The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 5


A new week began and everyone in the band reconnoitered at Mike'shouse after dinner. Matt, who had kind of a thing for punk rock inaddition to his attachment to heavy metal, wanted to do Iggy and theStooges "Search and Destroy. " They went downstairs to Mike's room towatch some You Tube videos of it and Jessica remarked, 'oh my God,this should only take us about ten minutes to learn to play. This iseasy1" she estimated.

They went back upstairs and Jessica wouldn't be that far wrong. Bythe end of the next hour, they were using it to solo to theirheart's content over because the framework of it was so basic. Yet,the song itself kicked huge amounts of ass and would go down welllive, they thought, as long as they didn't get too self indulgentwith it. .

Mike decided it was time to get serious and asked Dennis if he hadlearned to play the bass line to "Far Beyond the Sun. " He had and sothey launched into it, Mike and Jessica alternating solo andarpeggio segments. Rhythmically, it wasn't yet tight though becauseMatt hadn't been told to learn it plus they were all still feelingeach other out as to their role performing the song. They went backdownstairs and checked out Yngwie's performance of it. They talkedabout Matt's drum part and then took another run at it. Better, butnot good enough. A lot of stopping and starting along with a lot oflaughing and needling over mistakes later, it was nearly 18 0'colocknow. They called it a night, but hung out for the next hourdiscussing what other tunes they wanted to try.

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   Mike basicallyordered the other band members to learn "Rising Force" by Wednesdayas well and Travis put in a bid for "Battery" by Metallica. Thelatter composition was voted in by acclamation.

Everybody headed home and Mike drove Jessica to hers. At the curb infront of her house, Mike started kissing and, after unhooking herbra, feeling her up. He repeatedly pulled on the nipple ring chainand the throbbing in her teats surged. "So fucktoy, are you going toplay with yourself tonight?" he asked her with a wicked grin. Herheart was pounding and him calling her "fucktoy," for some reason,turned her on. She looked up at him and hopefully responded, "pleaseMaster, may I masturbate tonight?". "You didn't ask the questioncorrectly," he critiqued. She thought it over and then it hit herwhat he wanted. "Master, may your little Asian fucktoy masturbatetonight?" "That's better fucktoy," he praised, kissing her gently onthe lips. "Of course you may, but because it's so late, you don'thave to call me tonight," he added. She moaned and Mike could seethat she was starting to check into the sub space hotel. He couldn'thave her entering her house, where she might run into her protectivefather, in a stupor.

Mike lightly slapped her cheeks and shook her gingerly, asking herif she was alright.

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   "Yes Master," she reassured him. "Tell me,fucktoy, what the definition of the Pythagorean theorem is. " Shestarted laughing because it was so odd for him to even care aboutthat stuff. "She's back on earth," he muttered to himself with asmile. "Okay fucktoy,, goodnight. Practice hard tomorrow. " "YesMaster," she obeyed.

Jessica said hi to her father when she rolled in and then preparedto get herself cleaned up. She got herself off with the showermassager, loving the pulse with which the water jets hit her erectclit, before she donned pajamas and underwear and returned to herbedroom. It seemed so empty with her gear left over at Mike's,except for the Alexi model she had kept at her place. She worked onabsorbing "Battery" until just after midnight and then laid on herback, removed her bra, played with her aching nipples for a while,masturbated, and fell into a profound repose.

By dinner time the following day, she had the Metallica rager nailedcold. She even put her performance on video and uploaded it to YouTube.

She then turned her attention to "Rising Force" and burned up thetime getting it under her fingers. The rhythm parts were prettystandard stuff, but she didn't want to do the lead and fills in away that sounded sloppy.

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   She broke them down both Yngwie's andvirtuoso keyboardist Jens Johannsson's parts into two bar phrasesand played them over and over and over. She knew Mike was going toask her to transpose Jens' stuff for guitar anyway.

Mike took her to band practice Wednesday and an hour into it, theyfinally had "Far Beyond the Sun" under control. They then made atest run at "Rising Force" and asked Jessica to do all the guitarparts herself. Dennis was a hell of a player of himself  and he hadit down stone cold, so Jessica was able to really burn over the topof his bass line, though her performance of the solo still needed alittle more attack to sound convincing. Mike and her discussed whowould play the fills where and then Mike said he would take Yngwie'ssolo and then Jessica would come in and be Jens. They tried it againand it definitely sounded more cohesive. They weren't quite hittingthe different sections as hard as they could,  though. They decidedto shelve it until tomorrow's rehearsal.

Jessica rolled off her volume control to clean the distortion of hersound up and began strumming the opening chords of "Battery". Mikecame in with his MH 1000  rolled off, too, to do the lead acousticline. They did a twin harmony part in the runup to the first versebefore it just then became full on muppet metal, Jessica, Travis andMike all whipping their hair up and down in time to the tune.  Travis was mugging and posing and cracking everybody up as theytried to keep it together. They eventually had to stop after thesecond chorus because Jessica was playing the riff too fast. "Reallylisten to me and the Matt's kick drum," Mike directed.

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   She noddedcopacetically and Matt counted it off and they dove into it oncemore. It was much better. Dennis didn't think he had been in thepocket enough with Matt, though, and so they opted to keep doing ituntil everyone was unanimously happy with it. That didn't take toomuch time, fortunately.  

So what now? "How come we're not doing any Priest?" Travis asked. "Shit, that's right!" Dennis noted "So which Priest tunes do youguys wanna do?" Mike said, opening the discussion. "Everybody andtheir mother does the shit off of British Steel," Matt observed. 'Yeah, no shit," Mike echoed. "Painkiller?" Mike proposed. "That'llwork," Dennis indicated. "That album is such a classic," Matt noted. "Too bad it doesn't get as much attention as Screaming for Vengeanceand some of the others. " "Leather Rebel?" Matt offered. "Okay, Mikesaid, "Painkiller" and "Leather Rebel. " Anything else?

"We're going to need some slow songs to do," Jessica interjected.

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  How about "The Zoo?" "Perfect babe," Mike said. Matthias Jabs wasone of Mike's favorite guitar players and the rhythm part of it islargely just a simple two note chord shape phrase. Mike didn't havea talk box, but he could just improvise those parts as regularleads. "Hey Jessica, since you suggested it, come up with a solo youcan follow with after I do the main one. " "Okay honey," she smiled.

"Mike, you're so lucky. You have a girlfriend that is actuallyquiet. " "Travis, shut the fuck up," she snapped. "Too bad we can'tfind a lead singer who has the same characteristic," Mike joked. "But y'all love me anyway," Travis snarked. "Not as much as you loveyourself," Dennis needled. Travis, imitating Muhammad Ali, reactedwith, "but I'm so pretty," which caused everybody to howl withlaughter.

By the end of the month, they had a solid 20 song set list andbattened them down tight. But it was also just three days beforeschool started. Mike was stoked with Jessica's growth as a guitarplayer just in the time they had been together.

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   He was also verysatisfied with her submission to him. She couldn't quite get all ofhis cock into her mouth yet, but it was getting close. She tried towork on her deep throating skills at least an hour a night. She alsoliked sharing her masturbation sessions with Mike over the phone,not to mention when he drilled the shit out of her in real life. Unfortunately, they would have just one class together thissemester, but it was during first period, assuring, the twobelieved, that every day would get off to a nice start.

The Friday before school was to kickoff, Mike's parents decided tohave a little getaway to Lake Havasu. Mike told his younger brotherto not bother to come home that day, Saturday or Sunday before darkunless it was absolutely essential or he would kick his ass. Hisbrother knew why: Big Brother wanted time alone: to bone his ho. Anyguy, even a 18 year old, could relate to that. So the brotherdecided to spend the weekend hanging out at the beach with hisfriends, where he might be able to find a chick of his own, if hewas lucky.

Mike brought Jessica over and, as soon as he got her up in the musicroom, he told her to remove her clothes. "Yes Master," sheconfirmed. He put the thong that had the dildo and the butt plug init on her and then took a long length of red silk rope from what hewas now calling his "fun bag," a pun on a slang term for "breasts. "

He had been watching the videos and reading the books recommended bythe people in the BDSM chat room and he practiced on himself aftereveryone had gone to sleep in his house. He finally reached a pointwhere he felt he wouldn't hurt Jessica if he used rope on her.

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   Sheknew what he was going to do when she saw it and her pussy, whichwas already slick from her always throbbing nipples, now went toflood stage. He folded the rope in half and then tied part of it offin front halfway down her sternum as she kneeled on the sofa. Moreknots were created before he pulled the rope tight against her pussyand up the crack of her ass before he knotted it three more times onher back, one for the lumbar, one half way up and another betweenher shoulder blades. He brought the rope around so that it was tightagainst her breasts and looped it through a knot at the breast bone. He then wrapped it around her rib cage and slipped each end throughthe gap in the rope that was flat against her back. He pulled itback in front of her. When he was finished, she was bound into aneat karada tie

Her soaking pussy moistened the crotch part of the tie. He had herput her hands behind her, bound them, and then attached that bindingto the karada tie. "Fucktoy, you look awesome," he said. "Thank youMaster. " As her body rocked slightly while on her knees, the roperubbed her clit, making her even more aroused. He blindfolded andgagged her and then began tickling her. Ten minutes of that and herbreathing sounded almost asthmatic as her breaths went back andforth through the air holes in the ball. He neatly gathered her longhair, which had grown almost to the small of her back over thesummer, and  tugged it downward, which exposed her neck fully tohim. He leisurely explored it with his tongue and lips as the heatof her ardor began to climb.

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   "Fucktoy," he called out. "Yefh Mathta(yes master)" she responded. "You like this?" he archly inquired. "Yeth Mathta," she slowly responded. He pulled the blindfold upslightly and looked into her eyes and yes, they were becomingglassy. "Excellent," he thought to himself. He restored theblindfold to its previous state to let her enjoy whatever realityshe was entertaining in her brain at that moment withoutinterference from other visual stimuli.

He sucked on her stiff nipples, eliciting long, dreamy moans fromher from behind the gag. He pulled the vibrating nipple clamps outof his bag and placed them where they were supposed to go. Hewrapped his arms around her, turned and gently positioned her on thefloor kneeling in front of him. He grasped the remote for the clampsand clicked them on at 50% strength. He sat down as he watched hisbound subbie twist and moan. Saliva began collecting in the holes ofthe ball in the gag and then dripped down her chin and on to therug. That reminded him to get a towel,  but he wasn't going to leaveher alone for even a second, so he put his t-shirt in front of herto catch her dribble. He was so damned hard now that he felt likehis cock would burst open unless he had some relief.

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   He watched herwith fascination for another five minutes before he heard her try tosay something. "Mathta, meh I cm (may I cum)?" 'What was that,fucktoy? Speak louder and clearer!" Mike teased. "MATHTA, MEH I CM?"She was writhing and her breathing desperately short. "Ask me theway you're supposed to!" he commanded. She sat still for a second asshe panted. Then she laboriously implored, "Mathta, meh ya libblAthan funkoy cm (Master, may your little Asian fucktoy cum)?" Shewas rocking her ass half up and down like she had to go take a piss. He grinned and then told her, "knock yourself out fucktoy!" She justabout did. Her guttural scream reverberated off the walls of hismusic room, followed by raspy, edgy huffing and puffing. He thoughtthat the red patches on her cheeks and just above her breasts lookedamazingly hot on her.

He stood up in front of her, carefully slipped the ball gag off ofher mouth. He could see the dried spittle in the corners of hermouth. He then guided her mouth on to his cock. He began togradually skullfuck her, commencing with just putting the head ofhis dick in it, then an inch of his shaft, then another inch of itand then another inch. "Well, let's see if you pass your deep throatexam today fucktoy," he said to her. He shoved his cock in all theway and then quickly pulled it out.

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   She gagged and expelled a goodbit of viscuous saliva with it. Okay fucktoy, relax that throat andtake it all," he taught her. He slowly but steadily pushed it intothe back of her mouth and then into her throat and held it there fora second before withdrawing. She coughed and spat up more saliva. "At least she isn't puking," he thought to himself. "You want me tostop, fucktoy?" he asked. "No Master," she rejoindered. "Good girl,"he said and then forced his cock back through her lips. He felt herswallow his cockhead, which was an amazing sensation for him. Hepulled out and she gulped some more air before she quickly slid itback into her throat again and held it there. He felt her throatmuscles quivering against his engorged shaft before extracting hisschlong. She coughed and her saliva was now making a mess of herchin and her face looked hot and it was stained with tears runningfrom underneath her blindfold.

"Okay fucktoy, here we go!" and he started to skullfuck her fulltimenow, repeatedly. bringing her mouth to his balls with each instrokebefore he quickly pushed her away from it. She adapted and worked upa good breathing rhythm when while he pumped and pulled his cock inand out of her soft, warm mouth.


   "Oh shit babe, here's lunch!" hedeclared and then sprayed his cum into her throat, which oozed downinto her belly.
    He pulled out with a spidery web of saliva attachedto the head of his cock as she coughed and gulped air. "Was fucktoyglad to satisfy her Master?" he interrogated. "Yes Master," sheanswered. He yanked the blindfold off her head and her eyes wereback at heavy lidded.

    He had her bound up that way for the last 18 minutes, so it was timeto untie her, which he did. The vibrator on her nipples, though,continued to make her clit pump. Her hips were twisting and circlingwith the dildo and butt plug inside of her. "Does fucktoy want tocum?" Mike leered. "Yes Master," she informed him. "You must askproperly," he shot back. "May Master's little Asian fucktoy cum?""Good girl," he bubbled, stroking her head. He got down on his kneesand reached under the rope and then the waistband of the thong andfound her clit. He rapidly rubbed it and two minutes later, shesplashed her natural lubricant all over the fabric of the thong andthe rubber cock inside of her. When she came down from the orgasm,Mike asked as if he was irritated, "well, aren't you going to showme some gratitude fucktoy/" "Thank you Master," she blurted.

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    He turned off the nipple clamps and undid the ropes. He then pickedher up and dropped her on the couch before collecting the thong,too, leaving her naked again. He reclaimed the clamps and theynestled in his bag once again. "Don't move, babe," he told her andthen ran down to a second floor linen closet for a towel, which heultimately put under her ass as she lay with her hard about halfwayon the couch back. 'How does my fucktoy feel right now?" "Yourlittle Asian fucktoy feels amazing, Master," she euphoricallystated. "I'm glad to hear that," he said.

    He grabbed her by the knees and pushed her legs up over hisshoulders. He then licked and sucked on her pussy and clit like itwas the four star meal. He was so into what he was doing that hefailed to hear her ask if she could cum again. She finally had toyell it to get his attention. 'MASTER, CAN YOUR LITTLE ASIAN FUCKTOYCUM?" "Mmmmm, your Master loves fucktoy's enthusiasm. Yes, you maycum," he allowed and he brutalized her clit with his tongue andsucked it hard to boot, her squeals telegraphing that she was inecstasy.

    His dipstick was waving at attention once more. He shoved his cockinto her with all the consideration of someone reaching into a tubfull of cold beer and just used her for his own pleasure, rammingand slamming his seven inches until his balls overflowed andchanneled the excess through his penis and into her gash. "Clean meup fucktoy," he ordered and she dutifully did before her headdropped back on to the couch back with her mouth half open while theendorphins circulated around her brain.

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    He stared at her. He was still pinching himself that he had not justa hot, killer guitar player for a girlfriend, but one that was afreak, too. And not just a freak, but one that got off on being hisslave and cum receptacle. And she was sane!

    He picked her up, still naked, and took her downstairs and put heron a chair he had brought into the shower. He lathered her up andwashed her and massaged her back. "I love you Jessica," he said. Shewas waking up from her euphoria, but was nonetheless enjoying herboyfriend washing her and helping to loosen the muscles near herspine. She hugged and kissed him and he did the same to her. He washard again, but he let the fact pass, instead choosing the thrill ofconsuming her beautiful skin and body and the lovely black hair thathung off her head and how it emphasized and framed her femininitywith his eyes. "Hey babe, you want to go out for some ice cream?" heasked. "Your little Asian fucktoy would like that, Master. " Hesoftly palmed her cheek and have her a long, slow and tender kissbefore turning the shower off.

    As she sat in the shower, he toweled her off and continued to marvelat how beautiful she was. And he had her! "Fuck yeah!" he thought tohimself.

    He carried her back upstairs and they got dressed and hit a localice cream shop.

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       Just to be safe, since he didn't know what her stateof mind was, he reminded her in the car that outside they wereJessica and Mike, not Master and little Asian fucktoy. "Okaysweety!" she smiled. Mike decided to get a sundae, but the portionswere so huge that Jessica didn't get anything for her petite selfand instead they split it, Mike delighting in how her little tonguelapped up the ice cream from his spoon. Both of them absolutelyloved ice cream and more than a few of the times they venturedoutside the confines of his or her house ended up at that shop. Mikesmiled wickedly as a sensuous thought came to him. "What are youthinking, honey?" she asked in curiosity at the big grin. "It's asecret," he laughed. "God, you're such a dork," she told him. "Yeah," he chuckled back at her.

    They went back to his house and, after he opened the window and thecurtains of his music room to let some air and light in, he turnedto her and said, "hey babe, I have something I want to show you. Iwant to know what you think. " "Okay sweety," she accommodated. Heflipped the standby switch on his amp to the "on" position, rolledhis volume control back slightly and then started playing somethingfusiony but really familiar. She recognized it because her firstguitar teacher had worked with her on it shortly before she decidedto get a new instructor. It was Al DiMeola's "Race with Devil onSpanish Highway" She got up and snagged her guitar and also turnedher amp on and then began chording out the progression.

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       "I know thissong honey!" He smiled, but since she knew it he really wanted toshred on it now and she was impressed watching him as he wove it outof his Strat. She did an adaptation of the keyboard pattern thatdoubled the guitar part at one point with him and a couple ofminutes later it was over. "Wow baby, that was really cool! How comeyou didn't tell me you were learning it?" "Babe, you know what amonster Al is, so I didn't want to tell you I was taking it onbecause if it just became too much at some point for me and Idecided to give it up I think you would have been disappointed. Ikind of have a reputation to keep up, you know," he told her.

    "Listen Mike, all the sex, band and other fun stuff we've beenhaving aside, we're still a couple and so you can't keep stuff fromme. It makes me feel like you are locking me out when you do thatand it kind of kills the feeling of being connected to you. " "Wow,did we just have our first argument?" he thought to himself. "Yeah,you got a point, ip. I'm sorry. " "You've been so good to me, honey. So it's alright. " He hugged her, lifting her off the couch as he didso, Jessica wrapping her legs around him. He supported them with hisleft arm. "I wish you could spend the night with me ip," he said. "Me too baby, but my parents would never go for that," she reported.

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      "Even though they have you on the pill. God, parents are weird," heanalyzed. "Yeah, that's funny how that works. I guess it is myparents' way of feeling like they are still in control andprotecting me," she posited. "I love protecting you, ip, even thoughI'm not that good in a fight. " She smiled up at him and said, "canyour little Asian fucktoy enjoy the pleasure of Master's companyuntil dinner time?" she inquired. "Yes fucktoy, you may," hegrinned.



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    Διστάζετε από πού να αρχίσετε; Ποια καυτή γκόμενα να διαλέξετε πρώτα; Μην ανησυχείτε, η σας προσφέρει τα χρήσιμα εργαλεία για να κάνετε περιήγηση σε έναν ατελείωτο κατάλογο με διεστραμμένες τσούλες - διαβάστε τα προφίλ τους, ρίξτε μια ματιά στα γυμνασμένα σώματα τους και ανακαλύψτε τα ταλέντα τους στο σεξ. Καυτές ξανθές, βρώμικες μελαχρινές, διεστραμμένες κοκκινομάλλες - τις έχουμε όλες, οπότε μην διστάσετε να επιλέξετε αυτήν που ικανοποιεί τα γούστα σας και σας γοητεύει περισσότερο. Ονειρεύεστε ένα τρίο ή ομαδικό σεξ; Κανένα πρόβλημα, οι επιδέξιες γυναίκες θα σας φροντίσουν για τα καλά και θα σας εντυπωσιάσουν με τους εκπληκτικούς οργασμούς τους και την εκπληκτική δράση. Στοματικό σεξ, πρωκτικό σεξ, μαλακία με το χέρι, πρόστυχο μασάζ, παιχνίδια με κουστούμια - όλα αυτά και πολλά άλλα σας περιμένουν στην, οπότε ανακαλύψτε την.
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