undress, and far from being maids is distress. Again David blushed. “Can I pick one up, please, pretty please, I’ll be ever so careful Mr Lake” pleaded Jenny? “Yes ok, but be careful they’re fragile” and almost straight away he regretted giving his permission, as he saw Jenny pick the most erotic of the them, one that his last girlfriend had bought him, and was now holding it up.
“Hmmmmm, I like this one” she said. The maid figure was naked with the dragon around her, but with its tail between her legs, clearly fucking her with its tip. Julie, who had remained silent to this point, said “hmmm that’s a bit naughty Mr Lake, did your mother buy that when you were 12. ” “No urrr that one was my last girlfriend, a few years ago…urrrr…anyway I ought to phone this taxi” he said, trying to avoid the gazes of both the girls were giving him; wanton was the word that sprang too mind. As he reached the phone Jenny pleaded “please, can we look at them a bit longer, we be good, promise”. He hesitated.

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   “No Jenny; she’s so impulsive sorry, but can I have a drink Mr Lake, and then we’ll be off” intervened Julie, who appeared to have become sober and serious all of a sudden. “Yes of course, urrr yes I just go get it, ummm what would like, a glass of water?”
“Whisky” jumped in Jenny. Julie, turned and slapped Jenny on the side of her leg “don’t be cheeky young lady, or I have to punish you again” and then turned to David “can I have a coffee Mr Lake, and Jenny will have some squash” now clearly slipping into role play. He retreated to the refuge of the kitchen, he allowed himself time to cool down, while he prepared the drinks. Right, get a grip of yourself, yes they’re both 18, or near enough, but they were his pupils two years ago. If this got out, things could become uncomfortable. He fixed himself a coffee too, and placed both steaming cups and the glass of squash on a tray, and then braced himself to return to the living room, and his guests.
When he entered the room, he saw that both girls were seated, Jenny on the sofa, and Julie in one of the arm chairs. David moved to the coffee table, and bent down and placed the tray on the table. He was directly opposite Jenny, and when he looked up, he could clearly see between her open knees. Christ, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, he could clearly see her pussy and a hairless pussy at that. This was way beyond anything his imagination had ever conjured up. He felt is cock rising, he tried shifting a little, but his dressing gown was far too thin to hide is now fully erect cock. Jenny giggled and asked “whats wrongs Mr Lake” looking very pointedly at his crouch, “you look uncomfortable. ” David tried to hide his embarrassment and erection by stooping back over the tray, “this is yours Julie, and there’s your squash Jenny.

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  ” Picking up his own coffee, he retreated towards the other arm chair. Behind him both Jenny and Julie said “Thank you Mr Lake. ” He sat down, “Its ok, you really don’t need to keep calling me Mr Lake, David is my first name. ”
“That’s very kind of you Mr Lake, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for a pupil to be so informal” replied Julie coolly. Julie’s gown had fallen open, and he could now see more clearly how she was dressed, if dressed was the right word. She was wearing a black satin corset, with lace trimmings and lace bra cups, although these barely contained her ample bosom. He couldn’t quite make it out, but he was sure that her nipples were almost peeking over the top. He could not make out her panties, but she was wearing black shear stockings and knee length black boots, with heels. One hand held her coffee, while the other still gripped the cane, David gaze stayed on the cane for a second. Then he noticed for the first time the satchel type hand bag. Girls always seemed to need to carry so many essentials. David became aware the Julie was talking again, but he had not heard a word she had said. He just caught the end. “Don’t you agree Mr Lake?” “Sorry, emm eeerrr, sorry eeerrrr could you repeat the question” he asked Julie. He heard Jenny giggle.

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   “I was saying, that rebellious young ladies like little Jenny here, have to be taken under a firm hand. ” She cracked the cane against her leg. “Well errr yes…ummm so you been to a party” he answered trying to change the subject.
“Oh yes, it’s so cool, down at the Colosseum, every body was dressed up” replied Jenny, playing the excited schoolgirl role. David looked at Jenny, her knees opened wider, spreading her thighs more, which draw the hem of her skirt back.
“Jenny, I’ve warned you about interrupting adults, once more and I will be forced to punish you” warned Julie and then she turned to David. “Yes we went to the Halloween Party at the Colosseum, it was ok, but far too many little boys, and not enough older men, like you Mr Lake, it’s a pity you weren’t there. ” “Well I use to go, but I’m getting a bit over the hill for dressing up as a vampire or Zombie…” “Your not old, your such a hunk” jumped in Jenny. “One more time young lady” said Julie crossly. Jenny sunk back into the sofa, a look of reproach on her face, her bottom lip curled up over top lip. “But she is right Mr Lake, you’re not old, you should be out enjoying yourself on a Friday night. ” “Noooo, I stopped going to places like the Colosseum, ohhh years ago, I not been there since before I met my last girlfriend. ” “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” asked both Jenny and Julie at the same time. “Well…ummm no, not for a while…” “Arrrhhhh poor Mr Lake, can I be your girlfriend, Mr Lake, pleasessss” asked Jenny excitedly. Jenny’s knees were now wide apart, her thighs spread open, her skirt around her waist, with her naked and bare pussy exposed, lips, slightly apart and glistening.

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   David’s mouth went dry; he could not pull his eyes away. Just then Julie interrupted “She is such a dirty tease, I think you should punish her” she suggested. “Well I…uuurrr…I can’t do that”, bringing himself back to reality and tearing his eyes away from Jenny. “Well if you won’t, I think I will” Julie stood up, flexing the cane she had in both her hands and then bringing it down and whacking it against her boot, “you’re a bad girl, Jenny, exposing yourself to Mr Lake, and teasing him like that. I’m going to have to punish you, it’s for you own good. Now assume the position. ”
To his utter amazement, Jenny stood, turned around so her back was to David and then bent forward, placing her hand on the sofa cushions, and causing her skirt to rise up and expose her naked arse and her cunt. Part of his mind was screaming at him that this should stop, yet this was a dream come true, and after all, they had left school, so they weren’t his pupils anymore, and they were 18, yet his doubt lingered.
“Tell Mr Lake what you are” commanded Julie. “I’m a schoolgurl whore…. ouuuuwww” Jenny cried out as Julie’s cane whisked down across her bare arse and striking her pale white flesh with a crack. “Yes you are, a dirty little schoolgurl whore, and what do dirty school gurls whore need?” “Mr Lake’s big cock, please Miss, I can’t help it, I need him so bad.
    ” “You wicked, wicked girl” and brought the cane down with a load crack, making Jenny squeal. Red strips were beginning to form on Jenny’s pale white skin of her arse cheeks. Again the cane cracked across Jenny’s arse cheeks, and again.


       “Ohhh Miss, please I’m sorry, I promise to not to tease Mr Lake anymore…ocuhhh. . ” “Naughty girls like you deserve to be punished, it’s for your own good, now stand up” ordered Julie. Jenny obeyed, and turned to face David, looking very sad, and downcast, yet, holding her skirt around her waist.
    “Now, I think you should beg Mr Lake for forgiveness, don’t you? Now, on your knees, slut!” Julie reinforced her command with another crack of the cane, causing Jenny to jump forward, before sinking to her knees. Jenny crawled towards David on hands and knees, shuffling forward, until she reached him. David was still too stunned by what was happening in is own living room to speak, his eyes fixed on Jenny’s, they gazes locked together. He felt her hand move up his bare leg and move under his dressing gown, between his knees. Her hand was cool; it snaked its way up his inner thigh and then touched his hard cock. He tensed, letting out a small groan, raising his body up, causing his dressing gown to fall open. “OOoooooohhhh Mr Lake, you’re sooo, sooo, hard and so sooooo biiiiigggg” cooed Jenny as she took a firm grip of his cock, her small had barely able to hold it. “Look Miss, look at how big and hard Mr Lake is. ” “Yes Jenny, he is pleased to see you, now show Mr Lake how sorry you are. ” With this comment, Jenny lent forward and kissed his bellend…he let out a low groan. Her tongue snaked out and licked it, sliding around it and then up and down, before opening her mouth and placing her lips on his cock head.


       She stretched her lips wide, and then enclosed his bell end. “Ohhhh god…” exclaimed David.
    Her tongue was sliding all over the end of his cock, sensitive, because it had been a least two or three weeks since he had wanked. Jenny was lowering her head down, inch by inch, and the she began to bob her head up and down his cock. A movement caught is his attention. Julie had slid out of her gown, and was getting something out of the satchel, and she turned so that he could not see what it was. Julie was strapping something on, he could not quite see, but when she turned around it was a strap-on dildo, quite a big strap-on dildo.
    Oh god, was she going to fuck Jenny? Oh yes he thought. She stood behind Jenny, and looked David in the eye, she thrust her hips back and forth in a very vulgar and suggestive way and then lowered herself down onto her knees. Jenny was still bobbing up and down on his cock, slowly; as if she knew that he wasn’t far off popping his load. She was alternating between fast and slow, building him up and then letting him come down from the edge a bit, she was clearly very adapt at this.
    Jenny made a load grunting noise and seemed to push forward. David looked up, Julie was now behind Jenny, her hands firmly gripping Jenny’s waist and was now sliding the rubber cock into Jenny’s pussy. Julie was pushing the rubber cock in one smooth thrust, until her hips were pressed against Jenny’s arse cheeks. Then she pulled back all the way and thrust hard forward, again, a slow withdrawal and then a hard quick thrust forward.

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       Each time Julie rammed into Jenny’s cunt, Jenny emitted a load muffled grunt, each thrust pushed her forward, and thus forcing the cock buried in her mouth to push deeper. Slowly Julie built the pace of her thrusts, still long and hard but faster and faster. Jenny’s sucking became more urgent, and David’s groans loader, he’d never experienced a blow job like this in his life, he was being eaten alive, as he came close to edge, his body tensed up, and his hands gripped the arms of the chair.
    Julie lent forward and gripped Jenny’s hair, “suck him fucking whore…. take it down you throat and swallow bitch” she pushed Jenny’s head down, forcing David’s cock all the way into her mouth and throat. David pushed up and forward, as his organism burst through is body, crying out loudly, almost on the verge of pain. At the same time, Julie was ramming the strap-on violently into Jenny, forcing her forward as well. Jenny was emitting load muffled noises from her cock filled mouth, yet she didn’t stop sucking, nor did she stop swallowing.
    David was groaning so loudly that it was almost a scream, even though there was no more to pump, his cock continued to pump, the mix of pain and pleasure was almost unbearable, part of him wanted it to stop, to pull away, yet part of him wanted to carry on, to force his cock deeper. Gradually the sensation subsided and David became aware of his surrounding again, an the load groans and grunts admitting from Jenny, who have giving up trying to suck David’s cock, had buried her head into the cushion between his knees, her arms stretch out, her hands firmly gripping the arms. Julie was pumping fast and hard into Jenny, the rubber cock slick with juice. Jenny groans became a long drawn out cry, her body began to shake. Julie continued to pump her. Jenny’s orgasm seemed to go on for ages, but slowly Julie began to slow down, and Jenny’s body began to relax. Julie withdraw the rubber cock that she had impaled Jenny with and stood up, and Jenny collapsed onto the floor, breathing deeply and whimpering with satisfied contentment.

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    With out a word Julie stood up and stepped over Jenny and stood in front of David, and question forming on her lips, which turned to surprise as he lowed himself on to his knees. David face was now level with the still very wet rubber cock, he could smell the strong scent of Jenny cunt juice. He bent forward and ran is tongue over the cock, tasting the wetness, his mouth emitting a low groan.
    “Ooohhh…Mr Lake you are naughty, I didn’t realise you were this kinky. ” David felt Jenny stir next to him, he opened his lips and slid his mouth down the think shaft, and Julie began to fuck the rubber cock back and forth between his lips. “So Mr Lake, do still want too call us a taxi?” asked Julie, looking down at David, his mouth and stretched wide. He shook his head, and tried to say no. “Ohhh you shouldn’t speak with your mouth full” exclaimed Jenny, “I get spanked for that. ”
    After a few minutes, Julie announced that it was now clean, and got of the arms of the chair. “So Mr Lake, I think you should show me and Jenny the rest of the house”. “Ok” he agreed, smiling, “where would like to go first?” “The bedroom” demanded Jenny now standing, jumping up and down, and making her small but very pert breast bounce up and down. “Yes, the bedroom” agreed Julie. “Ok, follow me” David got up and walked toward the living room door, Jenny Jumped along like an excited child, while Julie followed in a more grown up and teacher like manner. “So, when did you two plan this” “Whatever do you mean Mr Lake” answered Julie innocently. “What I mean is, a lot of thought has gone into this, hasn’t it”? “Hmmm, well yes” answered Julie, more shyly this time.

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       “We been fantasying about you for years Mr Lake…. we even tried to catch your attention at school” announced Jenny. They were now all walking slowly up the stairs. “Yes, I know, you both caused me quite a bit of stress, not to mention attracting some very awkward questions, you realise I came close to getting the sack. ” Both girls look surprised at that. “We’re sorry, we didn’t realise that…honest. ” “Its ok, I admit that I wanted to play…and its ok now, I think, anyway” as they got to the top of the landing he turned them both, “look, you mustn’t go around telling people about this ok. ” Again both girls answered “nooo we won’t” and then Julie added “most people don’t know that me and Jenny have been lovers for years, so we won’t tell…on one condition. ” “Ohhh and what’s that” he asked nervously fearing the worst. Julie reached out and gripped his semi hard cock “on conditions that we get plenty of this Mr Lake. ”
    End of Part One
    ©Shyblueeyes1968 2009 (UK Male 40)
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    In addition to my stories you can find a little bit about me and contact information.
    However, if you are under the age of 18, please do NOT contact me.
    I am often on Yahoo, Shyblueeyes1968@yahoo.

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