The Summer camp i thought i was going to hate


Summer camp was great this year for certain reasons one I lost my virginity and got a blow job just for sneaking into the girls cabin. Well this is how it started. I was going to USC universal strength camp. I was going because I wanted to make the football team this year and to do that I needed to get tough. So my dad enrolled me in the camp.

Day 1

I woke up on the stiff bunks after a horrible hot night I thought a camp in Canada would be nice and cool ah guess not. I got up and got dressed and ran to the gym were they are having the assemble. I quickly plop down in the first seat I find and stay there when all of a sudden this muscle man you think you‘d see on the cover of a sports magazine walks onto the stage and approaches the microphone “OK I am your camp instructor” said Mr. Ronch “These are the rules be in your cabins by ten o’clock stay away from the girls cabin and don’t steal food from the cafeteria ” Well those sounded like basic rules you might expect a kids campI thought.

So the rest of the day was tiring and stress full except for those hot cheerleaders.

Pretty much we would run laps around the field and then we would carry a partner on our shoulder to the other side and then they would carry you back. And every time I passed the cheerleaders I gave them a wink and they would go giggle in private. That night I got back to the cabin and turned my ipod on and walked past all of the guys and I over heard them talking about sneaking into the girls cabin. I started listening on there conversation turning the volume down on my ipod. “under the……. .

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  and then…. . and turn…. . and run past……” I could barley here them but I knew they were planning something. So that night I was going to sneak around until I find the entrance to the girls cabin.

Well it’s a good thing I packed an all black outfit or my plan would’t work. So I ran across the football field the volley ball field and the tennis field I finally got to the girls cabin. The door was shut and one or two lights were on so I decided to go take a peak. I opened the door and walked down the hall till I approached a door with a light on on the other side. I opened it a smidge and got the best view of a bunch of girls in panties and bras and they were having a pillow fight.
    One of the girls bras even popped lose and I got a nice view of some smoking hot tits. When all of a sudden a girl through a pillow at the door and it slammed on my nose and I yelled “ouch!!”. then all the girls stopped giggling and opened the door and pulled me in there room. “what are you doing here?” one of the girls said.

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       Unfortunately I couldn’t think of an answer so I just didn’t sat anything till one of the girls said “oh you want sex right”. Then all the girls took there bras off and I saw all of there tits. My dick immediately shot up and a bulge appeared. “thought so” the girl said “ stand she said I did as I was tolled. When she approached me and pulled my pants off and started licking the top of my cock I thought I was going to cum right there. Then she pulled her hole mouth over my cock and she started bobbing her head up and down while licking the head. I thought I was going to blow and she knew it to so she removed my cock from her mouth and took here panties off. I grabbed her hair spun her around put her on the bed in doggie style and started fucking her pussy so hard she didn‘t expect it and she let out a cry. Then She was moaning like crazy and I thought this was the best experience on earth. I was going to cum and I yelled it “I am……Going…. . To…. . CUM”. she immediately pulled me out of here turned around and I sprayed here right in the face and down here tits.

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