The teacher gets taught a lesson by three young students - part 2


. . . . .   Layla shook her head and said, "Oh dear.   Look what you've done.   You'll pay for that, darling. . . "  He tried to run but his trousers were still around his ankles and he fell heavily, winded.   Before he could get up they were upon him, the three girls grabbing his arms and legs and hauling him up onto the desk.   Aisha found a length of tubing used for experiments and quickly tied his arms.   Before he knew it he was strapped down, helpless.   He struggled but Aisha knew what she was doing and he couldn't get free.   Layla stood over him, glorying in her power.

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   "So who's in charge now, lover?  Want to set me some homework?"  She picked up a scalpel and came closer.   He shied away, terrified and stuttered something incomprehensible, but she merely proceeded to cut away what was left of his clothes until he lay there completely naked, his now flaccid penis lolling on his thigh.
The three girls looked on greedily, Tasnin still flushed from her recent orgasms and wanting more.   "What shall we do to him?  he came all over your clothes, lets fuck with him!"  She panted excitedly.   Aisha, encouraged, scratched viciously down his chest with her long nails, leaving bloody trails.   He gasped at the pain, but inexplicably his cock jerked and started to stiffen again.   Aisha crowed in delight and grabbed it, pulling hard.   Then Layla was on him too, grabbing his balls and squeezing.   He cried out, agony flooding his body.
The girls backed away, looking guilty.   "He deserves it, look at my skirt!"  Layla brushed ineffectually at the stains, then with a quick gesture stripped the skirt off.   She was wearing a white thong, tight around her pussy and showing her perfect, small, round buttocks.   She looked at her friends, laughed, then tore off her top as well.   The other two girls giggled in excitement and did the same until all three were in their underwear.   Aisha sauntered over to Layla and reached behind her to undo her bra and drop it on the floor.

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    Then she said, "Lets see it all, shall we?" And pulled her knickers down.   Layla's pussy was beautiful, nearly naked, just a tuft of blonde hair above the long deep slit of her vagina.   At the sight of it the teacher groaned again, and his abused penis swelled, despite the throbbing still in his balls.   Layla and Aisha looked at each other, then Layla reached down and stripped Aisha of her panties, rubbing her fingers over the dark, pink pussy revealed.   Tasnin gasped and said, "What are you doing?  Lesbos!"  She marched over to the man and kissed him hard, as if trying to prove her heterosexuality.   Layla pushed Aisha away.
"Hold on, bitch!  He's mine!"  She strode over and kissed him hard, forcing her tongue into his mouth and grabbing his penis, squeezing.   ignoring his groans, she clambered up on top of him, straddling his body.   "Look girls!  Still think I'm a lesbo?"  With that she impaled her small, wet pussy on his erect cock.   He arched his back with the sensation, finally getting what he had craved but not as he had imagined.   She was incredibly tight, her pussy squeezing around his cock and she squealed as she slid down the slippery pole.
      Then she was all the way down, their pubic hair mingling, face to face, both panting with the sensations coursing through their bodies.   She began to push up and down, making both of them grunt and gasp.   He reached his head forward and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking furiously.   She pushed her tit against him, moaning with pleasure.

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        Then orgasm shot through her and she tensed her muscles, the extra pressure caused him to shoot his load, deep in her pussy.



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