The Day With 3 People In The Gym Closet


It was morning and I had just woke up I went to go eat my breakfast I sat down ate my
breakfast while I watched TV and then I left for the bus it stared off as a pretty normal
day I went to my locker then went to home room the first three periods were normal then
in gym we had coed and a girl who last year said she never wanted to talk to me again
came up to me and said I hope our differences don't get in the way of our friendship she was
a very hot girl probley the 2nd hotest in our school average boobs, big ass, fit, sexy legs,
B-E-utiful feet as she left she ran two fingers down my shirt and grabbed my crotch i couldn't
belive it i had a 18 inch cock and kept thinking it wouldn't fit in her, but the day came
and went as I was going to bed today I thought was she wait ing for me to make a move. The
next day in gym again the unusual coincidence was we had coed again the gym teacher said to
go get the basketballs I went into the supply closet got the bag of balls brought them out
and went to go get some more well the girl that was turning me on yesterday was Marrissa
and she pushed me into the closet and she noticed I had a bonner she pulled my shirt off
and started sucking and biting on my nipple she started to get really horny so I took her
shirt off and suck on her neck then I took her bra off and was sucking on her nipples and
she started moaning and I knew she was wet and I took her gym shorts off she was wearing
a thong and I pulled in off I started to lick her butt hole and she started to suck me off
I came all over her feet and she licked it off, I didn't know if I would fit in her but that
would have to hold as the hottest guy in our school Mike who was going out with Marrissa at
the time walked in and started yelling at her I started making out with him because I knew
he was bi and he loved it I just had to give him a blow job because like him i was bi too.
This guy was so hot he didn't have a six pack but he was athletic so he was fit and I just
had a feeling he had a long cock, but I didn't know how long it was I pulled Mike's gym
shorts down and he surprisingly had a bigger cock than me it was about a foot long and I took it
into my mouth and I loved having his cock in my mouth, but Marrissa was feeling lonely she
started kissing Mike to make up for what she did but her pants were still down and he
noticed so he said let me eat you out but that was my job so I stepped in and started sucking
on Mikes nipples which was his only weakness and I said let me get you girl and you can get
me anytime you want and he instinctively said no which I knew was gonna happen and the I took
him back in my mouth and he came right there I loved his cum because he worked out so it was
all sticky and gooey and just so perfect and he said go ahead because I gave him the best
blow job of his like and at this time Marrissa was fingering her self and she said that she
wasn't a virgin so she said we didn't have to worry, Mike was her first but Marrissa wasn't
Mikes first Jordan (girl) was his first she was the hotest girl in our school she has the
biggest boobs ever seen at this age. She also had a big ass and she was athletic. Anyway
I put my tongue on her clit and was flicking it really fast and she was moaning so loud
Me and Mike didn't know what to do so he put his dick in her mouth she swallowed every
inch of cum he gave to her at this point I was worried that the class bell would ring
then I remembered it was lunch and I had every thing I needed to eat right here and then
I said I'm going in she couldn't talk because she still had Mikes dick in her mouth and
she started moaning so loud that you could still hear through Mikes dick and Mick started
making out with her and I wasn't done yet I said to Mike lets go DP he said good stuff and
he went into her ass and she started to scream in enjoyment we both came in her and she
just loved it I said to Mike I wanna lick your feet he said Ive never had anybody do that
before and I said let me get your feet he said go ahead and I started to lick them and they
were as soft as a baby's bottom as I was sucking his big toe like giving him a blow job he
said that he goes and gets a pedicure every week and then Marrissa said get some of my feet
too and the best thing was she had absolutely the most B-Eutiful feet I had every seen and
she had high arches too so it was the best of both worlds and she gave me a foot job I came
all over her feet and mike said let me try this and he licked my cum off Marrissa's feet he
instantly loved it and he started to stick his feet in Marrissa's pussy she was moaning louder
then when we DP-ed her. I started to put my cock in her mouth she loved my cock better than
Mike's because she could fit the whole thing in her mouth and she wanted to lick Mikes feet
with all her juices on it and he started to moan in the sexiest moan ever. By then we were
all getting ready for E period and we had the time of our lives. Mike gave me his # and so
did Marrissa so we could do this again.

comment for the age and grade I was in.



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