The Innocent Girl Next Door Ch. 1


Right around before lunch she came prancing up to my families door and I answered it politely “Hey there Jen, Hows your summen been going?” “Well enough, basically sitting round the house while the foalks are off at work. ” she replied sheepishly. I offered for her to join me for lunch and she agreed, so i raced down on my bike to the dehli and picked up some sandwiches for us both. She seemed extreamly bored today so after lunch I suggested she stick round here and do what ever she liked. She loved to watch a chanel only we got because of the satalite dish, so she readily agreed. As you could probably guess he was stoked! He would baby sit her and stuff but thats manditory, this time she was actually hanging out round him cause she wanted to. Well he, being the horemone driven prick he was, told her He was off in the computer room. Thinking she was emersed in her program, he went to a nice porn sight and pulled out his 7” piece of meat and got to it. As he reached climax he thought he migt as well get to the toilet so he didn’t make a mess, but as he got up and slinked silently to the bathroom he stopped dead as he reached for the door nob.

“Mmmmm… ahhh ” as he stod there half naked ready to enter the bathroom he heard, unmistakenly, the sounds of sloping and sqishing accopenied by soft moans of pleasure and longing. These were undoubtedly coming from the mouth of the girl next door. He nearly blew his load on the door right then and there. He retreated fast enogh to the other bathroom to save himslef from the down pour of spunkon the floor. After cleaning himself up quickly he rushed back to the bathroom door where soft moans could still be heard. He was amazed to hear these moans comming from such and innocent mouth. He dismissed himself to get something to drink.

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   He was at a loss for ideas, he had no idea what to do, but that was answere das she skipped down the hall and said“Thank you for lunch! Can we hang out agin tomarrow? My days are always so boreing. ” “Of course you can!” He replied, as she suddenly gave me a hug and quick peck on the cheek, he guess for providing lunch, but he’d like to think it was because of something else… All he knew was that he couldn’t wait for tomarrow. Hope It was a good first try! ch. 2 will be coming your way soon!.