Timeless Love - Chapter I


My opportunity came, as one morning during the school holidays I was in the store picking up some supplies for my parents and Sabrina walked in alone. I naturally looked around for her mother but she was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t believe my luck. I looked outside and saw Sabrina’s bike. This is it I thought, this was my chance to break the ice and get talking to her. My heart pounded in my chest as I walked up to her. Sabrina was reading the back of a cereal box and didn’t see me coming. I stopped about two feet away pretending to look at some stuff on the shelf and then I turned towards her and spoke. "Hi there" I said. Sabrina turned, looked at me and smiled. "Hi" she replied looking back at the box in her hand as if she wasnt bothered about me. "So where is your Mom today?" I asked looking around the store. "She’s at home" Sabrina replied as she put the cereals back on the shelf and slowly moved away. "So you rode here by yourself then? That’s rather crazy isn’t it?" I asked her. "Not really, I come here often on my own. Its just that this is the first time you have seen me here alone.

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  " Sabrina replied as she walked around the store, looking at items on the shelves. I followed in her footsteps. "Well okay, anyway my name is Jason? What’s yours?" I asked. "Sabrina. " She replied looking at me with inquisitive eyes. "Sabrina" I repeated. "Cool name. ""You come here a lot too don’t you?" She asked. "Yes about as much as you actually" I joked with a smile feeling a bit nervous. Don’t blow it Jason I thought, keep your cool. Sabrina chuckled. It was the most beautiful site to see. Her face lit up and the grin exposed her perfect white teeth. I stood for a second admiring the pure beauty of this gorgeous babe that stood in front of me and my knees started to shake. We stood for a few moments in silence before I realised that we were saying nothing.

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   I broke the tension quickly before all was ruined. "So where bout’s do you live Sabrina?" I asked. "In the Village, down Jacaranda Avenue" She replied, "Where do you live?" "Next to the old railway station, do you know where that is?" I asked. "Sure, I ride down that road sometimes, is yours the big white house next to the bridge?" She asked. "Yes it is, why have you seen me there before?" I quizzed her. "No, but its such a pretty house, I would love to live in a house like yours. Ours is old falling apart. " She said with a sigh. "How would you like to come and visit me in my house and see inside sometime?" I said without thinking and instantly kicked myself. What are you saying you dummy I thought and braced myself for a sarcy response. Sabrina smiled and just looked at me for a few seconds as she considered my invitation. Finally she nodded. "Okay, but I can’t stay long because I have to get home for dinner by 6pm". She replied with renewed excitement in her voice. I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

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   She actually agreed to come to my house right now. My heart pounded. I couldn't have asked for more. I was one lucky dude. "Ummm well come on then, Lets ride. " I said with a shaky voice. My heart was racing. All the times that I had wished to be seen with this goddess of a girl and now she was coming home with me. I was in heaven. I jumped onto my bike and watched Sabrina as she saddled her bike with a lot less haste. She tied her carry bag on the handlebars and then she was ready to go. Sabrina looked at me and smiled, this time with a little glow in her cheeks and then looked up and rode off. I peddled after her and soon we were riding side by side through the country joking around and laughing as we wound our way towards my home. It was about 3 miles from the store on a disused country lane. It was the only house opposite the old station.

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   The station had been closed for years and no more trains passed this way anymore and no one really came up this way except for the occasional passer by taking the old route to the highway about 30 miles from us. It was about 3pm in the afternoon. My parents were away at work so no one was home. We would have the house to ourselves I thought. What luck!We arrived at my house after about 20 minutes and I parked up outside the back door and helped Sabrina with her bike. "Welcome to my home Sabrina" I said. My voice started to rattle a bit. I coughed to clear my throat and continued. "Come in, would you like something to drink?" I asked as we walked towards the back door. "Sure, thanks" She said looking around as if to get her bearings. Sabrina had passed this way a few times but never been on this side of the house. She could see the old station across the road as she walked towards the back door of Jason's house. "Cool, let me get it for you. " I said as we entered the kitchen. Sabrina followed me into the kitchen.

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   I grabbed a glass from the cupboard and walked over to the fridge. "What would you like to drink, we have Coke, Milk or Orange Juice?" I asked. Sabrina peered into the fridge and looked around inquisitively. "Your fridge is much bigger than ours, but we have more stuff inside" was all she said as she helped herself to the Coke bottle in the door shelf. She handed it to me and I filled the glass and handed it back to her. Sabrina placed the bottle back into the fridge closed the door and turned to face me, her eyes surveying the kitchen as she spoke. "Thank you" She said and walked slowly across the kitchen sipping noisily on the glass of Coke as she looked around. "Ahh come lets go sit down in the lounge and chat for a bit and then I will show you around if you like" I said. "Okay but don't forget, I mustn’t be late for dinner" she replied. We walked into the lounge and she sat down on my huge sofa. "Wow this is really comfy" She commented as she bounced up and down testing the cushions. The sofa had a cover draped over it in a satin blue. It was my parents pride and joy. It could fit four people on it. I sat down next to her nodding my head.

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   The two of us bounced up and down and laughed as we tested out the sofa. I stopped bouncing and concentrated on this beautiful girl that I now had sitting next to me. I plucked up some courage and started to speak to her. "Sabrina, I know that today is the first time that we’ve like actually spoken to each other, but I feel that I know you like a friend already and I really like you. I always have. " I said with a shaky voice. I was being so forward, I even shocked myself. Where did all this courage come from I thought. I gambled my thoughts and decided to lay down all my cards. "I was just wondering what you felt about me" I continued. My hands sweating as I played with them, rubbing them together nervously. Sabrina turned her head and looked at me briefly and then sipped her coke before answering. "I think you’re a sweet enough guy and you’re kinda cute" She said nodding her head. "Good. " I replied as I moved myself closer.

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   Sabrina didn’t move away or resist me. Our bodies were touching we were sitting that close together. She continued to sip her glass of Coke. She was wearing a pretty outfit that consisted of a short pair of shorts and a T-Shirt and her legs were close together at the knees. She had the nicest pair of legs I had ever seen they were nicely shaped and very sexy. Talk about eye candy I was in heaven. My hands wanted to touch her so bad but I was to scared and I didn’t want to frighten her off, She was like a puzzle waiting to be discovered but I had no clue which pieces to choose first. This was uncharted territory for me so I decided to approach it bit by bit using some teenage psychology. Question time I thought to myself. "Sabrina, do you have a boyfriend at the moment?" I asked her. "I had one a while ago but he moved away last year and I don't see him anymore. " She replied. This was a good answer I thought to myself. Now to see if she has ever kissed a guy before. "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question about your last boyfriend" I said.

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  "Okay, sure" She replied as she turned and looked at me. Her eyes focused on mine for a few seconds and then moved down my body as if she was checking me out. "Did he ever kiss you or make out with you or anything?" I asked. "Yeah we kissed once, but it wasn’t very nice" was her reply. This could be a downer or an upper depending how she was feeling about it right now. I decided to pursue it a little further. "Okay so why wasn’t it very nice if you don’t mind me asking?" I asked her"Well, he forced me to kiss him and his breath was really smelly. " She replied. "He sounds like a bit of a moron if you don't mind me saying" I commented, trying to get her to agree with me.
    "Yeah I suppose he was. But he was sweet in other ways I guess". Was her response. "If you like had another chance to do it properly with another guy would you?" I asked her. She sat there pondering the question, sipping her Coke. I though she wasn’t going to answer.

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      . the seconds rolled over and the room was silent. I couldn’t bare it and I was about to draw the conversation to a close when she said. "Well yeah, but it all depends on who the guy was". I thought very hard about my next comment. This could swing either way and I couldn’t gauge what was going through her mind right now. I decided to play it very cool and feel her out. "Well okay I don’t know" I said with a half laugh "What if it were someone like say, me for example?" I swallowed hard. I knew I could get out of that one if she started freaking out. She sat there quietly without answering, just staring across the room at the fireplace. I froze, my heart pounding. My God what have I said? I was half expecting her to bolt for the door when she opened her mouth and said in a soft voice. "Jason, are you asking me to kiss you?" She smiled. "Well only if you want to kiss me back, yeah I am" I said with a silly grin. "But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

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      " I added quickly in case she had something negative to say. "OK’ was all she said and took the last sip of her Coke. "OK?" I replied. "OK as in yes I can kiss you" I was shaking. I moved my hand across and took her empty glass away from her and put it on the side table. I turned towards her and took her hand and held it in mine. It was warm and soft to the touch. "I promise you Sabrina you will enjoy it. I’m a great kisser". I said. "Oh really?" Sabrina said and smiled as she looked down at the floor. Suddenly she looked up as if she had just remembered something. "Is there anyone else here Jason?" she asked nervously. I could see she was very shy and perhaps a little embarrassed at the whole situation. Her cheeks were glowing red from blushing.


       "No, it’s just you and me, my parents are at work, they wont be back for a couple of hours yet". I said as I rubbed her hand with my fingers and pulled her slowly towards me. I placed my hand under her chin and raised it until her eyes met mine. Her eyes were shut and her lips were tightly closed. I noticed a slight shaking in her body. I could see the fear starting to take hold of her as she became very nervous of the situation. "Hey, don’t be scared Sabrina, I'm not gonna harm you, I promise" I assured her as I pulled her face to within a few inches of mine. Our lips were just inches apart. I could smell the faint odor of Coke on her breath. "Relax, OK?" I said softy. She obeyed without hesitation. "That’s it" I said. I moved my hand around the back of her neck, caressing her soft warm skin. She shrugged her shoulders slightly at my touch and smiled. "That tickles" she said with a whisper still keeping her eyes shut.

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      I pulled her gently towards me until we made contact. Our lips touched and the passion between us was released. At first we stayed frozen like that for a few seconds, our mouths just touching. My mouth against hers, eyes closed. Then I felt her arms coming up and she put her hands on my shoulders and squeezed them gently. After about forty seconds I stopped the kiss and pulled away slowly and opened my eyes. It was the most incredible kiss ever. "Wow that was cool. " I said. Sabrina smiled and parted her ruby red lips and I moved back in before she could answer. As our lips met for the second time I opened my mouth and my tongue slipped into her mouth. She responded brilliantly, by touching my tongue with her own. We carried on like this for quite a few more seconds, exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues. I had heard the guys talk about French kissing and never realised how good it was. I moved my hands down around Sabrina's waist and pulled her closer and she responded by hugging into me, dropping her arms to embrace me.

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       Our mouths finally parted as we gasped for breath and she dropped her forehead against my chest. I kept my arms tight around her, caressing her with my hands. "How was that, did you enjoy it?" I asked softly. "It was nice, much better than before" she said speaking into my chest. "Do you want to do it again?" I asked nervously. Sabrina just nodded her head. END OF CHAPTER ONE.