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She told me to take off myclothes but I didn’t want to take them off. So instead of me taking of my clothes she tookthem off for me and was completely naked. Then she took off her clothes completely. Mylittle hairless cock started to grow seeing her naked in front of my eyes. She told me to laydown on the bed and did as she told me. She got on top of me and put her pussy and myright leg and started to move her pussy up and down my thigh, she was fucking my thigh. Then she bent over and started to kiss me while she fucked my leg. “Dont tell yourparents okay. ” she told me softly and I said “O. K. ” She stopped kissing me but stillcontinued to fuck my thigh and grabbed my cock. I grabbed her big, firm breasts one ineach hand and squeezed them lightly. I liked the way her pussy felt on my leg. “Ahh. . .

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  . . ohyeah that feels . . . . . ugh good. ” she would say. She continued to fuck my leg and moanwhile I was playing with her tits and she was playing with my cock. We did this for at leastmore than 5 minutes. Then she got off my leg laid next to me and told me to get up. Shetold me to bend over to her pussy and lick it. Of coarse I didn’t know how so she told mehow to do it. I did as she said and she started to moan some more.

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   Her pussy lips feltwonderful against my tongue. After a while she got up and told me to sit on the bed. Shegot on top of my cock, her legs on both sides of me, her arms around me and her boobs infront of me. She started to hump her hips against me and I did the same. “Lick my nippleswith your tongue” she said and I did. She started to moan again, she got my hand put it inher ass and got my other hand in back of her and told me to touch in between her legs. Icould feel the end of her pussy it was wet and told me to rub it with my finger. Shestopped humping her hips against me and told me to stop rubbing her pussy with my fingerbut I was still licking her nipples and was squeezing her ass She was out of breath andboth of us were sweaty, her naked sweaty body felt good against my body. She got myhead with both her hands and started to french kiss me and started to hump her hipsagainst me again. I got one my other free hand and got her ass with both my hands. Shestopped kissing me and told me to lick her nipples again. She was humping her hips fasteruntil she moaned louder and louder until she stopped, out of breath again and we weresweating more. She let go of me and got of me. She laid down on the bed and told me toput my cock in her wet pussy and hump my hips. I started moving my hips faster andfaster, the faster I would do it the more she would moan.

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   It felt good, we did this for acouple of minutes and then stopped. I got off of her and laid down next to her. She felt mycock and kissed me some more and then we both got dressed. “Dont tell anyone but Imean no one okay. ” I said I wouldn’t not to worry. She said good so we can do it againand told me she has always wanted to do that to me. She still baby-sat me but that isanother story. This is my first story post. .



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