The Dream


Paul and Jill walked down the dark street, passing from dark to light and dark again as they passed under, then beyond, overhanging street lamps.   Hand in hand, they laughed together as they walked.   Jill, the boy could tell, clearly liked him.  Suddenly the couple was surrounded by four men, their faces covered by dark sky masks, only their mouths visible.   Brandishing knives, two of the men seized the girl, loudly admonishing her not to scream.   The others pulled Paul to the street light and tied him securely with thick rope to the pole.  Jill's captors lifted her and carried the trembling girl under the light next to the bound boy.   The four surrounded her and looked up and down her body.   She wore the outfit she had worn in the library that day -- the snug blue sweater and black straight skirt.   Paul could see his girl shuddering, terror in her eyes as she stood, circled by the dark figures that menaced her.  From behind her, one of the assailants stepped forward and grabbed her arms.   Another moved in front of her and, with brutal force, tore the sweater from her.   The figure behind the girl reached around and cupped her brassiere- covered breasts.   By now, all the men smiled lewdly.  "Let's have a look at some titties," a third said mockingly.   The girl cringed as he stepped to her and ripped the shredded sweater from her and threw it to the ground, then grasped the straps of her frilly white bra and tore it free.

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    Her breasts, round and firm, their dark nipples standing out, drew all the men's gazes to them.   The four laughed lasciviously.  They took turns fondling her naked breasts: one cupping and squeezing, another lightly caressing and touching, the third nuzzling them against his face, the last sucking and licking at her erect nipples.   Paul watched as the men pleasured themselves, then looked at the girl's face. She stared back at him, expressionless.  The men stepped back and ogled her.   She stood, arms at her sides, gazing at Paul.  One of the men moved to Paul and, grinning evily, loosened the boy's belt, then pulled down Paul's pants and undershorts.   The boy could feel his erection growing against the cool night air.   Jill stared at his increasing sex.   He thought she smiled just slightly.   The man left Paul and returned to the others, who stood looking at him, laughing loudly and pointing at his groin, mockingly.  Now they lifted the girl, two holding her arms, two her feet.   One man pulled off her shoes and threw them into the darkness.   They laid her on the ground, her head at Paul's feet.

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    Jill stared up at Paul's hardness.  While two mouthed her breasts -- had Paul heard her moan softly? -- the others began massaging and caressing her nyloned legs.   Paul's eyes darted back and forth across her assaulted body, his mind struggling to take in the plethora of stimuli that rushed at his senses.   He swallowed vigorously as the men's hands moved excrutiatingly slowly up and up over her legs, the men remarking on the smooth feel of her nylons and the firmness of her legs.  Paul knew they appreciated his Jill.   He smiled down at the girl, who gazed up at him through half-closed eyes.  The two at her breasts sucked noisily at her.   The two at her legs reached the bottom of her skirt.  Lifting her, the men farthest from Paul roughly pushed Jill's skirt to the top of her thighs.   Paul stared at the white straps of her garter belt, then watched the crawl of the men's hands as they finally reached the tops of her nylons, then onto the beautiful white flesh above.  Jill's legs jerked slightly, involuntarily the boy knew, as the four hands stroked her inner thighs just below the bunching of the raised skirt.  He again looked down at his Jill's face.   Her eyes were tightly closed now, her mouth pursed in -- he knew -- pleasure.   The two men nearest Paul slurped forcefully and loudly, obscenely at her breasts.  The others grinned at Paul, he smiled in return, and lifted Jill's bottom from the pavement.

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    Quickly they unzipped and removed her skirt, one of them tossing it into the night.  Paul gazed at her beauty, his heart a hammer within him, at her slight belly, her filmy yellow panties.   The two reached together and rubbed her through the wispy fabric.   He, and Jill, he noted gratified, shuddered and sighed almost as one.  He watched the hands moving, almost tenderly over her sex.  Abruptly, the four stood up and gazed down at Jill.   Her eyes were closed, her face aglow.  "Hey guys, "the biggest man said gruffly, "Let's check out the ass. "  Swiftly the men rolled the girl onto her stomach.   She did not resist.   The four stood, admiring the twin halves of her beautifully rounded bottom, as she lay quietly in only the tiny yellow panties.  Then one man moved to her and grasped the tops of her panties.   All four smiled as Jill lifted her lower body from the pavement so that the man could draw her panties down over her curved backside, then down her legs, and off her body  The man laughed sadistically and stuffed the trophy into his pocket.  Jill lay face down as the five gazed at her naked bottom.  Suddenly the four men knelt, two stroking the smooth backs of her calves, the others kneading and caressing her round buttocks.

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    Paul gasped as, within moments, many hands met at the fold of flesh where her thighs and buttocks came together.   Fingers dipped into the place at her backside where her legs ended, and Jill moaned softly.   Hearing her, the men laughed heartily, and Paul sighed contentedly.  Jill shuddered lightly once again. Then they turned her over. Jill and Paul, eyes locked lovingly together, smiled at one another.  The men, two on each side of her now, alternately caressed her inner thighs and rubbed her tuft of dark golden pubic hair.   After several moments of this attention -- Paul closely watched the hands moving on her -- Jill writhed in passion, her face glowing, her twinkling eyes fastened on her Paul.  Several fingers entered her, and Jill sighed loudly, her bottom lifting her now-soaked place toward the probing fingers.  The men stood and took off their pants.   They wore no underwear, and their erections were massive -- easily, Paul could see, dwarfing his hard sex.   Paul followed Jill's fascinated gaze as she looked, longingly he was certain, from one phallus to the next.   Paul's eyes met hers.   She could not have been more ready, more aroused.   She smiled happily at her Paul.

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   The first moved over her, and Jill spread her legs wide . Paul watched, entranced, as the man slowly forced his hardness into the girl.   At last, he was fully in her, and the man began to move, Jill quickly undulating to his rhythm.  The other assailants waited, ready, behind the joined couple.   Paul watched, thoroughly fascinated, as the man's bottom rose and fell, his sex nearly withdrawing, then plunging back into the gasping girl.   Paul groaned in nearly unbearable delight at the scene before him.   Somehow, he knew --though he did not know how -- he had caused this to happen, he had allowed it. and that fact augmented his already immense pleasure.  Jill gazed up at her Paul, her face sensual and shining, and smiled.  "I love you, Paul," she said softly.   He knew now that she did; he had given her his greatest gift, and she had given hers to him.  "I love you, Jill. "  They both knew their words were true.  The fourth man knelt at her head, his giant sex touching her cheek lightly.   She turned her face and, lifting her head just off the pavement, took the man's stone-like sex between her sensuous lips and into her mouth.

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    Paul shuddered again with indescribable pleasure.  His girl was as beautiful to him as she could possibly be.   Paul, sweating and trembling, awoke abruptly.   A dream, he realized, it was such a vivid dream.  And he reached to grasp his erect penis, working to recall the dream's many details.   It had been so real.   Now the dream became his imagining for that night --as it was to be for a number to come.  Soon, satisfied, the boy fell asleep. .