The Coach And I- Part 1


Hi, I'm Hannah and I'm 18 years old. I'm on the cheerleading squad at school and I'm head cheerleader. We recently got a new coach and it's a man! We were unsure whether he'd be up to it at first but he's really good and everyone is looking forward to the competitions this year.
He's been working up all really hard but our team is looking good. But there's one lesson he taught me that I will never forget - ever !

It was Friday and we were doing our practices as usual. We'd been learning a new routine - it looks awesome! There's a particular part where I do some very complex flips across the front and I was finding it a little tricky to get the hang of. I'd been trying it all practice but I just couldn't get it. Before we knew it, practice was over. Coach Bennett (that's his name) told me to wait behind for a second while the others headed off for the showers.
" I see you're having trouble with that move" he said
"Yeah" I said out of breath "But I'll get it"
"Well I was thinking, why don't you stay behind tonight for a bit of extra practice, it'll be a big help"
I was a bit unsure of practicing alone with Coach Bennett because I knew he would make me work 18 times as hard.

But I needed the practice.
"Ok, sure I can stay for an hour or so"

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly and before I knew it, the end of the day bell was ringing. I said goodbye to my friends and headed off to the gym. Coach Bennett was already there when I arrived. He smiled warmly,
" Ready to practice?" I nodded enthusiastically and dropped my bag and jacket and prepared myself.
I tried a couple of times but just couldn't do it.

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   On the 5th attempt I almost got it. Coach Bennett got up from the bench and came over.
"Well I can see where you're having trouble, your just a little too stiff on the entrance to the move, try and relax"
I took a deep breath and tried again, almost there.
Coach Bennett cam over again and tried to explain it more clearly. Again, he told me to relax.

He stood behind me and put his hands on my hips.
"Just relax your hips" He was twirling my hips round.
"Keep them nice and loose" He stepped closer behind me, I could feel him pushing against me.
"Yeah, that's it" he said.
I stepped away from him. "Ahem, okay. I think, I think I got it"
I tried the move again and it was almost perfect. When I looked over I noticed that Coach Bennett was looked at me in a strange way.
"Just one more thing, try tucking your ass in a little more on the exit" Then he stood up and walk round behind me and slapped my ass.
"Yeah that tight, firm little ass of yours"
"Coach Bennett!" I said shocked.

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   "I'm here to practice!"
He stepped back away from me.
"Your right, I'm sorry. Please, forget what I just said"

I practiced the move a couple more times, I think I got it.
"Is that right coach?" I asked.
"What? Oh yes, that's great" He seemed very distracted.
I smiled. Our team was going to do great at those competitions.
"Those new uniforms look great don't they?" he said, looking me up and down, examining my skimpy cheerleading outfit. He'd never looked at me like that before, but I kind of liked it.
"They're very tight" he said walking over to me.
"But what if they're too tight" he said. He started to run his hand around my waist and upwards, almost touching my breasts.
"They could be restricting your movement, and we wouldn't want that" He pulled up the bottom of it and stroked my ass. His hands were big and strong and they felt nice caressing my ass cheeks.
"Why don't you take it off? It might help you"
"But coach.

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  . . "
"But what? You want to do well in these competitions don't you?"
I said nothing, well he was right. Slowly I pulled off the little uniform and dropped it on the floor.
"Mmmm. . . yes" he murmured. "Look at those little panties, someones a dirty little high school slut"
He slowly put his hand down between my legs.
"Oh look, they're all wet too" He stroked my neck and kissed me gently. He then moved his hands down onto my breasts. He undid my bra and pulled it away, revealing my hard little nipples. He squeezed my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I gave out a little moan, it felt so nice. I'd never thought about Coach Bennett in a sexual way before, but right now I was loving it.

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  . .