The Barber 4


The Barber 4 – Something New

I pulled into the driveway, my mind still reeling over the encounter with Ashley at the adult book store. I looked over on the passenger seat floorboard, seeing the bag I knew was full of the dildos, vibrators and various sex toys I'd bought.

“It really happened,” I said to myself, shaking my head as I grabbed the bag, locked up the car and headed for my apartment.

A unlocked the door, noting the two bicycles chained to the railing. One was Alexis' and the other I recognized as Raven's. I wondered what the girls were up to.

Locking the door behind me, I went looking for the girls. I zeroed in on them almost immediately – following the moans and giggles coming from Alexis' bedroom. I headed down the hall, the bag of toys still dangling from my hand.

The door was open. Inside, I saw a naked, little girl ass in the air on the bed. Raven was crouched between my daughter's wide-spread thighs, her face buried in Alexis' pussy.

“Oh God!” Alexis moaned. “This is sooo much fun! I'm glad daddy taught us about this. ”

Raven just moaned in return. I backed out of the room, torn between just watching and ripping my clothes off and jamming my cock into Raven's exposed pussy.

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   I looked around the corner again just as Raven ran a hand between her thighs, cupping her obviously glistening wet pussy.

I got an idea. After all, I'd bought them for the girls. This seemed like as good a time as any to introduce them to their new toys.

I reached into the bag I carried and pulled out the blunt vibrator Ashley has used on her clit while fucking her pussy with the larger dildo. I crept into the bedroom and dropped carefully to my knees at the end of the bed, eye level with Raven's snatch.

I waited until she moved her hand away, turned the small vibrator on and pressed it directly against her clit as I wrapped my free hand around her thigh to hold her in place. Her reaction was immediate.

“Oh, jeez!” she moaned as she lurched forward. “What the fuck?!”

Alexis cried out at the same time. Apparently, Raven had two fingers in Alexis' pussy and jammed them in as far as they'd go when the vibrator buzzed her pleasure button.

“Holy shit, Mr. G!” Raven cried, rolling on her back. “What did you do to me? What's that?”

“This, baby, is a vibrator,” I explained. I put my hand on her stomach and ran the buzzing toy through her pussy lips, coming to rest on her clit.

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“Shit!” she cried. “God, that makes my whole pussy tingle. Oh, jeez, I'm gonna cum!”

Just that fast, Raven launched into a massive orgasm, spurred on in part my Alexis grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples to help me hold her in place. Raven's thin hips bounced on the bed, driving her pussy up and down on the vibrator as she came.

“Stop,” she said. “Please stop. It's too much! Oh, jeez, it's too much!!”

I grinned and pulled the toy away from her pussy. Raven collapsed onto her side, rolled off Alexis, and curled up on the edge of the bed. Her movement exposed my equally-nude daughter, and her glistening pussy. I looked into Alexis' eyes and pressed the still-vibrating toy to my daughter's nub.

“Oh, daddy!” she groaned. “That feels better than the electric trimmer!”

“That was the idea, baby,” I said.

I ran the toy around her hole as I leaned in and flicked my tongue across her clit. Alexis' hips bucked, driving her cunt into my face.

“Raven,” I said.

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   “Go out in the hallway and bring me back the bag that's sitting on the floor, please. ”

With a groan the dark-haired beauty rolled off the bed and, on seemingly weak knees, made her way out the door. She was back in a couple of seconds and placed the bag on the bed beside me.

I reached in and, by feel, found the very vibrator Ashley had used while she blew me in the office of the book store. I placed the soft, rounded tip against Alexis' pussy and slowly slid it inside and slid the smaller vibrator up to her clit. My baby girl moaned constantly now as the larger phallus split her pussy, pressing the walls of her vagina apart.

“Oh, daddy,” she groaned as I began moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy. “Oh, that feels good!”

Raven had recovered from her orgasm and leaned up on one elbow to watch the action. I handed her the smaller dildo and instructed her to keep the vibrations going on Alexis' clit.

“You like that, do you, baby?” I said. “Well, you're going to love this. ”

With my free hand, I flicked the switch on the larger vibrator. Alexis hips slammed upwards as the vibrations hit deep inside her pussy.

“Oh, damn!” she cried. “Oh, god damn!”

I playfully smacked her on the ass, admonishing her to not curse.

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“But, daddy!” she cried. “Jeez. ”

We were quiet for a few minutes, the only sounds in the room Alexis' moans punctuated by the buzzing of the vibrators working over her pussy and clit. I looked at Raven occasionally, her eyes glazed and glued to the site of Alexis' snatch split by the toy as she came almost constantly.

“That's enough,” Alexis finally moaned. “God, I can't take any more! Please, no more!”

I flicked the large vibrator off, instructing Raven to do the same. The stimulation removed, Alexis collapsed on the bed. Her chest heaved as she struggled to catch her breath.

My cock throbbed in my jeans – again. I turned to Raven, sat on the edge of the bed now recovered from her orgasms. I looked at her, raised my eyebrows, then glanced down at the obvious tent in my pants.

The dark-haired youth looked into my eyes, grinned and attacked the waistband of my pants. My rock-hard cock jumped free right in Raven's face, then disappeared again as she sucked it deeply down her throat. She grabbed my ass and pulled me forward, driving the last bit of my cock deep into her throat.

It was my turn to groan as I was engulfed in the wet heat of her 18-year-old mouth.

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   I put my hands on her head to steady myself, twined my fingers in her jet-black hair and fucked her face the way I knew she loved.

“That looks like fun,” Alexis said, still a bit breathless. “I wanna play, too. ”

I heard the buzzing just a split second before Raven jerked, her eyes bugged out of her head. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Alexis had filled her girlfriend's pussy with the still-slick vibrator.

“Mmmmph,” Raven growled around my cock, sending unbelievable vibrations from the head to the shaft. Her hands flew to her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples as she rode my cock and the vibrator wielded by my daughter.

Raven started to cum and I was about to join her when the doorbell rang. Alexis jumped up, the vibrator in her friend's pussy forgotten, and ran naked to the door.

“She's here!” Alexis cried as, with a groan, I dumped my load deep in Raven's throat. With a part of my brain, I registered my daughter yelling, “Come in!” as I spurted into the dark-haired beauties' gullet, feeding her my load which she swallowed as quickly as it came.

“Come on, come on!” Alexis yelled as she rounded the corner, a tiny blond dressed in shorts and a halter top in tow. “Oh, this is going to be sooo much better than we told you about. Daddy brought home toys!”

The little blond's jaw hit the floor at the sight before her.

“Oh, wow!” she cried.

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   “She's got his cock like clear down her throat! That is so cool! Is he, like, cumming in your mouth?”

I looked at my daughter as the last of my cum leaked out of my cock and down Raven's throat.

I didn't know where to begin as my orgasm wound down and my shrinking shaft slipped from between her lips with a plop.

“Who's your friend, Alexis?” I asked.

“This is Natalie,” Raven answered. “We told her about gettin' our pussies shaved and she said she wanted her's shaved, too. ”

“Oh,” I said. I'm normally better at conversation, but I was still a little shocked.

“Girls, can I talk to you for a second?” I said, pulling Raven to her feet and guiding her and Alexis out the door and into the bathroom. Once the door was closed behind us, I confronted my two young lovers.

“Girls, this can be very dangerous,” I said. “I could go to jail and you, Alexis, would be placed in foster care. We'd probably never see each other again. ”

“Oh, she won't say anything, daddy,” Alexis said, an innocent, wide-eyed look on her face. “She kinda approached us after she saw me and Raven in the bathroom at the pool. We were sorta playing around and she walked in.

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   What could we do?”

I thought for a minute.

“OK,” I said. “But make sure she understands she can't talk to anybody about this. Right?”

“Right, daddy,” Raven said, grinning and licking a stray dribble of cum from her lips. Despite the recent workout, I felt my cock twitch at the sight of her swallowing my cum.

We walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, where we found Natalie – naked and leaning back on her elbows on the bed, legs up and spread wide displaying a fuzzy, blond bush. Her tits were small, perhaps an A-cup, and perfectly rounded, capped with very pale, pink nipples.

“You gonna' shave me now, Mr. G?” she asked. “I'm all ready. ”

“Natalie, we have to talk,” I began.

My cell phone chose that moment to ring. I looked, but didn't recognize the number. I told the girls I'd be right back, stepped into the hallway, and pushed the call button.

“Hello,” I said.

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“Hi,” said a vaguely familiar voice. I knew it, but I couldn't place it.

“Sorry, who's this?” I asked.

“It's Ashley,” came the reply. “You know, from the bookstore?”

I closed my eyes. Could this day get any weirder, I wondered.

“Hey, Ashley,” I said. “How are you?”

“Off work,” she said. “Can I come over and take advantage of you, um, hairdressing skills?”

Holy crap! I thought. Just what I needed right now.

“Um, now really isn't a good time,” I said.

“Oh, OK,” she said, sounding disappointed. “It's just that I really had fun today and was hoping we could pick up where we left off. ”

“I'd like that, too,” I said. “But, right now, I have a house full of teenage girls, including my daughter.

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   But I've got your number, now. I'll give you a call. Promise. ”

“OK,” Ashley said. “But don't take too long. I really need your … services. ”

“I promise,” I replied, losing concentration as all the possibilities went through my mind. “I'll talk to you soon, alright?”

“Soon,” she said and hung up.

I made my way back to the bedroom. There I found Raven, sitting against the headboard with a dildo in her hand, moving it slowly in and out of her pussy. She was watching Natalie and Alexis, splayed out on the bed in front of her, heads between thighs as they frantically licked and sucked on each other's cunts.

Alexis, who was on top, raised her head to look at me. Her lower face was coated in the little blond's juices as she grinned.

“Daddy, we've got to shave her, like, right now,” Alexis said. “I keep getting hair in my teeth.

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My cock, which I'd slipped back into my pants when I took the girls into the bathroom, was rapidly rising yet again. As I watched, Alexis rolled off to the side, picked up another vibrator from the bag, turned it on and began teasing her dripping pussy.

“Oh, god, daddy,” she moaned. “These things are great! You gonna shave Natalie now?”

I'd created a monster.

“Sure, baby,” I said. “If she wants me to. ”

“Yippee!” Natalie cried, sliding to the end of the bed. I got an idea.

“Raven, come with me,” I said. “You're going to help me. ”

She started to slide off the bed, her hand cupped against her crotch.

“Leave the vibrator,” I said.

Pouting slightly, Raven followed me into the bathroom. We collected all the tools and supplies we'd need and headed back to the bedroom. As we exited the bathroom, my hands full of towels, bowls, etc.


  , Raven stopped me, bent down and pulled my shorts off, sucking my cock briefly into her mouth.

“Um,” she said. “Yummy. ”

I gasped as I watched her naked 18-year-old ass twitch and wiggle down the hall and into the bedroom. Two monsters, I thought. I've created two monsters.

I walked into the bedroom, where Raven had already positioned Natalie and begun work with the electric trimmer. The little blond was already moaning as my dark-haired beauty ran the buzzing tool over her Mons.

“Is this what those things you were putting in your pussy feel like?” Natalie moaned.

“No,” Raven replied. “Those feel better. ”

“Put one in me,” Natalie begged.

“Not until after daddy busts your cherry,” Alexis chimed in. “If you want him to, that is. ”

Raven continued denuding Natalie's little pussy.

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   When she got to the lips, she looked at me. I just nodded, giving her the go-ahead.

“Just be careful,” I said. “We wouldn't want to nick anything. ”

She very slowly and carefully drew the buzzing blades across Natalie's lips, using her finger on the top of the slit to hold the skin tight. Natalie's moans ramped up as the vibrations stimulated her most delicate flesh.

“Oh, jeez,” the little blond moaned. “That feels fucking amazing!”

Raven slapped her lightly on the ass. “We don't say that word, unless we are,” she said with a laugh.

“Are what?” Natalie asked.

“Fucking,” Raven said.

Natalie groaned as the trimmer continued moving up and down her pussy, closer and closer to her clit. When the blades finally contacted her clitoral hood, her hips bucked slightly and she cried out.

“Oh, god!” she cried. “I'm cumming!”

Raven pulled the trimmer away, not wanting to cut Natalie, and replaced it with her tongue.

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   Raven attacked Natalie's clit with just the tip, pushing her through her orgasm. Just that quickly, it passed, leaving Natalie limp and gasping on the bed.

“Oh, wow,” Natalie said. “That was, like, intense. ”

Raven quickly finished the trim, picked up a warm towel out of the bowl and laid it across Natalie's crotch. I stepped up, stripping out of my remaining clothes, and knelt on the floor between the young blond's spread thighs.

“You gonna fuck me, now?” Natalie asked as I moved into position.

“No, baby,” I said. I picked up the shaving cream and shook the can. “Gonna shave you first. Then, if you want, we'll talk about the rest of it. ”

I squirted a generous amount of shaving cream onto her Mons and massaged it in with my fingers. Natalie continued moaning at the ongoing stimulation. Raven, meanwhile, moved onto the bed and settled down with Natalie's head cradled in her lap. With a grin, Natalie pulled Raven's hands to her tiny tits.

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“Play with my boobs,” Natalie said.

Raven complied as I began gently removing the last of the blond pubes. I don't know why I hadn't noticed before, but Natalie's bush was very sparse to begin with. With just a few swipes, her crotch was as nude as the day she was born.

“How old are you, Natalie?” I asked.

“Ummm,” she moaned at the stimulation Raven was giving her nipples. “12. ”

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, right? I picked up the hand towel and wiped the remaining shaving cream from her pussy. Looking her in the eyes, I leaned in and ran my tongue up the slit of her preteen pussy.

“Oh, jeez!” she moaned. Her hips bucked up, driving her pussy into my face, as Raven pulled on the young girl's nipples.

“Oh, daddy,” Alexis moaned beside her. “That's so freakin' hot! I'm going to cum!!!”

Raven rolled away from Natalie and attacked Alexis. She pulled the vibrator from my daughter's grasp, slid her down onto her back and pressed her pussy into Alexis' face while driving the vibrator in and out of her pussy.

I, meanwhile, reached up to take over on Natalie's rock-hard, pink nipples.

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   I hooked her thighs on my arms, pressed her legs up and back, and glued my lips to her snatch. I drove my tongue deep into her pussy and ran the tip around the tiny opening in her hymen.

Natalie literally came unglued. She was crying out, screaming as she came again. She begged me to stop in one breath, then implored me to lick her forever in the next. I licked her from one orgasm, into another and then into a third, before her cries turned to moans as her energy drained from her body.

“Oh, please,” she groaned. “Please, fuck me! Take my cherry, please!”

I slid up her body, my cock throbbing. I positioned the head between her glistening labia, then paused.

“You sure, baby?” I asked. “Once we do this, there's no going back. ”

“YES,” she cried, rotating her hips, trying to press up and drive my cock into her pussy. “YES! Please, FUCK MEEEE!”

I pressed forward, slowly, feeling her portal flower open around the head of my cock. She groaned again as the head slipped inside her vice-like tunnel, coming to rest against her virginity.

“Last chance, Natalie,” I moaned.

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   “It's now or never. ”

“NOW,” she groaned. “Fuck me, now!”

I applied a steady pressure, feeling the thin membrane of her innocence stretch, then part. Natalie cried out as my cock was engulfed in her wet heat. It felt like I was sinking my shaft into almost-steaming gelatin. I paused with the head and about two inches inside her pussy.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried. “Ow, ow, ow!”

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked.

“No,” she moaned. “Just let me get used to it. ”

I repositioned myself, holding myself steady on knees and elbows. I leaned in and kissed the tears away from her face, relishing the salty taste. After a couple of minutes which seemed like hours, Natalie looked into my eyes and nodded.

“More,” she said. “Give me more.

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I heard more moans coming from beside us on the bed. Alexis and Raven both had vibrators and were using them on each other as they flicked tongues on clits. I watched them enjoying each other, and their new toys, as I slowly forced the remainder of my cock into Natalie's freshly-open cunt.

“Oh, shit!” Natalie moaned. “You're so big! God, you're splitting me apart!”

“Don't worry, baby,” I groaned through gritted teeth. “You'll adjust. It will start to feel really good in a minute. ”

“He's right,” came Alexis' muffled voice from between Raven's thighs. “He fucked me for the first time like two days ago. It hurt at first, but then it started to feel amazing. ”

I bottomed out in Natalie's pussy. Her little snatch gripped my like a velvet glove, filled with hot oil. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, locking her ankles at the small of my back. She looked me deep in the eyes.

“Can I call you daddy, too?” she said in a quiet, little-girl voice.

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“Yes, baby,” I said. “When we're together like this, you may call me daddy. ”

“Then please, daddy,” she said in that same tiny voice. “Fuck me. ”

“Gladly, baby,” I said.

I slid back until just the head remained clasped inside her lips, then slowly pushed forward again. I set up a slow, steady rhythm, gently in and out, with Natalie moaning in sync with my thrusts. I maintained the stroke until she looked up at me again and begged me to fuck her harder.

I picked up the pace, Natalie's moans keeping time with each stroke in and out. Her moans turned to groans, then lust-filled cries of pleasure as I began truly pounding her pussy.

“Oh, shit!” she cried. “I'm going to cum again! Please, fuck me! Make me your baby girl! Fuck MEEEE!”

And Natalie just exploded. Her body went rigid, the muscles in her arms and legs locking, pulling me in tightly against her trembling body.

Her pussy muscles clenched on the shaft of my cock. It felt like a hot, oil-soaked hand, milking my cock.

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   Even after all the times I'd cum that day, I felt the familiar sensation at the base of my cock, rocketing up the shaft as my cum surged and boiled in my balls.

It was my turn to cry out as my orgasm gripped me. I felt my testicles constrict, firing the first volley up the turgid shaft to explode deep in her clenching pussy.

“Oh, god!” the cry ripped from between Natalie's clenched teeth. “I feel it! You're sperming in me! You're shooting your stuff in my pussy!!”

We both froze, the only movement the rippling of her pussy walls around my cock. It seemed to go on forever until, finally spent, I collapsed on my new, 12-year-old lover, then rolled onto my back, taking her with me.

Through the post-orgasmic haze, I heard the doorbell ringing. I was dimly aware of Alexis as she pulled a t-shirt and shorts on over her naked, sweaty body and ran from the bedroom.

Natalie had managed to sit up, my wilting cock still trapped inside her freshly deflowered pussy, when Alexis re-entered the room. I looked over at her through still hazy eyes, barely registering what she was saying.

“Um, daddy,” she said. “There's this really hot blond at the door. She said to tell you her name's Ashley and she's looking for the pussy barber. ”