The Visit


Topic: The VisitI was in a room with a large bed, sprawled out on top of the covers watching TV. I heard a tentative knock on the door. I opened the door and saw you. You looked cute in your pink tank-top and loose fitting faded jeans. You're hair was pulled back in a ponytail and any make up you might of been wearing was too subtle to see. I smiled, "I'm just watching TV, but you're welcome to join me," I invited, holding the door open to let you know you could enter. You walked through the door and kicked off your shoes while I lay back down on the bed. After your shoes were neatly tucked by the door you crawled up onto the bed, sat next to me, pulled my arm behind you and lay down so I was cupping you in my arm. We watched TV for a while. I was fully aware of your soft body cuddled up against mine. After a time I looked over at your face, you were focused on the TV, so I saw you in profile. I admired the line of your nose, and the sensual curve of you lips. I brushed a strand of loose hair behind your ear, and you turned to look at me. I lost myself in your eyes for a few minutes, and you smiled and turned back to the TV. We continued to watch TV for a while, then I felt you shift slightly, and, cupping my face with a hand, you kissed me lightly on the cheek. I turned my head turned to face yours.

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   Your lips parted and I watched as your eyes looked down to my mouth. I leaned toward you and our lips met. Tentatively at first, we kissed each other. Quickly our touching became impassioned. Your tongue played over my lips invitingly and soon my own came out to meet it. I shifted my weight on the bed and gently rolled on top of you, our lips still struggling fervently against each other. I softly pushed your chin to the side and my kisses slid along your jaw and onto your neck. Once there I tenderly nibble, hoping to shoot sparks of pleasure through you. After my lips had once again found yours, my hands started exploring the parts of your body I couldn't see. As one had held softly to the back of your neck, the other explored your cheek, and meandered down to your collarbone, along your side, down to your stomach and as far down your thigh as it could reach. As soon as my hands had finished their exploration, my lips started to roam as well. I kissed along your jaw, down your neck and onto your collarbone. Then I shifted my weight back and lifted the bottom of your tank-top, exposing your gorgeous, flat stomach. I littered your abs with soft kisses and, pushing your tank-top ahead of me, moved up. I caressed your ribs with my lips and eventually worked my way up to where you bra started to cup your perfect breasts.

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   At that point, I leaned back, resting my mouth, and, with a little help, removed your shirt. This revealed a playful bra that had a unique cut to it, and a cute colour scheme. I leaned to one side and brought my mouth down to yours while my hand softly brushed down from your neck, between the cups of your bra, down to the top of your jeans and back. I planted a heavy kiss on your mouth, our tongues meeting once again. I shifted again and starting tickling you just beneath your bra with my lips. I slowly worked down to your stomach. I started to caress the line of your stomach just above your jeans while my fingers delicately opened your fly. I pulled down your jeans and took a moment to admire the horizontally striped panties you had on beneath. I started kissing your legs, starting on your knees and slowly moving up toward your waist. Every time I reached your striped panties I would stop and go back to your knee. Once I had finished exploring your legs, I got back down beside you and started once again to meet your lips with mine. You pushed back on my shoulder then, making me fall on my back, and straddled my hips, still passionately kissing. Using your leverage from above me, you started your own exploration. To start, you nibbled on my earlobe. You moved down in the same fashion I did, slowly down to my stomach, and onto my legs.

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   However you lingered more at my lips then I did and spent less time exploring. As with my exploration, I remained slightly clothed, but was not left with much. When you finished wandering around my body, you impertinently jumped off of me and quickly took control of the TV, and found a naughty video to watch. I approached you for a kiss, but, with your eyes on the TV you leaned away. So, for the duration of the video, we kissed only with our hands. I sent mine in irregular patterns around your stomach, going up as far as your bra and down until I had a fingertip beneath your panties. I shuddered with pleasure as your hands crawled up to my neck and down to my underwear. As soon as the video ended we turned into each other and started kissing. My hands went to the perfectly sized cups of your bra, and massaged you, while your hands gripped tightly at my hair in barely suppressed longing. I reached behind you and fumbled with your bra, eventually loosing it. I removed it and immediately moved my head down to start kissing slow spirals around your already erect nipples. When I finally got to the centre of my spirals you moaned softly and leaned back in pleasure. Your fingers were still laced through my hair and you applied slight pressure, almost forcing me to linger awhile with my kisses. After a time my lips started meandering down your stomach. when I reach your panties I used a finger to pushed them down slightly and kiss lower and lower.

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   Closer and closer to the warmth of your clit. When my lips weren't able to go any further, I leaned back and tugged your panties down past your feet.
    You opened your legs, inviting my lips toward the treasure at their apex. I leaned forward and put my head down, your hands reaching down to catch my head and guide me into place. Just before my mouth reached your warm lips I turned slightly and kissed at the top of your thigh. I worked around your vagina, teasing you while your hands tried harder to get my mouth in the right spot. Finally I licked slowly between your lips. For a moment your hands relaxed on my head and another soft moan escaped you. I quickly sped up, entering you with my tongue and sucking softly. I kissed and licked your warm clit while I watched your body start to quiver with pleasure. Once your stomach had clenched a few times in climax I slowed down and lifted my head up. Panting, you watched as I brought my body up next to yours. I softly rubbed your crotch while you regained your breath. You shoved my shoulder again and I fell on my back. You kissed my face while your hand went down my chest and stomach and slipped beneath my underwear.

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       You stroked my already erect member. You moved your body down mine, and pulled my underwear off. Then you slowly ran your lips over my cock sending shivers down my body. I reached down and put my hand on your head, not to push or guide, but to feel the pleasure from the outside as well. You placed my throbbing prick into your mouth and started to suck gently, while your lips moved slowly up and down over my head. You picked up the tempo and made a ring with your finger and thumb at the base of my penis. You moved your hand in time with your head. It created two lines of pleasure running up and down my spine. My moaning told you I was enjoying the play of your mouth on my smooth manhood. The sound of my pleasure turned you on as well. When my moaning grew in intensity you reached over to the nearby night-stand for a condom. With a fiery passion in your eyes, you looked at me as you opened the condom and gently put it on my rock-hard cock. You straddled me again, this time you used your hand to guide me into you. I was already brought close to my own climax by your mouth, so when you started rubbing your butt up and down my stomach I started to feel myself pulsing with my climax. I grabbed your ass in exquisite pleasure and my stomach clenched again and again as my warm juice pumped into the condom.

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      I looked into your face and saw in your flushed cheeks and short breath that you too had been quick to reach the ultimate pleasure of our intimacy. .



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