The Assembly


As the school filed into the gym for the assembly, I made my way through the crowd and onto the bleachers. Sitting next to my friends on one of the upper rows, I settled in for the long, boring hour to come.   At around 160lbs,  I was your average, semi athletic 11th grader.   Though not the best looking in my grade,  I was certainly not the wirst either.   Getting bored already, I started looking around.   Behind me, on the next row up, I saw the most stunning girl I had ever laid eyes on.   She was sitting between two other girls, though she was not talking to them.   Her long, dirty blonde hair bounding down around her amazing face and blue eyes.   Her perfectly preportioned, C-Cup breasts were full and perfect.   Her smooth, tone legs went on for miles,  finally disappearing underneath a tantilizingly short jean skirt. As the assembly started,  I found it even harder than usual to keep my attention on the stage.   I was constantly sneaking glances over my shoulder at the godess sitting behind me.   During a pause in the events on the stage, I took anouther glance over my shoulder.   Time seemed to stop as she leaned over to look at somthing.   Her legs parted slightly and I found myself in with a perfect view of her amazing thighs.   I followed them up, under her skirt and to the sexiest black thong I had ever seen.

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    I was completely lost, staring up those legs.   I was suddenly jerked out of my trance as the assembly started up again.   I looked up into her eyes,  she smiled at me and went back to watching the show.   I shifted my pants,  trying to hide my hard on which had crept down my pant leg. When the assebly finally ended,  I made my way out of the gym.   I needed release after what I had just seen.   I was halfway to the bathroom when I felt a tap on my shoulder.   I turned and found myself staring into those same blue eyes.   We began to talk.   I found out she was a new student to the school,  and that she had just moved in to a house near mine.   Since the day was over, I offered to walk her home and she readily agreed.   I followed her to her locker, trying my best not to look at her amazing breasts as we walked along.   I thought she caught me staring, but she didnt say anything. After getting her stuff we started the walk home.   Looking over at her, I saw her staring at my crotch.

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    She blushed as I caught her eyes.   I just smiled and walked on. As we neared my house, I asked if she wanted to hang out for a while before going home.   Again, she readily agreed.   We grabbed ourselves a snack, my parents wouldn't be home for hours, and sat down in front of the TV.   After a while I looked over at her, catching her eye. She told me she had been looking at me for the entire assembly, and saw me looking at her as well.   I told her I couldnt help looking at her, she was so beautiful.   She smiled and moved closer to me.   I put my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder.   I was in heaven,  I had the most amazing girl I had ever seen under my arm,  I looked down at her.   Her skirt was riding up her thighs, making even more of those legs visible.   I started to get a hard on again.   I leaned down and kissed her, trying to rearange my hardon so as not to embarass myself.   She kissed me back, more passionatly.

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    We started making out fiercly.   My hands roamed down her body, and onto her amazing ass.   We stood up as her hands circled my waist and she began to pull my shirt off.   She threw it off to the side as I undid the button on her skirt,  slowly letting it slide down her long, smooth legs.   I pulled the bottom of her tank top up as she stepped out of the skirt, revealing a black bra to match her thong.   My hands cupped her ass once more as she began to work on my belt and jeans.   They fell to the floor and she kneeled in front of me,  pulling down my boxers freeing my 7 1/2 inch member.   I looked down and became completely hard, looking at those incredible breats, barely contained by her bra.   She leaned forward and kissed the tip of my dick.   Then she slid a few inches into her mouth.   She started bobbing her head rhythmicly and the pleasure began to build inside me.   After a few minutes, I warned her I was about to cum.   She pulled her mouth off me just as I shot my load onto her face and chest.   I could not have asked for a sexier sight.   She whiped my cum off her face and stood up.

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    I reached around her and unclipped her bra,  letting it slowly slide down her arms and to the floor.   Her breasts came into sight, perfectly full and round.   I almost blew my load again.   I laid her down, started sucking her nipple, massaging the other one with my hand.   She moaned in extasy, and I let my hand abandon her nipple, sliding down her chest, over her flat stomach and down to her thong.   I gently rubbed up and down her mound through the fabric.   I slowly slid my fingers under the elastic of her thong, and down into them.   I slid my finger down the length of her mound,  feeling the head and dampness of her.   I slid the tip of my figer into her.   She gasped as I forced it in.   Her muscles contracted around my finger as I started moving it in and out of her.   She moaned as I fingered her.   I started moving faster, still sucking passionatly on her nipples.   I picked up the pace, and she moaned louder, finally arcing her back in extasy as she came.   As she came back down to earth, she told me I was the first guy she had ever been with, and she wanted me to be her first.

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    That was all I needed to hear as I laid moved my hands down her body, hooking the elastic of her thong with my fingers and pulling it down her sexy legs.   I climbed back ontop of her and kissed her again, as I positioned myself at her entrance.   She groaned as I rubbed the tip of my dick against her mount. Finally, when neither of us could wait any longer, I began to push myself slowly into her.   She winced as I slid in, but nodded to me to continue.   I felt resistance, and kissed her again as I gave a final push through her hymen.   A tear rolled down her cheek, but the look of pain on her face soon gave way to one of pleasure.   I pulled out and pushed back in, and started pumping her.   Slowly at first, then faster and faster.   She moaned with pleasure and I felt the muscles inside her clamp down onto my dick.   That was all I could take, and I blew the biggest load of my life inside her stomach.   We collapsed ontop of each other, my member becoming soft, still inside her. I kissed her once more, and whispered that I loved her.   She responded in kind. I smiled, this was the start of a wonderful relationship.

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