The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 4


Thursday, Mike came to pick her up about noon after having been uphalf the previous night investigating the whole BDSM question. Healso had gotten himself off a few times while looking at variousrope bondage sites he was seeking to use for reference on how hecould ratchet up the restraining of Jessica in a way she woulddelight in. He daydreamed of how she would look encapsulated invarious kinds of ties, though just how much of an opportunity hewould have to do that was an open question given that he was in ahousehold with a stay at home mom and Jessica was in the same boat. He decided he would dial back some of the more public humiliationstuff until he saw how far he could push her in private or at leastin a way that would ensure nobody would see what they were doing.

They spent the next few hours at his house jamming. Mike was prettypissed off that they didn't hustle enough during the soon to expiresummer vacation to book more gigs. He pondered playing at schooldances, though that usually came with strings attached and, likeanything else overseen by high school administrators, was usuallylame. He sure as shit wasn't going to do crap like Good Charlotte oremo. Either straight ahead metal, technically oriented hard rock,fusion or blues for him. Jessica, as usual, was pretty much up foranything. Mike ultimately declared that he was going to work on someYngwie Malmsteen and Rainbow songs because he really needed to takehis playing there after putting it off due to the degree ofdifficulty of the former and the Rainbow tunes being like 30 yearsold even if he personally liked them whenever he heard them. "Thatshould keep us occupied for a while. unless something else comes up,"he said. They would start with learning everything on Yngwie's firstsolo record and then work their way down from there, which wouldconstitute a lot of material. "Shit Jessica, if people see you doingYngwie's songs you'll rule the world, so many guys will want you. "She laughed at the thought.

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   "I'm at home playing with you, sweety,"she giggled.

Mike then asked Jessica how many AP classes she was going to takeher junior year. "Probably a couple, definitely AP english andhistory," she said. "How about math or science," he wanted to know. "Not this year. I think that's still a little over my head at themoment. "So I guess that makes two classes I can't take with you. ""That's because you don't even try. . " Yeah, anything that eats intomy guitar playing and being with you time is kind of a waste to me. ""You're going to college, though, right sweety?" "Yeah, for sure. Still haven't made up my mind what I want to take, though. I mightgo to M. I. (Musician's Institute), but I'll need to do some seriouspractice to prepare for that.

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  " "I'd like to go there, too, Mike, butunless you get into a big band or regular studio situation, all youcan do with a degree from there is teach 18 year olds to play GreenDay songs in the back of guitar shops. " Mike laughed. "Yeah. "

Mike suddenly got up and closed the door to his bedroom. "HeyJessica, there's something we need to talk about. " Jessica looked athim and her face fell because anytime you hear those words bad newsusually ensues. "Is he finally getting tired of me?" she fretted. "Look, it's about some of the stuff we've been doing together. ""What about it?" "I really like what we've been doing," he began,Jessica thinking "whew!" in her mind. "But what scares me is that Iam always afraid of pushing things beyond your tolerance level. Ijust don't want to do anything that will cause me to lose you. "Jessica started crying and Mike was surprised. "What's the matterip?" he asked. "I feel so lucky that you love me that much," shechoked through her tears. "Well listen girl, if it starts gettingweird for you, please feel free to say stop.

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   I don't think I'm thatkinky, but I also don't know how far you want to go. I'm definitelynot into any bathroom stuff or anal sex. " "That's good," shechuckled. "But maybe you might have noticed I'm a bigtime horndogand my idea of humor can be a little off the wall sometimes," hesaid apologetically.   Jessica giggled and acknowledged that sheknows that, but that it makes every day an adventure.

"I don't know what I did to deserve you, but once I find out what itis I'll keep doing more of it," he burbled. Jessica fell over andlaid on his lap. He pulled her t-shirt up and shoved his hands underher bra before beginning to kiss her. " She was already wet becauseof her throbbing nipples and was ready to fuck. "Baby, that feels sogood," she said while he played with her nipples. Unfortunately,Mike's mom was just down the hall, so no sex was going to take placethat day.

"Hey ip, you know that harness I put you in the other day/" "Yeah. ""I want you to wear it the first day of school. " "Will it fit,because I'm going to have to wear a bra or my nipples will stick outand I'll get sent to the office and my mom will get really mad. ""Yeah, that's a problem.

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  " "I'll tell you what, you change into itafter school. Don't wear a bra. I also want you to wear a light blueblouse. " "Wow, it'll be almost transparent in the sun. " "That worksfor me, babe!" "I bet it does pervert!" "Hahahahaha. " He rubbed herpussy through her jeans. "Mmmm, that feels good. " she hummed. Mike'smom knocked and he pulled his hand out of Jessica's crotch as hesaid, "come in!" His mom used the pretext of telling him what wasfor dinner and when it would be ready to check up on them. It wasalso a signal for Jessica to go home.

On the way back to her house, Mike told Jessica to unhook her bra. When he parked next to the curb that was only about 60 feet from herfront door, he demanded that he show him her tits. Jessica and heboth looked around for a second and then Jessica elevated hert-shirt, displaying her engorged nipples to him. He pulled the chaina couple times and, as usual, she moaned before she put her shirtback down and closed the clasp of her bra. He grabbed her hand andmade her rub his hard on.

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   "You're the hottest, babe," he told her. "I know!" she laughed.

She wished that she could have gotten him off, but as a kind oftribute to him, she went to her bedroom and put the gel penis in hermouth to see how much she could swallow. Still not much more thanbefore. So until dinner, she practiced using the toothbrush. Aftershe ate, she was really wet from the pulsing in her nipples. Onceshe confirmed that her parents were in the living room watching tv,she undid her bra, lifted her shirt and massaged her tits whilefellating the gel penis before putting the fake dick down andrubbing herself off with her fingers. She then practiced her guitaruntil 18 p. m. before watching some Adult Swim and falling asleep.

Friday, they went to the San Diego Zoo. On the way back, as the sunwas sinking over the ocean, he pulled them into a parking lot nearwhat is known as Black's Beach, where nudity is allowed in aconfined area. This was a neat, and yet, kinda embarrassing surprisefor Jessica. When they got to a little wooded area right before thebeach, they shed their clothes and packed their clothes into hisbackpack. She wondered if he was going to remove the nipple ringsfrom her boobs, but he didn't, so her fully erect nipples felt theocean breeze wafting across them as well as the rest of the skin onher naked body.

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   After negotiating her wheelchair over the pathlesssand, he laid out a blanket and they cuddled as the natural ceilingabove them began to redden and darken. "God, this makes me glad tobe alive, Jessica," he enthused to her. He concentrated hisattention on remembering the feel of her exposed skin as the lightwind tantalized them. They exchanged long kisses. She couldn'tbelieve that they could be out in the open like this and not getarrested. Her uncertainty about all this made this more exciting toher.

He sat behind her and fondled her boobs since there was nobodyaround. She moaned and sighed while he kissed her neck and lips. Heused the tips of his index fingers to tease the head of her nipples,making her wetter. As he did this, he gave her a command. "Hey ip,did you masturbate last night?" he suddenly inquired. She dreamilyanswered in the affirmative. "Well babe, from now on, when youmasturbate, you have to phone me and ask for permission. In fact,you are no longer allowed to touch either your tits, clit or pussywithout my approval. If you do, even by accident, you have to keep arecord of it and then tell me the next time we meet.

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   Do youunderstand? "Okay baby. , " she agreed. "Oh, and also you can touchyourself when you take a shower, but only with a washcloth and youaren't permitted to get yourself off with it or any other object. For example, rubbing yourself against your bed or the arm of a sofaisn't allowed. " She also assented to that and he told her she was "agood girl. " She smiled when she heard that and closed her eyes toenjoy all the sensations her nerve endings were telegraphing to heras well as a quick retreat into sub space, the happiest land of allfor her.

Mike was a little bit at cross purposes with himself here. On theone hand, he wanted her to enjoy seeing all the animals at the zooand enjoy the romantic moment they were having at the beach. Butthat instinct to dominate her just wouldn't leave him be. Indeed,subs have so much power in a relationship because without herwillingness to be with and be guided by him, he was just anotherschmuck without a girlfriend. So the delicate balancing act he hadto engage in here to keep her interested while not disgusting orfrightening her created a paradox, effectively making her dominant aslave to however her yen for submission manifested itself.

He laid her down and commenced sucking on her distended nipples,also pulling on the chain, eliciting wispy moans from her that wereeasily drowned out by the crash of the waves on the shoreline. Hegazed longingly at how the shadows built by the declining altitudeof the sun over the horizon framed and colored her exotic face andshapely body. He invited her to walk with him, loading her back intoher wheelchair and, in fits and starts, forcing it through the softsand to the firmer packed soil of the waterline. They slowly madetheir way northward and they could feel a tinge of cold in the airwith the sun now just about gone.

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   'Come on babe, I'll take youhome. " "Thanks, sweety," she mildly rejoindered.

Returning to the road and fully clothed again, they stopped for someice cream before he deposited her on her doorstep and watched as shecrossed the threshold into her safe haven. With a little sadness inhis heart that she wouldn't be in his arms that night he turned forhis own abode.

Mike brought his guitar, pedalboard and half stack over to her houseSaturday and they jammed on and off all afternoon. They had justabout figured out Malmsteen's "Far Beyond the Sun" and were coachingeach other on getting through the various parts of the technicallytroublesome tune. Mrs. Hamada watched them for a few minutes as theywere in the process of this before intruding on them with a plate ofcookies and cokes. 'hey, if I knew there was free food here, I'dcome over more often. Now you'll never get rid of me," Mike joked. Jessica's mom was liking more and more what Mike had done for herdaughter, imbuing her a sense of place and human interaction. Sheknew that Jessica had a good enough head on her shoulders that shewasn't going to do something stupid like end up pregnant and healways brought her home early and sober so that there was no worryabout where she was or what she was doing. She decided to give themsome privacy, figuring that they had earned it by now and closed herdaughter's door behind her.

When Mike went to use the bathroom, Jessica's dad stopped him afterhe emerged from it and thanked him for making it possible for hisrather isolated kid to play with his band after he saw the smilesand enthusiasm she showed while on stage at the civic anniversarycelebration. "She was floating on air when she came home," he saidto Mike, shaking his hand.

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  . But Mike also got the message that herparents were indeed keeping an eye on how their relationship wasplaying out and showing him how precious Jessica was to them.

When Mike was back by Jessica's side, he was all smiles, thinking tohimself that, "I guess I'm in with her folks. " There was also therealization by her parents that they can't watch her 24 hours a dayand were just going to have to begin cutting the cord for the sakeof her development as an independent human being. They asked Mike tostay for dinner, but he begged off because he didn't want to dealwith the awkwardness of it. He did come back, though, around sevento continue his and Jessica's musical meeting of the minds. He toldher that rather than learning "Black Star" of the first Malmsteenrecord, he wanted to learn "Rising Force" because of its harddriving beat and a solo that left plenty of showing offpossibilities. They watched Yngwie playing it again and again on YouTube as well as other virtuosos who had done covers of it to get afeel for the fingerings and to supplement what their ears weretelling them.

The house grew quiet a couple of hours later. The two lovers puttheir axes away to spare the neighbors any more noise and Jessica'sparents had gone to bed. They cuddled and, not knowing the status ofher parents at that point, he pulled her tank top up and unhookedher bra and then stuffed it under her bed. She moaned quietly as hismouth pulled at her nipples while his hand slipped into her pantsand frigged her clit. She had his cock out and in her little fist asshe pumped her hand up and down. 18 minutes later, they both came. He decided to see why the house seemed so still and told her that ifhe ran into her parents while checking out if they had pissed off todreamland or not he would say bye and leave.


   She was happy, though,when he reappeared in  her bed, indicating that they had the rest ofthe night all to themselves as long as they weren't too loud.

He opened his book bag, which he brought with him when he came backafter dinner, and held out a leather thong that had a dildo affixedto the crotch and a butt plug attached just inches from theartificial prong. "Hey babe, you know how I told you I wanted you towear that harness on the first day of school? I want you to wearthis instead," he firmly stated. "Why don't you try it on?" Hepulled out a bottle of lube and oiled both the protrusions up whileJessica removed her pants and panties. She sat on the edge of thebed and began pulling it up. As she got it close to her businessdistrict, she moved her butt off the bed and kicked her legs upquickly She had it right at her crotch now, with both deviceslooking for an opening. She popped the dildo into her front hole andthen had Mike slide the backside up. She felt the butt plug ticklingher sphincter. He reclaimed the lube and drizzled more of it on herpuckered anus and then guided the plug to it, gently pushing it into her.

"How does that feel?" he asked. "The dildo feels really good, thebutt plug just makes me feel stuffed back there," she averred. "Letme look at you babe," he commanded. She stood up, staggered, and hecaught her under her arms and picked her up so just her toes weretouching the ground to view the scene of his girlfriend and her twopacked holes. He climbed on top of her and sucked, bit and proddedher pulsing nipples. He cursed himself for not bringing the cuffs,vibrating nipple clamps and blindfold with him.


   She muffled hermoans with a pillow while he nudged the dildo  built into the thong. repeatedly. He eventually began strumming her clit with his handsand she screamed into the pillow when her stiff love buttonshuddered and she temporarily got lost in the seemingly toroidalforce of the pleasure ripples through her body.

At that point, Mike was afraid that he was pushing his luck, so hepulled the very filling thong off of Jessica and he took it with himto prevent her suffering any problems with her mother perhapsstumbling across it when she did the housework. He helped her changeinto her pajamas and then kissed her goodbye, loading his gear intohis car and exiting her development.

Sunday, Mike's parents decided that it would be a good experiencefor his younger brother to go with them to the Getty Museum inMalibu. That would mean that they would be gone at least until whatwould ordinarily be his family's dinner hour. Mike called Jessicaafter they left and had her unhook her equipment. He arrived at herhouse minutes later and they hightailed it to his place.

The previous day, a big box of stuff had been left on his doorstopby the postman, things he had ordered from the aforementioned wellknown online retailer but items he didn't want his parents to knowabout. It was waiting for him on the kitchen counter when hereturned from Jessica's and he told his mom that it was just a newtuner and some extra cables and crap he needed for his guitar. Noneof that was true, of course.

Mike and Jessica jammed for a while and determined that they had"Far Beyond the Sun" pretty much in the bank. They were messingabout with various parts of the other tune by the notorious Swede inthe music room when they just kind of looked at each other anddecided to put the guitars down for a while. He unbuttoned herblouse and her bra was also soon dropped on to the floor, her pantsand panties following in their wake.

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   He scurried to his room and wassoon back with his bag of goodies. She confessed that she hadabsentmindedly touched her nipples four times after he left thenight before. "I'm glad you're so truthful, babe. But I think weneed to impose some corrective action here. " She looked at himwondering what he meant when he jerked her across his lap and thengave her four hard slaps on her ass. She felt the heat rising fromthe sting of the short spanking and Mike noticed her eyes kindaclouding over a little.

He picked her up and gently moved her to a kneeling position infront of him. He stood up and lost his pants before shoving hisboxers down to his knees. "Now let's see how much progress you'remaking on that deep throating," he announced. He held his cock infront of her face and she licked around it for a minute, the tip ofher tongue grazing around the bottom of the head and then lapping atthe shaft. He thrust it forward toward her and she opened her mouthto take it in. Bracing her head in his hands, he began skullfuckingher, taking it slow in increasing the depth with which he pushed hishardened rod between her sweet lips. Finally, at about five inchesin, he hit her limit, as she gagged and pulled her head off of hisdick. He backed away from her and went for the vibrating nippleclamps, hanging them on to her erect nubs after he unlocked thenipple rings. He dipped into his bag again and out of it appeared avenus butterfly sex toy, the middle part of which was a bullet thatwent into her vagina and was held there by leg straps he slid on toher thighs.

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   He subsequently had her lie on her stomach and inserteda vibrating butt plug into her. He then had her roll over andsmeared some stuff that smelled like strawberries that was supposedto help stimulate her clit. All of the toys were wireless and heproduced the remotes for them and switched them on while telling herto continue sucking him.

"When you feel like you're going to cum, I want you to ask me forpermission to do so," he intoned over her. Jessica acknowledged hisdemand, moving her head up and down while his cock was still in hermouth. She felt a nice resonating sensation in her clit and ass, asthey seemed to be magnifying each other, and her clit felt hotterand stiffer than normal. The thumping in her nipples was joined by anice little hum in her pussy, She was beginning to moan and sigh. Italso apparently made her mouth hungrier for his dick, as she sped upthe rate with which her head bobbed up and down on it and herbreakneck breathing and moaning were becoming more pronounced. Heturned up the toys another couple of notches. Watching her wrigglingand twirling her hips as she was being pleasured by the batterypowered machines was really getting Mike hot and he was just aboutto go Vesuvius in her mouth. She then suddenly pulled off his cockand let out a loud gulp of air and began cumming hard, her eyes shuttightly while her brain attempted to cope with the scale of thesignals that were firing off in her head.

He turned the various vibrators off. "You didn't ask for mypermission before that orgasm, ip. So I will correct that, too. " Withthat warning, he pulled her up and put her on his lap and wacked hercute little butt five times.

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   She was panting again after that as helightly helped her back on to her knees. He switched all thevibrators back on, but on full power this time. She gasped before heshoved his cock back in her mouth. Her moans were being moderated bythe obstruction in her mouth. He rammed his cock into her throat,making her gag and cough. She looked up at him with tears in hereyes, though not because she was upset. Her mouth did just hangopen, however, a sign that she was space truckin' to her personaluniverse again while she endeavored to appease his need.

After she caught her breath, she resumed her seduction of hismanhood, his precum providing her with some extra protein while sheegged him on closer to climax. She pulled off and began gasping andwrithing again. "May I cum Mike?" she pleaded. "Why should I let youcum, ip?" She was really uncomfortable as her brain tried to dam thetide of sensations building inside of her. "Because I'll go crazy ifyou don't let me! (pant pant pant, gulp). " "Are you my little Asianfucktoy?" "Yes," she whimpered. '"Yes what?" "Yes, I'm your littleAsian fucktoy! (pant pant pant, groan). " Okay fucktoy, you may cum.

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  "With that, she let go and her pleasure was exemplified by the mix ofsqueals and raspy, rapid breathing that arose out of her orgasm.

She attempted to resume sucking him, her lips compressing his achingshaft. But another wave of heat began to melt her resistance. "OhGod, I'm going to cum again. Please let me cum again Mike!" "Don'tcall me Mike, call me Master," he barked. "Please Master, I can'thold out much longer," her body rocking anxiously. "Okay fucktoy,let yourself go. " And she just about fell over, her body shakingfrom the invasion of vibrations in her most sensitive areas. Hecould see that she was getting that 1000 yard stare in her eyes now,her need to submit staging a coup in her mind and making hercapitulate to his will.

"Oh God, I'm cumming!" she cried once again and Mike saw her headdrop and her eyes slam tightly shut to receive the sensations. "Youdidn't give me permission there, fucktoy. We'll take care of thatlater. " When she heard that, he saw her body convulse again and hervision went white as another orgasm fried her brainpan.

He retracted his cock from her mouth and turned all the vibratorsoff. He perused Jessica's face and her cheeks were raspberry red.

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   Hepulled her up on to the sofa and laid her down with her head againstthe lower third of the seat back. He kneeled between her legs andstarted licking her juices, relishing the taste of her soppingpussy. He also liked the smell of the clit stimulator. He only drankin her wetness and didn't attack her clit at all, which had justbeen subjected to a serious amount of abuse. She was getting herbreath back, but the vacant expression on her face betrayed just howdrunk she was on the power dynamic.

"Do you want my cock fucktoy?" he asked. She whispered, almosthissed,  a contented "yes. " "Yes what?" he cross examined. "YesMaster. " "That's a good little fucktoy," he reassured her. He aimedthe tip of his cockhead at her vaginal entrance and then leaned hisbody to jam it into her. He savored the feeling of her soft, wetwalls collapsing around his meaty extension. He slowly built upmomentum, his beef stick reaming her furiously. She whimpered an,"ohhhhhhhhh" as he rubbed his friction stick inside of her. Withinfive minutes, she was beginning to gasp and her breathing oftensounded like little rapid puffs of air.

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   His balls lined the spermthat would be gunned into her trench up inside him. The pleasantturbulence was making him sound short of breath, too. He looked ather face and it was contorted into an expression of rapturoustorment. "(Pant pant pant) Master, may I cum?," she desperately. importuned. "Yes you may, fucktoy," he indulged. Her vaginal musclescontracted fiercely, her mouth sending forth choked gusts of breathjust as his penis ejected its load into her pink passage. When hisammunition was spent, he wheeled his body on to the sofa next toher. Turning his back to the arm of the couch, he pulled her intohis arms and between his legs. They rested there quietly for a fewminutes. He became aware of the smell in the room now from thereactivities. He went into the bathroom, tearing off a big wad oftoilet paper. He wiped Jessica's pussy, which had semen seeping outof it, and then what moisture there was on the couch cushion beforeflushing it down the toilet.

Opening the window to clear the air, Mike returned to Jessica and hetook in her scent as he nibbled at her neck and tickled the ridgesof her ear with his tongue. She let out a long gratified sigh.

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   Shehad that drugged appearance on her countenance again. He softlyasked her if she was happy. "Oh yes," she almost absentmindedlyconfessed. "Oh Yes, what?" Mike countered  "Oh yes Master. Mmmmmm. . . " "And what are you/" She had to think about it for asecond as her endorphin intoxicated brain took its time to processthe question. "Your little Asian fucktoy," she recalled, her voicemaking her sound very passive and disconnected. "That's rightfucktoy. "

His voice was coming and going in her mind, the chemical explosionsin her cerebral cortex from their sex session having sapped hermental energy. "From now on, when we are alone, you are to addressme as Master. Do you understand?" "Yes Master. " And when you speakto me you will refer to yourself as 'little Asian fucktoy. ' do youunderstand?" "Yes Master.

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  " And when we are out in public, you canrefer to me the same as you were before today. " "Yes Master. " And Iwill refer to you the same way. " "Yes Master. "

She was so vulnerable right now. If he was evil, he could reallyhurt her. It only made him want to protect her more and yet, itturned him majorly on to put her in this state, where she seemedtotally defenseless and easy to exploit for his purposes. And sheappeared to be totally happy with that.

He sat her against the back of the sofa again and, after putting thenipple clamps back in his bag, picked the nipple rings off the endtable and locked them back on her teats. They became fully erectagain almost instantaneously. Was it conditioning? Or just herregular physiological reaction? Whatever it was, man, did it lookappetizing! "Don't move fucktoy," he ordered her. "Yes Master," sheobeyed. He went downstairs and filled a glass with ice and thenpoured some tap water into it. He dashed back up the stairs to herside and put the glass to her lips. "Here, drink!" he bid her.

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   Shetook a few sips. Thank you Master," she said. "How are you feeling,"he questioned. "so peaceful," she answered, repeating an earlierdescription of her euphoria.

He put the sex toys away. He got up again and found his digitalcamera and had her sit with her legs wide open. Then he snapped aphoto of her cream pie and her knockers. He would have taken a picof all of her, but that would have constituted child porn eventhough they were basically the same age.

He laid down on the couch with his head in her lap while shecontinued her journey through whatever dimension her mind was nowin. He held her hands to his heart with his lefthand while he usedhis right to stroke her cheek, describing how much he loved her. "Ilove you, too, Master" she murmured with a buzzed smile on her face.

After another hour passed, he decided to wake her back up. First, heslapped her very gingerly on her cheeks. "Jessica, wake up babe. "You need to get dressed.


   He ran an ice cube over her skin and thentickled her and she giggled to life. "Come here my little Asianfucktoy," he said. She fell into his arms and they kissed and kissedsome more. He plucked her bra off the floor and she snapped it intoplace. She was soon fully clad again and then reveled in hisembrace.

Mike felt kinda high himself now, his face registering anunceasingly wide grin. Hi mood mellowed as he looked over atJessica. He threw his bag back into his bedroom closet and thenpicked her up and carried her downstairs and lovingly eased her onto the sofa. He retrieved his wheelchair and she slid into it andthen they went into the backyard together. He pulled her out of thechair and onto a lounge chair, slipping in behind her and thenpulling her down to recline on his belly. It was such a beautifulday. "My life so rocks right now," Mike convinced himself.