The Life Changing Night


This is my first story. My English and grammar skills a non-existent so you are warned. This is a true story names where changed of course. But this is what actually happened to me about 5 years ago when I was 20. I hope you enjoy it! I know I still get off on it.

“Bring over the Braveheart DVD I saw yesterday” I told her over the phone.

“Fine it's not like we're going to watch it anyways. ” she responded.

“Yeah, but It's a long movie which gives us a lot of time. If you don't want to bring it just grab a different movie. I don't care which one just not another chick flick. ” I told her.

“But I already had one picked out! Fine I'll put it back and grab a stupid action movie. ” she said dissatisfied.

“I know you did that's why I mentioned it. Anyways head on over when your done.

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  ” I said.

I tidied up my room, grabbed the hair brush from the bathroom and placed it on my night stand which was kinda pointless seeing as no one was home to notice Jessica's sex head. About that time I got a text from her saying that she was outside. Why she can't ring the door bell or simply walk in is beyond me it's not like there was anyone else here. My parents took my sister down south to the casino so I knew they wouldn't be home until at least midnight giving us a nice ten hours by ourselves. I ran upstairs and opened the door.

“You can just walk in we have the house to ourselves today. ” I told her

“Yeah, yeah it's just habit sorry jeez. ” she said while giving me a quick kiss on the lips as she walked past me.

She immediately headed down stairs to my room which didn't surprise me as we tend to always fuck when she comes over. I followed her down stairs. Damn her ass is great, nice round perfect size just right for my hands to cup them perfectly.

A little background on her. Her name is Jessica she was 18 a sophomore in high school. She has the tightest body of any 18 year old you have ever seen.

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   Tits where 36B a great size for a 18 year old and fit right into my hand they had no sagging and where quite firm. Her stomach was flat no fat what so ever with a nice curve leading to her hips where her hips expanded to accompany her perfectly sized round ass. Her face was that of an innocent school girl with brown hair with highlights which went down to her shoulders. All this goodness was placed on to a 5'6'' frame, her head came up to my chest.

Me? I'm just an average 20 year old guy. Pretty average in all aspects my dick is 8 and a half inches with a 4 inch diameter. I guess that is a fairly nice sized dick. It's probably a monster to a 18 year old, lets just say that. Probably why she always screams uncontrollably when I fuck her.

“What movie did you bring?” I asked her as I entered the room.

“You'll just have to wait and see. ” she said with a innocent smile.

“Fine I'm going to go grab my cranberry juice. Get it started. ” I said as I kissed her and headed out the door.

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I grabbed the 6 pack of cranberry juice I had bought earlier. We both love cranberry and vodka especially mixed with the 6 pack, for the simple reason that they are portable and no one thinks that they have vodka in it. I headed back down to my room and immediately grabbed the vodka from my dresser and mixed two bottles of the beverage. I tend to make hers strong half juice and half vodka, mine are only a quarter vodka. I laid down next to her and handed Jessica her drink and noticed what was playing.

“What the fuck is this shit! I said no chick flicks Legally Blonde is a chick flick!” I complained.

“Wow your quick! Did you ever think maybe I don't want you to watch a movie?” Jessica said as she rolled on top of me she making sure that one of her hands ran across my dick which was growing insanely fast and gave me a long french kiss. Instinctively one of my hands went to cup one of her ass cheeks the other at the back of her head. She broke off the kiss and lifted her head.

“Why do you always grab my ass?” she asked.

“Because I love asses and you have the best ass I've ever seen. ” I said grabbing my vodka and juice and downing it all. She did the same thing. I thought she would just have a sip or two, but she gulped it all down.

“Damn Jessica! That was half vodka like four shots.

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  ” I said surprisingly.

“I was thirsty is that a problem?” she said as she got up.

“Where do you think your going?” I asked

“I'm going to put Braveheart in. Isn't that what you wanted to watch? I just wanted to get a reaction from you. ” she said as she reached for the DVD player.

I quickly got up and grab her pushing her to the wall. Again one hand went straight for her ass the other on her waist.

“Hey wha. . ” was all she could say before I started making out with her. Her hands now exploring my back and the back of my head. I slid the hand that was on her ass under her pants.

“Hmmm. . .

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   Wheres your underwear?” I asked as she didn't have any on.

“Figured they would just be taken off anyways so why bother. ” she said.

We paused for a second to catch our breath. She grabbed my hand that was on her waist and rubbed it against her pussy then proceeded to slid it under her pants. Damn she was already wet as I began to finger her pussy and play with her clit. We continued to make out like this for about ten minutes. I stopped fingering her every so often, because I like to see her hump my hand and tell me not to stop. I finally pulled both my hands from her pants and broke our kissing.

“Your a bad girl you know that right?” I told her.

“Your the one who started it! Don't pretend you didn't like it!” she yelled.

I just smiled and pushed her on the bed and got in between her legs and started kissing her again. This time I kissed all over her neck and on the top of her tits, would have kissed all over her tits but she still had her bra on. Every so often I would brush my lips against hers, but didn't kiss her. I knew this was a major turn on for her.

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   After a few minutes I felt her hips moving up and down. I moved my kissing down further past her tits on to her perfectly flat stomach continuing down to the top of her pants. I sat up a little bit and began to take her pants off. She let me with out a seconds notice lifting up her ass so it would be easier to get off. I threw the pants on the floor.

“You shaved for me! Didn't sound like you where going to shave your pussy for me. ” I said surprised.

“Why do you think it took me 30 minutes to get here? I only live like five minutes away. ” she said as she started undoing my pants.

I stood up and she pulled my pants and boxers down. She just stopped there her lips basically touching my dick. I moved forward to see what she would do as I thought, she backed away. She never liked giving blow jobs so I didn't expect her to give me one anyways, but had to try. I pushed her down on the bed again and proceeded to eat her pussy out. Placing her clit in my mouth and slightly biting down on it so it wouldn't escape as I ravaged it with my tongue.

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   This drives her crazy, but I wanted more so I started fingering her. I continued this torment for a good fifteen minutes. I counted two orgasms I gave her during this time, needless to say she was soaked.

I abruptly stopped my assault and moved my body up until the head of my dick was next to her pussy.

“Hey don't think about it! You don't have a condom on. ” she said through her heavy breathing.

“I'm not going to fuck you. I ran out of condoms. ” I responded

“What?! What do you mean your out of condoms?” she complained

“Ahh we used them all remember we only bought a 4 pack. ” I said.

By this time I had a hold of my dick and moving it up and down her slit.

“Great your a fucking tease. You know that! Go buy some condoms. ” she said seeming a little mad.

“How am I a tease? What? Is what I'm doing teasing you?” I said laughing

“You know it is dammit.

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  ” she yelled

“No this would be teasing if I did this. ” I corrected her

I then pushed just the head of dick into her pussy and just kept it there not moving at all.

“You fucking asshole! Yes that is fucking teasing. You do know I could get pregnant just by you doing this right. ” she said

“Your right I should stop. ” I said as I retreated my dick from her pussy.

“But. . . I want you to fuck me. Can't you go up and get some condoms?” she asked me

“Nah, I'm having a lot of fun just doing this!” I said pushing the head of my dick back into her pussy.

This time she started to raise her hips to get me deeper inside. I smiled and raised with her so that no more of my dick went inside.

“What are you doing Jessica? We can't have sex we have no condom. ” I told her.

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“You have no idea how bad I want your dick inside me right now. ” she admitted.

“You do?” I asked

Not waiting for an answer I slowing inserted all my dick inside of her. I watched as she closed her eyes and her mouth opened to let out a long sigh. I stayed there for about 18 seconds again not moving and retreated my dick once again from her pussy.

“Oh My God! You better start fucking me right now!” she demanded as she tried to move her hips to get me back in.

“But we have no condom and your not on the pill. ” I reminded her

“I don't care! Fuck me right now!” she yelled at me.

“Fine” I said

I pushed my dick inside her again this time I didn't wait I started pounding her.

“God it feels so much better without a condom!” she admitted

“Yeah it does, this feels great! Your so fucking wet!” I said

I continued to fuck her missionary style for the next five minutes.

“Get on top of me. ” I commanded her.

She did without hesitation. She started grinding on my dick. I love to watch my dick disappear inside her and her pussy lips spread apart to accommodate my dick.

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   After a few minutes of grinding I reached on her back and pushed her down on my chest. I then grabbed both her ass cheeks spread them apart and pulled her ass towards me. This raised her pussy a few inches and just rammed into her fast and as hard as a jack hammer. This was a favorite position it felt amazing! I also loved how it made her instantly bury her face into the pillow next to us. To muffle her screams.

“God fuck. Fuck me fuck me. ” she screamed

“I am!” I told her

It was a good thing that no one was home cause she was screaming and moaning so loud I was sure our neighbors would hear her. I ravaged her this way for another ten minutes until I pushed her back onto her back and started fucking her missionary style again. Her hands where stretched out gripping the sides of the bed she was biting her bottom lip trying to muffle the moans and screams coming from her, but didn't really do much muffling.

I slowed down my trusts.

“Baby I'm about to cum. ” I told her

She lifted her head up and placed her hand around my back.

“Cum inside of me. ” she whispered in the sexiest voice I've ever heard.



“Are you sure?” I asked surprised

“Yes, I want to share this with you. ” she said still in her sexy voice.

I kissed her full on the lips. It wasn't a lustful or aggressive kiss, but a long passionate meaningful kiss. We held this kiss while I was still humping her steadily increasing my speed. At the same time she had wrapped her legs around my back to prevent my escape.

“Argh I'm cumming!” I shouted

I thrust-ed as hard and as far into her as I could with each shoot. I most have unloaded what seemed like a half a cup of cum inside her. As I looked down still slowly humping her. I could see my dick was covered with cum as I exited and re-entered her pussy. After a few minutes of slow humping and me draining everything I had into her I pulled my dick out of her.

“Fuck I can't believe you just came inside of me. You ass!” she said

“You told me to!” I said trying to defend myself

“Yeah I know, I wanted you to, but I didn't expect you to actually cum inside of me!” she told me

“Well it's to late now cause you have a ton of cum in your pussy. ” I said

I watched her pussy as she lay there. There was a stream of cum from her pussy hole to the bed sheets the outside of her pussy was covered in cum also from me continuing to hump her after cumming.

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“You might want to take a shower. You have cum all over your pussy. ” I said laughing

“Yeah you think!” she yelled

I kissed her and got up and started Braveheart again then quickly retreated backto the bed. We cuddled for a few minutes before I noticed she had feel asleep. I pulled her close to me and went to sleep.

I woke a few hours later and noticed it was past 10:00 PM.

“Shit! Jessica wake up it's after 10!” I yelled at her

“What?! Fuck my parents are going to kill me!” she said in a scared voice

She quickly got dressed took my hair brush and ran to the bathroom to get rid of her sex head.

“Hey mom I'm so sorry we feel asleep. No I'm on my way home right now I'll be there in like 18 minutes. I'm really sorry. ” I overheard her talking to her mom

I walked in to the bathroom as she was hanging up the phone and kissed the back of her neck.

“Well my mom doesn't really seem made, but my step dad is pissed!” she told me

“Well that's normal for him I guess that man is always pissed off at something. He is a complete ass. ” I told her

“Yeah, I know you don't like him. At least you don't have to live with him.

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  ” she responded

“True. Jessica today was great that was the best sex I've ever had. ” I admitted to her

“Yeah, same here. Let's just hope I don't get pregnant” she said as she opened the door and headed to her car to go home.

Needless to say two months later and two missed periods later. She called me up.

“I'm pregnant! I just took the test. . What the fuck do we do I'm only 16. . . ” she said crying into the phone.

Other stories to follow let me know what you think about this one.