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This year started out very bad for me and it ended up getting worst before it got better. My wife of 18 years was diagnosed with cancer in spring and by October she passed away, leaving me and my daughter Shelly. My relationship with Shelly was and has always been great. In fact Shell use to come to me all the time with her questions and problems when she needed to. She even came to me with her questions about sex and the changes that were happening to her body when she started puberty instead of going to her mother. I always answered her questions very honestly and factually as possible. I never tried to lie or bullshit her as some parents do. I bought a book about sex that gave very factual information without being dry or boring and made it available to her at any time. Shell was also a bit of an exhibitionist and at the age of ten started to run around the house naked. The reason for this is because my wife hated nudity. She would not let me watch any movies that might have any naked girls in it and she herself would not let me see her fully naked. I was allow to see the occasionally bare backside or she would flash her tits every once in a while, but she was never fully naked in my presence. So Shell would run round the house naked or flash her mother in order to get a rise out of her. Never the modest person myself I had no problems with what Shell was doing and would get a chuckle out of it myself. In order to let her get it out of her system and to somewhat appease her mother I set down some guidelines for Shell to follow if she wanted to run around naked. So for three years she did this.

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  Every night at six o’clock Shell would climb into the shower and then when she was done she would run around for two hours before getting dressed. This was referred to as “naked time”. Finally at age thirteen my wife pulled Shell aside and told her that her nudity was beginning to make me feel uncomfortable. Shell told her mother that I had no problem with her being naked and to just get over it. My wife told Shell that I would not say anything as I feel that Shell expressing her feelings and her freedom are more important then my feeling a little discomfort by watching a little thirteen year old girl running around naked. So the “nudie” show phase of her life ended. But even with this change Shell and I were still every close. About that same time Shell started telling me the sexual exploits of all of her friends. As time went on I was told who was doing what with whom, in very graphic detail. I was told when one of her friends would lose the virginity and with whom and every detail possible. Like the time her friend Tina lost her virginity to her boyfriend in the cemetery that was located very close to our house with her best friend Becky watching. Shell even told me what she herself had been doing as far as sex went. Shell had “played” a little bit with some of her boyfriends but still even at age sixteen had not “gone all the way”.

The only situation that should be noted is back when Shell was about thirteen she had some friends living in the same apartment complex as us, Tina and Suzy. Shell and Suzy were the best of friends.

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  They both liked to draw and would create stories around each others drawings, exchange clothes, all those things that teenage girls liked to do with each other. One weekend Suzy asked Shell to spend the night and from what I understand Tina was not invited. So on Monday a rumor started going around that Shell and Suzy were lesbians. Personally I thought it was very funny since it was Tina that was spreading the rumor and she herself went both ways. Any way I asked Shell about it and she told me that it was not true but it she were to “jump the fence” it would be for Suzy. We also had the talk about having sex with members of the same gender. I informed her that most people, both men and woman, at one point in there young life’s “experimented” by having sex with members of the same gender and that it was alright with me if she wanted to do so. My mistake, if you will, was to end this conversation with a smart ass comment. That comment was, “Should you ever have sex with any of your girl friends make sure I get pictures. ”This became a running joke in the house and even my wife told me that if she were to have sex with her best friend that I would get pictures. Not that that would ever happen. Unfortunately Suzy moved away about a year and a half ago because her mother could not get a job in our area.

It was a brisk day in October; Shell and I had finished with dinner and we were cleaning up the kitchen. When we were done I headed for my computer to do some work. I looked to Shell and asked “What are your plans for this evening?”

Her reply back was she was headed to her room to do some homework.

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  I told her to let me know if she needed any help.

“Ok no problem”, she replied as she started to turn away. Then at the last moment she turned back around to face me. “Oh dad almost forgot give this to you. ”And in her hand was a flash drive.

“What is this?” I asked

“You know the slumber party that I attended over at Tina’s last Friday?”

“Yea”, I responded.

“Well those are the pictures. ”Shelly saw the confused look on my face. “You know how you always told me that I was to have sex with other girl that you wanted pictures?”

“Yes”, I answered back, “but you knew that I was joking right?”

“Doesn’t matter. ” she replied, “I told Tina and Becky that if they wanted me to play with them then pictures needed to be taken and given over to you. ”

“What?? And they had no problem with that?”

“Are you kidding? The only problem was them keeping their clothes on long enough till I got out my camera. ” Shell giggled.

Taking the flash drive from her I inserted it into the USB port of the computer figuring that this was nothing more then one of Shells jokes. I figured that I would pictures of sleep wear, or anime pictures, or since Shell was quite the artist I thought I would find drawing of her and her friends. That was not the case.

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  On the flash drive there were over hundred photos. Still not believing that these photos were of Shell and her naked friend and having sex I opened up the first picture. The picture was of Tina. It had been taken in Tina’s living room, her back was to the camera and her head was turned back so she was looking into the camera. She was slightly bent over thrusting her ass out at the camera. She was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, but her jeans and panties had been pulled down to her knees exposing her bare ass. I just sat there staring, not knowing what to say or do.

“Dad doesn’t Tina have a nice ass?” Shelly asked innocently “I think it is a little big, but I like it” she added. I looked up at Shelly and she was just standing there with a big smile on her face. “Go on dad, check out the next one. ”I very hesitantly clicked on the next picture. The next picture was also of Tina. In this one she had turned around and was facing the camera. Her hips were cocked to one side and her arms were folded across her chest in one those famous “gangster” poses. The only difference was her pants were still around her knees giving me good look at her pussy.

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Tina is the youngest of the three girls at fourteen. She is also the shortest coming in at about five foot even. She has dirty blond hair and has the cutest “bubble butt” you have ever seen. Her breasts are a solid C cup and what I could not believe by looking at her picture is that she has very little pubic hair. No I know what your thinking but she does not shave. You can see the dark hair on and around her pussy. It is just very sparse.

The next picture was of Becky, like the first picture of Tina, it was of her ass. The difference here was that Becky’s pants were all the down to her ankles and she was spreading her ass checks showing off her both her pussy from the back and her anus.
The next picture was as predicted, the front view of Becky. In this one she was sitting on the floor up against the couch using it as support. She had removed one leg from her pants and panties in order to spread her legs as wide as she could and she was spreading her pussy lips showing off her clit and the wonderful pink inside.

Becky was the tallest of the three girls at age fifteen, and being the fattest of the three as well. Maybe fat is not the best word to use but she is plump. But I have to admit that once the girl got her clothes off she looked pretty good, it seems that Becky is one of those girls who looks better naked then with her clothes on.

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  She had the smallest boobs of the three being a large A cup and looking at her exposed pussy I could see that she shaved. She was not shaved clean as she had left a ring of hair outlining her pussy lips. Also by looking at these pictures confirmed is something Shell told me a while ago about both girls. Becky was the instigator of the group. Where Tina was submissive and you could talk her in to doing almost anything it was Becky who was the one who did all the talking and the one with the ideas. She was the one who would push the borders. The pictures that I was looking at were a very good example of that. Where Tina had pulled down her pants to show me her ass and pussy, it was Becky who was not only showing me her ass and pussy but was also spreading her ass and pussy lips apart to show me even more.

Now came the moment of truth, picture number five, the picture that if the pattern was being followed would be my daughter showing me her bare butt. I hesitated for a bit, the cursor hovering over the file. When I heard Shelly whisper, “Go ahead, I know you want to. And dad, I want you to. Please. ”With that one statement sent me on the road of no return. I opened file and looked at a beautiful sight.

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  I was in fact Shell showing me her bare backside. The pose was different the then the other two girls. Shelly back was to the camera; her pants were down around her knees, and with her hands on her hips. Her shirt and bra were off and instead of looking at the camera her face was turned in profile. The one thing I could tell was she was wearing one more thing in addition to her pants and panties and that was a smile. I stared at Shell’s ass for a bit before clicking to the next picture. Like the others before her, Shell was facing the camera; she had an arm in front of her D size boobs and was wearing a huge smile. The thing that was different about Shell was when I look down at her pussy it was shaved clean. The last time I had seen Shell naked was three years ago and based on what I saw then I was under the impression that she was going to be hairy just like her mother. I looked up a Shell with a questioning look and pointed to her pussy in the picture not really able to say anything. “Oh that. ” She giggled, “Becky helped me shave the night before in preparation for the slumber party. I wanted it to look like it did when I was younger and running around naked during naked time. ”

I turned back around and faced the computer, my daughter’s picture on its screen and started going though the other pictures. The next group of fifteen or so pictures was single pictures of each of the girls naked.

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  They were all in different, in some cases the pictures very tasteful and others they were very raunchy, there was close up pictures of certain body parts as well as there being pictures of each of the girls masturbating. Then I started seeing pictures of two girls together. Again it started out somewhat mild, just two of them posing together and it got wilder from there. I saw pictures of the girls kissing a feeling each other up. I saw breasts being licked and sucked on or being rubbed together. I saw pictures of my daughter and her friends fingering each other and eating each other out. I saw Becky licking Tina’s asshole. And then in a couple of pictures later Shell doing the same thing to Becky, the difference here was the next photo there was a close up of her tongue up Becky’s ass. By the time I got to the last picture I was spent long having cum in my pants. I felt like I was teenager again looking at my first Playboy, guilty for looking at something that was “forbidden” but really turned on at the same time.

Finally I got to the last file and it was unlike the others as it was not a photo, but a video file. I looked up at Shell. “Saved the best for last dad. ” she stated with a grin. The best I thought, how could it get any better then what I had seen already?Like a man possessed I opened the file and let it play.

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  The video was about ten minutes in long, when it started up there was nothing but black. Finally at about the 5 second mark I was rewarded with a picture and sound. Even after looking at about hundred pictures of my daughter and her fiends having sex what I saw still surprised me.

Shell had started recording after Tina and Becky had started playing with each other. Tina was lying on the floor naked and Becky was between her legs licking the young girl’s pussy. Tina was gasping for breath as her orgasm was approaching.

Shell zoomed in on Tina’s face. The young girl’s face was coved in sweat and girl cum. She was gasping for breath as if she had been running a marathon. She was saying almost sounded like a mantra “Fuck, oh fuck. ” was being repeated over and over.

“You like that don’t you?” demanded Shell

“Yea…yes” came the gasped reply.

“Yes you like that. Why do you like it?You like it because you’re a fucking slut, aren’t you?” Shelly demanded.

“Fuck yes I am a slut” was the reply

“Whose slut are you?”

“Your slut” was the answer back.

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“Dam fucking right you’re my slut” Shell answered

Shelly then started panning the camera down Tina’s body. When she got to Tina’s boobs you could see that the young girl was playing with her left breast, if playing was the right word. Mauling was probably a more accurate description of what was going on; with the squeezing of the breast and the pulling of the nipple. Shell reached out and fondled the right breast and she was a lot more tender then what Tina was doing to herself. After pinching Tina’s nipple the camera resumed panning down the young girl’s body.

The camera stopped at Tina’s pussy with Becky licking it for all it was worth. She had parted the girl’s lips with her fingers and was using her thumb to rub the clit. Becky was using her tongue to fuck Tina’s pussy. While watching Shell’s hand made another appearance and started stoking Tina’s pussy before burying her finger all the way in the girl and then pulled it out bringing it to her mouth. “MMM” she said.

“Becky, how does she taste?” Shell asked, “How does my little slut taste?”

“Great” was the answer back.

“Tell my dad how good my little slut tastes?” Shell demanded.

“Mr. Miller Tina’s pussy tastes great, you really need to try it your self. ” Becky said while looking up at the camera with a big grin on her face and Tina’s juices running down her chin.


  The camera continued panning down Becky’s body while Becky attention went back to Tina’s pussy. Again Shell stopped long enough to fondle Becky’s small tits and finger her pussy. Using the wetness from Becky’s pussy Shell then slid her finger in Becky’s ass and started to fuck her with it. Becky let out a yelp of surprise and turned to look at Shelly. “Don’t look at me like that” said Shell, “You did it to me first, besides you like it. ”So with Shell’s finger still fucking her ass Becky turned back her attention to Tina.

After a few minutes of this Shell slapped Becky on her ass and told her to take the camera as it was her turn. Shell then straddled Tina’s face, just as Shell’s pussy came into range Tina’s tongue came out and started working her magic on Shelly. Just as Shell was placing her face between Tina’s legs to complete the sixty-nine position, Shell looked up to the camera and said, “Record what Tina’s doing; I want my dad to see what a good pussy licker my little slut is. ”Becky chuckled as she moved to comply with Shell’s instructions. Shell’s ass and pussy then came into view; Tina was licking and tongue fucking Shell with zeal. You could tell that Tina was really enjoying herself. And from that I could hear Shell was too, in fact even though Shell had only been 69’ing Tina for only a few seconds it sounded like both girls were ready to cum. Not that they were the only ones. With a scream and a moan both girls exploded in orgasm.

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  Tina’s face was drenched with Shell’s juices as she tried and catches every drop with her mouth and tongue.

Shell rolled off Tina and looked at Becky, “you get it all?” she asked while taking Tina’s top and started cleaning herself off. “Yes” was Becky’s answer. “Your turn then”, stated Shell.

Shell then told Becky to hand the camera to Tina and then ordered Becky to the foot of the couch. Becky then assumed the same pose as she did in the second picture that I saw at the beginning of the night; with legs spread wide Becky started to play with herself. After a few minutes Shell moved into the picture and reached under the couch and produced and small, pink vibrator that was about six inches in length and started working Becky’s pussy. She started sliding the length of the vibrator up and down the young girls slit. Her free hand move up and started working Becky’s clit. It did not take long for Becky to start moaning, her hands squeezing and fondling her boobs. All the while Shell was asking if what she was doing felt good, if she wanted more. Shell then placed the tip of the vibrator at the entrance of the girl’s pussy and asked the question that really shocked the hell out of me. “Want my dad to fuck you? Want my dad’s nice big cock in your nice, hot, tight pussy?” she demanded.

“Yes” was the response back, “yes I want you dad to fuck me. ” And with that statement said Shell plunged the vibrator into Becky’s pussy and started to fuck her with it.

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  In and out it went with Shell’s other hand was working Becky’s clit. Soon Shell’s tongue replaced the finger on the clit and Becky’s gasped for air. Very soon Becky grabbed Shell’s head and tried to push it as far into her crotch as possible while at the same time was pushing her hips into Shell’s face. Becky starts flooding Shell’s mouth with her cum, that sweet honey and Shell lapped it up. When Becky was finished with her orgasm she looked around and found another piece of Tina’s clothing, this time Tina’s panties and preceded to wipe Becky’s juices off her face and then tossed it to Becky so she could clean herself off.

After Shell tossed her friend the panties she turned to the camera and with a grin and a quick fondle of one of her breasts said “Love you daddy. ” And then blew me a kiss and then the video when dark. Not knowing what to say or do I just sat there. With shaking hands I removed the flash drive from the computer and started to hand it to Shelly. She looked at me with a tinkle in her eyes and told me to keep it; it was mine to look at anytime I wanted. She placed her hands on my shoulder and whispered in my ears. “Did you like it?Oh, I guess you did. ” While reaching down and started to rub the tent that had grown in my pants. She quickly straightens up and reached down and took something out of her front pants pocket. Holding it up when so I could get a good look at it, I could see it was a small, pink vibrator.

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   The same one that I had just seen her plunging in and out of her best friend.

“Well” she said with a smile, “There is something I really need to take care of before I get started on my homework. And I assume that you do to. ”, looking at my crotch. “Have a good night daddy, I love you. ”Shell turned and started heading to her room. At the last moment, just before entering her bedroom she stopped, looked at me and said, “Oh by the way, I invited Tina and Becky to spend the night next Friday night, I didn’t think you would mind. ”And with a laugh disappeared into her room for the remainder of the night.


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