The Carnival Part 2


…Tara is standing in the door open with a camera & 5 girls, I try to depict who they were, but the sun is shining to bright so I give up. I look and I see to the side of them is my nig Willie, with a frightened look on his face. Brittany breaks the silence with a kinda of cynical laugh. I had missed her moving over toward Tara. She was laughing at the tape that Tara had recorded. We look at her and everyone laughs. I then there was cum dripping out of Brittany’s pussy. She then says “Good Job that’s really good!”
She then turns to us and say “Gentlemen, especially you”, pointing at me, “you have just been bamboozled, we have a challenge for you, you 2 are going to fuck all 7 of us lovely ladies. ” I and Willie go “HUH!!!”She said “Yes, you going to fuck all 7 of us or this video the Tara has recorded will be shown to my fiancé who will get all his boys to, in lack of better words, pretty much-,“ Tara cuts her off and says “Kill You…” Willie then says“ What do I have to do this?” She shushes & says “I’m getting to that!!” With a look on her face that could have had him pushing up daisies if looks could kill. She continues and says, “ANYWAY, this is the challenge:
1. ) You must have sex with all 7 before the carnival ends today or…You’re Fucked!
2. ) You must make us cum twice before you do or…You’re Fucked!
3. ) Finally, you have to nut somewhere on us or…” I go “Let me guess…We’re Fucked!”
Brittany says “Yes someone was paying attention…asshole. ”
She then says “Willie you’re here because if you don’t participate you will be said to hold the camera,” he says “Why?” She says “cause we needed another person to partake or there is no way he(as in me)can fuck us all twice…plus that’s the way we planned it. ” We all laughed except Willie!
They finally close the door and I can finally see the other 5 girls. There was of course Brittany and Tara.

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Brittany: 5’5,34C breast, a great round ass, sophomore
Tara:5’4,36B breast, nice round ass, sophomore
The other 5 are: Julie, Mandy, Michelle, Hali, and Kayla
Julie:4’10, 36D, beautiful perky ass, sophomore also she was Pregnant (fantasy of mine)
Mandy:5’6, 40C, out of all the girls she has the best ass of them all, freshman
Hali:5’4, 34B, Very Ample ass, freshman
Kayla:5’1, 36B, a tight perky ass, Junior (who I thought was a ho for sho)

Michelle: I have to give a little story on Michelle, I have known Michelle since the 7thGrade and for the 7th and 8th grades she had the average size chest for an Asian cause she was one but I don’t know what happened the summer before our freshman year in High School (Me, Her and Willie are all 18 and Seniors in school) but her breast went from nearly A to 36C and between 9th and 12th she went from 36C to 38DD, but anyway has very nice ass and is about 5’2.
Brittany then says “Listen up couple extra things:
1. Julie is pregnant so try to be careful.
2. End it with me or Tara.
3. Kayla is…well…a virgin,”
I and Willie say “Damn!” Brittany continues and says “so try to be careful!” she then ask Tara time it was she said “4:15” Brittany turns to us and says “Carnival ends at 11:00…GET TO WORK!” Willie grabs Michelle immediately cause he loves Asians. I still stand there but I have to watch Michelle take of her shirt to see those tits. I finally see them they were amazing and so big I thought “Can’t wait for that. ” Brittany then says “Winner gets a threesome with whoever they want in this group!”
So I grab just a girl not even looking and notice `cause I want that threesome. I look down and notice that I grabbed none other than the virgin Kayla I say “Shit” So I lay her down and she gets undressed and I get on top andI get in her pussy and it is so tight and I want to come so bad but I can’t I get to her cherry I sit and I look at her in the eyes and very sweetly say in her ear “Are you ready?” She nods to me and I break it. She is the very first virgin I had so I was a scared too. She screams so load she makes me scream! But I stop screaming quick and I just stop pushing once it I popped her cherry I ask again are you ready again she nods and after about 5 pumps I feel her pussy contract on my dick it feels so good but not an uncommon feeling for me but the tightness was so but anyway she cam; 2 minutes later she cam again. We came together I look over at Willie and laugh cause he still on Michelle.
I figured I would get the 2 hardest out the way so I went for my fantasy and told Julie to come over to me I got a good hard-on for it I want this bad she get on the bed in doggy-style position so I get behind and see Tara with the camera come over beside us with the camera and record this I give it a good thumbs up as Julie cam all over my dick and 4 minutes later it happened again I let my load go cause I got scared cause one of my boys bust through the door and is awestruck I mouth “I’ll tell you later.

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  ” He closes the door and look over at Willie who was still on Michelle; I asked “What’s taking so long?” He said, “She takes a while to cum!” I say play with her clit and she almost cum immediately.
I say to Hali “You ready to go?” she says “You know it, baby!” I and Hali had dated a few weeks ago and she was the last girl I had sex with before today and we had broke up just before prom cause her friends told her I was cheating but I wasn’t and now she looked so sexy.
    We had to I honestly can say she was downright the best girl I had been with since I lost my virginity back in November. She sucked my cock until I was hard. So pick her up and lay her down on the bed and stuck it in and started grinding and she put her arms around my neck and with tears her eyes said she was so sorry for breaking up with me I said “it’s okay baby, it’s okay. ” She then said “ I love you!” as she cam hard on my dick and she screamed “YES T. C. ,YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS! OH FUCK ME DADDY!!FUCK ME!! Once again I was being recorded. I kept going and then when we came at the same time. We wanted to cuddle so bad but we didn’t have time! I look over at Willie who had just finished up with Kayla and was going for Julie so I went for Mandy.
    Mandy was new to school that I had talked to a couple of times! She was a soccer giant! She knew how to handle the ball in more ways than one. That how she got me hard she said she had just lost her V-Card a month before she moved here! She was tight I pounded hard and fast from behind so could slap and grab her ass. She cam really quick so I moved on to Michelle.
    Michelle was loose for an Asian. Maybe that’s why it took Willie along time so I played with her clit the whole time when she cam it felt good! She was the only girl I cam in except Julie!
    But my dick stayed hard! Willie was working on Mandy and he was trying to catch up with me.

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       So I rushed Brittany to me and Tara record it Willie was on Mandy. So I had a good lead I pounded Brittany as fast as I could before I lost it and Brittany came good so only one left
    Tara was last and I had loads of time with her Willie still had a Brittany and still had get done with Brittany!! I was so tired so she rode me and she did all the work! When she cam Willie was on Brittany so I grabbed Tara’s ass I rocked her fast even though my dick hurt! We finally cam together and I said time! She looked at her watch and said “9:17” I yelled “Yes! “ Julie had to leave quickly her baby daddy was getting her in 8 mins. and he didn’t know about this. So Willie looked over in disbelief. As he finished off Brittany!
    Brittany stood up and said “Congrats T. C. you won who do you want for the threesome I said it’s easy for me to say I want the 2 Freshman: Mandy and Hali!” She then looked at Willie and said “You have a consolation prize of just one girl to have sex with, who will it be?” He looked and said “Ya’ll know me I love the Asians, so Michelle will you take me up on some more?” She nodded yes.
    So we all left my building and I texted my boy and told him what went down! But he didn’t tell me he told what he had seen to some people, which will soon bite me in the ass! We will get into that later! I took Mandy and Hali and Tara home.

    To be continued…