The Visit - Chapter one


18 years old but soon to be 18 See Candice is my fiancées favorite nice and we had traveled for 5 hours just to be here for her 16th birthday. Being tired from the long drive I set my self down in the living room recliner while my fiancée and her sister and daughters ran off to the bedroom to do the things that women do when they are planning a birthday party. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up Candice was sitting across from me on the sofa. What surprised me most of all was the officers outfit she had on. “Did you join the police force? Looking up from her purse that she had been going through at the time she smiled. “Sorry I didn’t want to wake up, and no I didn’t join the police force. ” She said with a giggle. “Just explorers. It helps me get college credit. ”“Aren’t you a little young yet to be worried about college?”“Not if I want to get in a good one. ” She said as she stood up and shifted in her pants. “I hate these clothes though. ”“I think you look cute in it. ” I said with a grin. With a big smile Candice came up and hugged me. I slid my arm around her slim waist and pulled her close.

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   Now I’ll be honest I had always fantasized about Candice but had never acted on it. Not that I didn’t want to but with her being only 18 years old, jail didn’t really appeal to me. However at the same time holding her this close I began to wonder if it might be worth the risk. Holding her close I breathed in her sweet scent. Without thinking about it my hands gently slid along her small back caressing her. Either she didn’t notice what I was doing or she enjoyed it, because as my hands slide up and down her back it seemed like a slight sigh escaped her lips. Suddenly she seemed to remember where she was because she backed away from me and was looking everywhere else but at me. As I watched her I realized she must have enjoyed it because her face seemed slightly flushed. “Where’s my Mom and Aunt Sandy?” She asked looking down. “Their in the bedroom doing their typical stuff. No doubt planning my ultimate demise. ” I joked. It must have released some of the tension because she started laughing. As she did she this she smiled at me again and left to the bedroom. As she walked out I found my eyes roaming down the small curve of her hips to her soft round ass.

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   Images of my hands roaming across her bare ass filled my mind. Now I defiantly wanted to take the risk. The only question is would Candice be willing to play along. She seemed like she wanted to but if I was wrong I would be in big trouble. Patience I told myself if it was going to happen I would have to wait till the time presented it self. The rest of the day went without incident accept for the fact that I would catch myself staring at Candice’s sexy lean body and on several occasions it looked like she was watching me too, but every time her gaze would meet my eyes she would blush and look away. At long last the day was finally over but when it was time to go to bed my fiancée told me she wouldn’t be sleeping with me. “You have to understand its my sisters house and she doesn’t want us sleeping in the same bed if we are not married. ”Holding her tightly I pulled her close. “Please sweetie, I need you. ” With all the thoughts of Candice going through my head I need a release badly. “No, you can go one night without it!” She laughed at me as she pushed me away from her. Well so much for sleeping with my fiancée and think about Candice. Looks like I was to be spending the night on the couch. Alone.

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   That night I was unable to sleep. The only thought in my mind was that sexy innocent teen body just down the hall. Although I wanted her badly I knew I could loose everything. So doing the honorable thing I stayed on the couch and eventually fell asleep with a rock hard cock as my only company. Early in the morning I woke and it was still dark outside. I was dead tired but nature was calling and I knew I had to get up and go to the bathroom to answer her call. As I made my way down the hallway I was surprised to find the bathroom light on. In the bathroom was Candice looking at herself in the mirror, combing her hair and wearing the light blue sundress that she and her mother had hand made during the previous day. She was obviously looking at her dress checking to see if it was perfect. The hem of the dress was at mid thigh, which had me wanting to see more. She was the picture of innocence and at the moment there for my eyes only. “Don’t you think it’s a little early to be admiring yourself?”Startled she jumped and turned toward me. Realizing it was me she let out a sigh of relief and smiled back at me. “I know it’s silly but I couldn’t sleep and I wanted to check it again to see if it was perfect. ” Then she held up her arms up and looked at me in that expression every man gets from a woman that says “Well?”Taking a chance I lifted my hand, pointed my finger down and twirled it, indicating I wanted her to turn around in a circle so I could see her in the dress from every angle.

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   To my amazement with a smile Candice started to turn around and model her new dress for me. It was in that moment that I realized that I had given Candice and order and she had obeyed it willingly. I knew then that I had to have her no matter what the risk. As she continued her turn I made my way closer to her and by the time she was facing me I was only a arm length away. Looking her up and down I admired the beauty of the dress on her small but perfect frame. I could find no flaw. “It’s perfect. ” I smiled back at her. She smiled back at me then turned back to the mirror again not even noticing my closeness. As she did this I entered the bathroom and stepped behind her. Gently I leaned forward and started to kiss the nape of her neck from behind. For a brief second Candice froze and looked at me in the mirror as I continued to kiss her neck. Our eyes meet and she seemed to relax and to my surprise slightly leaned her head back against me to give me more access to her neck. Knowing that she was giving her self up to the heat of the moment and to me, I slowly wrapped my around her waist with one hand while I closed the door to the bathroom with the other hand. Pressing her back against me I could feel her soft teen age ass pressing against my rock hard cock.

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   Now both of my hands were roaming across her young tender body as I gently caressed and fondled her soft breast through the thin material of her dress. “Hmmmmmmm” Candice moaned as I slowly turned her around and pressed my lips to hers softly. My hands were sliding down her back down to her soft ass as I felt her hands wrap around me and slide up my back trying to press me closer to her. Our bodies and hands were shaking as I gently slipped my tongue between her soft lips and was welcomed in as her own tongue danced with mine. After several minutes I moved my mouth away from hers and started kissing her cheek as she closed her eyes and moaned in enjoyment. Working my way back to her neck I started gently biting and chewing on her ear.
    I could hear her starting to moan louder and louder as I worked my mouth on her neck and ear. As my hands pulled her shaking form closer to me I leaned close to her ear and whispered. “I want you. ”Leaning back I looked in to her eyes and waited for her response. It had to come from her. I knew if it didn’t there was no way we could go any further. With a slightly glassy look in her eyes she nodded slowly then reached up and putting her hands on my face pulled me towards her as she pressed her lips against mine, her tongue sliding in to my mouth. Knowing now she was defiantly wanting this as much as I did I started kissing her back harder now as my hands slide down along her back I reached under and lifted her up by her soft ass and set her down on the bathroom sink. She then started moaning again as I started kissing her neck and sliding my mouth down past her dress and was now kissing and licking the inside of her calf as my hands slide up her thighs under dress.

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       I looked up to see Candice with her eyes closed as she gripping the sides of the sink. Sliding my hands all the way up her thighs I reached up and slid her pink cotton panties down past her thighs and down off her slender legs. Sliding her dress up I spread her legs and started to gently lick and kiss up the inside of her thighs slowly working my way to her soft pussy that was just starting to form a small mound of pubic hair that was soft and fine. Her hands went naturally to my head as I started to gently slide my tongue up along the edges of her soft pussy lips. Her moans began to grow louder as I slid my tongue inside. Her taste was exquisite. The smell like honey as her young pussy began to get wetter and wetter. Slowly I started to move my tongue in circles while probing deeper causing Candice to rock her hips against my mouth. Her body reacted with a jolt as I then slid my tongue all the way up to her soft clit and started to suck it in my wanting mouth. Taking it between my teeth gently I ran my tongue across it. Candice was starting to buck wildly now as I thrust my tongue back deep inside her tight teen pussy. Her breathing becoming faster and faster. “Oh God, Oh God” She cried out as she moved closer to her climax. My hands slide under her tight ass pulling her moist pussy closer to my mouth as my tongue thrust in deeper in to her pussy my hand sliding up to gently rub her small clit. I could sense she was about to cum in my mouth and there was nothing more the I wanted at the moment.

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       Sliding my tongue back up to her tiny clit I licked and sucked it as I slid my finger slowly in to her tight pussy making her small tender teen age body rock against me faster and faster. Her hands now gripped my hair as she thrust her pelvis against me with all she was worth. “Ahhhhhh Yesssssssssssssssssss Goddddddddddddd” She cried between clenched teeth as her whole body shuddered in orgasm. My mouth flooded with her sweet juices as she hit her release which I drank down like a man dying of thirst. I continued to lick and work her tender pussy tell she could finally take no more and pulled me up to her to slide her tongue deep into my mouth. I puller her close and wrapped my arms around her as she leaned her mouth close to my ear and Whispered in a soft voice. “Ok, now it’s your turn. ”To be continued. .