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I work alone in this store packaging orders that arrive late so they can be dispatched the next morning.
A while back this young girl come in and starts talking to me - its the owners daughter. She is 18 and rather attractive even at that age, I am 20. She was going to a movie with a friend but she phoned through to say she couldnt make it. She phone her father and he told her to come to the store and wait- it would be 18 pm before he could make it and he knew I was here.
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She asked me if I would like to fuck her and I said I would but she is far too young for me and what would happen if her father found out - I would be sacked or worse.

She said you wont be the first I have been fucked a few times already and once by a guy older than you.
Any how to make a long story short she kept up the chat and the suggestions and undressed herself provocatively in front of me exposed her breasts and eventually was completely naked apart from her socks.
She would not take no for an answer and even though I was most reluctant to get involved but she eventually wore me down and before long we were both naked and we were engaged in foreplay for the want of a word to describe what we were doing. I have had a bit of experience with women and know what most like and as it was obvious she and I were going to end up fucking I thought I might as well make it worthwhile.
The first move she made was to take my cock in her mouth - I learned it was her first time and she didn't make a bad job of it. I didn't give her the option of spit or swallow I just came when my time arrived and filled her mouth with my cum.

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   It took her by surprise and she said did you cum in my mouth - and I had no answer but yes.
    I could see her swallowing it.
    She said it tastes awful and its all slimy. I said that's what cum is like and if you are going to play these games then you had better get used to it because all men cum in our mouth. She seemed to be trying to get the taste out of her mouth but not spitting. Now I said its your turn and I got her and positioned her for me to perform oral on her. She said that she had been done like this once before and she loved it.
    I got down and proceeded to give her good oral and before long she was squirming about with the pleasure of me licking and sucking and slipping a finger into her cunt. She loved it. She kept murmuring and moaning as I hit her spot time after time and then she exploded herself and her orgasm tore through her body and she bounced and bucked and shook with each spasm as it took her. She was grabbing her little nipples to add to her sensual pleasure. She sort of yelled and squealed as she.



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