The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 36


Later that day, Lizzy went to her swim practice and Jessica and Mikeheaded to rehearsal. A month before that, a new swimmer had joinedthe club that Lizzy belonged to. Joy Dimentieva, the daughter of aJewish Russian emigre, was a 6'0" 160 pound blonde who was giftedwith looks that made even Maria Sharapova seem plain. Dimentieva'sdad had gotten into the auto export business when he was a sailor inthe Russian Navy, sending back cars from Hokkaido that would nolonger pass the strict inspection regime set down by the Japanesegovernment to a newly emerging Russian Republic. He eventuallybought into a dealership in the U. S. , thus allowing the family toemigrate when Joy was six. The first name she was now going underwas an Americanized adaptation of her Russian appellation. Joy wasalso a lesbian, unbeknownst to her parents because Russians arenotoriously homophobic.

In that first month, Joy had already slept with a couple of theother girls on the team. Lizzy was nuts about her. She wasintellectually gifted, having been skipped a grade when she was ten,and already the best athlete on the squad . Her only flaw, if onecould call it that, was that her breasts were average, b cups, butwith a lovely shape to them. Joy began going over to Lizzy's houseon her bicycle every now and again because she was afraid that ifshe got caught by her parents bumping uglies with Lizzy or anyother  girl she would be sent back to Russia to live with relatives,which would put a huge crimp into her life plans, if not demolishthem altogether.

Lizzy was appreciative of all her relationship with Mike's brotherhad done for her, but what was missing was the regular touch of awoman and she was beginning to think that while she did indeed likeboth men and women, she was favoring the distaff side more in herpreferences. Joy was also a top, which appealed to Lizzy'ssubmissive side.

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   The first time that Lizzy had sex with Joy, she wasso blown away by the taller girl's beauty and intensity that she waspretty much a goner. In fact, Thursday, when Mike's brother tried tocall her on her cellphone, she just let it go to voice mail becauseshe was naked with Joy at the time.

Joy loved Lizzy's competitive instinct plus her playing guitar madeLizzy seem really cool to her and God, could she eat pussy and hertits were awesome! Two weeks later, after Mike and Jessica had givenher, her brother and Mike's sibling their guitar lesson that day,Lizzy took his bro into her bedroom and notified him that she wasdumping him. This came as a shock to everybody and while it wasn'tany of her business, Jessica was especially pissed after all theeffort she had put into teaching Lizzy to play plus just lending hergeneral life advice, not to mention her efforts to give him someexposure to the ways of sex.

When Lizzy's brother Austin noticed that Mike and his posse hadstopped showing up at the house, he asked Lizzy what was going on. Lizzy told him straight out that she ended it with Mike's brother. Austin, who was much aggrieved, then notified his mom of what hadhappened. Wendy hit the roof, especially when Lizzy wouldn't tellher who she had sacrificed Mike's brother for. This ginned up fearsin Wendy that her daughter was seeing some scumbag she was ashamedto bring home. The truth was that Lizzy brought Joy home frequentlyand she wasn't a scumbag by a longshot. But Wendy still didn'trealize that her daughter was bi. Joy also didn't go to the samehigh school as Lizzy, so the after school study sessions with acouple of pretty brilliant tutors were over. Austin tried toconvince Mike to continue giving him lessons, but he told the kidthat for a lot of different reasons it was probably best if he wasno longer involved with his family, especially as angry as Jessicaand his brother were with Lizzy.

But before Lizzy had dropped the hammer on Mike's brother, BlazingMercury did their last rehearsal the day before their scheduledshow. If they got to play in front of a hundred people they wouldconsider it a victory.

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   The actual number was somewhere in the 50's. The stage was so small it that if one can imagine lining fouraverage kitchen tables next to each other that was about it and itwas maybe a foot off the ground. Because Adrian's keyboard rack wasenormous, it was a real chore getting everything in. Adrian,Jessica, Mike, the singer and the bassist were all lined up right atthe front of the stage almost cheek to elbow. "Oh well, it's a gig. Let's level the place," Mike told the other band members. And thatis what they did.

The good thing about playing in such small venues is that it forcesa group to keep the volume down, which makes it more comfortable foreveryone to hear you. They were basically allowed to play for up to90 minutes, more if the customers liked you. That could be cutshort, though, if people were fleeing your music. There wasn't anyannouncement. The club owner told the band to go on and Travisinformed them who they were and then went into their first song,"Firestorn," a fast tune with a nice lead dueling section and asweet sounding harmony bit in the bridge. When they finished playingit, the reaction was polite at best, but they had at least beennoticed by the bar's regulars. They immediately launched into "Bornto Burn," another uptempo number with a section where the twoguitars and the keyboard trade off. The applause was much strongerand people were now walking up to the stage to get a closer lookwhile holding their beers.

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"Thank you. Again, we're Blazing Mercury and we're from just alittle while down the road. This is for you bikers out there. It is,"American Iron!" That song was mildly slower than its predecessor,but Jessica unleashed a series of sweeps and then a tapping partfollowed by agile, lightning fingered arpeggios that brought loudapplause when she concluded the solo. "Jessica Hamada people! Giveit up!" he said. He was about to transition into his rap for thenext tune when someone wanted to know why she was sitting down. "Forthose of you who didn't hear it, someone asked why Jessica issitting down and the rest of us are standing. Well folks. Jessicacan't walk. She usually gets around in a wheelchair. " A murmur wentthrough the few dozen punters. "Anyway, I'm going to take the nextfew minutes off while the band takes you on an "Astral Migration!"The seven minute instrumental was basically a semi-classical piecethat Adrian had written sometime back that they had re-arranged intoa bombastic tour de force. Jessica took the first solo, going intoit with a pick slide and skipped across the fretboard with somelegato fireworks before Mike came in and tore up the fretboard  withlittle technical tricks and then just sheer speed before Adrian camein with a harpsichord section and then it concluded with big chordalharmonies and an even bigger ending flourish.

Now everybody in the bar was crowding up in front of the stage. "Holy shit, who are these guys?" was heard.

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   After that, theaudience, such as it was, was riveted and the camera phones startedto come out. They were called back for four encores and could havereturned for a fifth, but they were out of songs. They spent thenext couple of hours schmoozing the audience. many of them wanting ahug and a photo from Jessica. They took people's email addresses orother information so that they could organize a promotional mailinglist. Travis' girlfriend and Adrian's wife took pictures with theirdigital cameras, too, to post to Facebook, most of which weren'tuseable. Mike didn't care if only three people saw it, they weregoing to service the hell out of them.

When they got home, the workable photos were loaded into Adrian'slaptop computer along with things the band members wrote and wouldbe uploaded later when he got up. By the time Jessica and Mikefinally got in, it was four in the morning. She took a shower,downed her birth control pill, left an email for her mom and went tosleep naked in Mike's arms at his house. They didn't wake up untilafter 1 p. m. , the latest by a ways she had ever risen in her life. Mike took her home. "So how did your concert go, Jessica?" Jenniferasked.

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   "It went incredibly well mom," and then her and Mike told herthe whole story. Carl bragged to Tony that Jessica had a show theprevious night, so she received a call from him and questioned herabout it. "Hey, can I come see you guys rehearse?" "I'll ask Adrian,but I don't see why it would be a problem. " "I'd really like to seeyou guys because if you are anywhere near as good as you were lastyear, we would like to book you at the street fair again. " "JesusTony, that's great! I'll get Adrian on the phone and call you back. ""Great Jessica. Good luck. " "Thanks. Bye bye Tony. "

Adrian agreed to it and they had Tony come down to a local rehearsalstudio to watch them that weekend. They ran through their stage actand waited for Tony's opinion. "I have to say you guys, I'm totallygobsmacked. I think you're one of the best bands I have ever seen!You've really only done one gig together? That's unbelievable! Ifyou were around in the 1970's or 1980's you all would bemillionaires! I'll fight to have you guys headline because you'llmake anyone who follows you look silly. " "Thanks Tony, we reallyappreciate it," Adrian, a huge grin breaking out on his face, said.

That night, Mike and Jessica removed their clothes and got into bedtogether at his place after Mike turned the light out.

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   "So what doyou think ip? Let's say the band really starts getting traction,what are you going to do?" "God Mike, I don't know," Jessicaagonized. "I love playing in front of people and I really, reallylike the music we're making. But on the other hand, being a doctoris something I can do for the rest of my life. Most bands are veryfortunate if they're even around for ten years. Plus the recordcompanies, they're all such a bunch of thieves. I wonder how I'llfeel once the band goes from just being fun to being a business,"she vacillated. "Yeah, I hear what you're saying, babe. I loveplaying guitar, but it's not really my life's ambition to be GeneSimmons. " "Fuck Mike, if you turn into that I'll leave," shelaughed.

"One of the stronger parts of our  relationship is that even if Ileave the group, one of us would be able to take care of our homelife while the other continues making music after I finish myresidency in about ten years," she remarked, giggling nervously overhow far off it will be before she gets her license to practicemedicine and how much of a toll on their relationship Mike's musicbusiness ambitions may exert. "Well, at least we won't have to worryabout delays in getting our kids appointments with the doctor," hechuckled. Jessica loved it when Mike talked like that and reachedout to him to hold him closer. He kissed her and whispered into herear how much he loved her. "Mike, I want you so much right now," shesaid with a begging tone in her voice. He kissed her passionately,alternating slow long kisses, short pecks and heated, hard ones thatpinned the back of her head to the pillow as his fingers twiddledher nipples while she stroked the back of his neck with herrighthand.

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   It was a combination of her love for him and the nervousenergy created when she contemplated what form their future togethermay take. She wrapped her legs around his thighs and pressed on themuntil the strength in her muscles gave out, enjoying the feel of hisskin on hers.

His head dropped to her bosom and he began to suck, lick and flickher erect nipples as his hand rubbed the entirety of her vulva, hisring finger nuzzling the opening of her pussy. She was so worked upeven with that little bit of foreplay that she pleaded, "Mike, fuckme now baby. God, I want you!" she cried and he obliged, snaking hispole into her humid snatch, filling it and making her feel stuffed. His hips flexed back and forth to drive his spear into her jungle. She attempted  to wrap her legs around him, but they didn't haveenough power to hold them up there for very long. "Godddddd Mike,ohhhh!" she was whimpering. "God, I love the feeling of your dickinside me baby!" "God Jessica, I wish I could put into words howmuch I love you! I wish there was a way for you to directly seewhat's going on in my heart," he countered while he spiked her sweetroll over and over. "Oh yes baby, oh God, take me baby , give it tome good!" she implored and he elevated the frequency of his thrusts,really pounding it into her now, his cock caught in a velvet viceand wanting it to stay there. When her panting commenced, he knewthat was his cue to take it to the next level and he did, channelinghis inner anger now for her benefit, savaging her cunt and chasingher into the valley of breathless ecstasy.

"Oh God baby, you always give it to me like I want it," she admired,as Mike's pubic bone continued to smash into her ass so that hiscock would keep impaling her, putting her on the train towardanother orgasm, Mike plowing the route to it as she rode the railsof the pleasure he provided for her. "Oh yes baby, she whispered,almost hissing, as his excavation of her tunnel brought moreflooding of it in pursuit of their mutual pleasure. "Fuck me harderbabe, please!" she whimpered and he gave her what she wanted,another serious attack on her virtue with his fuck stick, her voicegrowing louder and louder and then suddenly cutting out as theorgasm makes itself felt, followed minutes later by his squeezingoff countless rounds of semen into her womb. They laid there, theirhot bodies exhausted and their desire sated.

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   Jessica turned into hisshoulder to get as close to him as possible and, feeling wrappedsecurely in his arms, surrendered to the urge to slumber.

Jessica woke up the following morning before Mike and just lay withher head against his shoulder while on her side. She gently grazedhis chest with her nails and stroked his face with her soft fingers. The sun was brightly shining through the curtained window. She threwthe covers off and gazed at his morning wood, taking it in betweenher thumb and middle finger of her lefthand and barely perceptiblyshe ran them up and down the length of the shaft. Her erect nipplespressed  into his side while she did this because of the lockingnipple rings. She was becoming wetter as she lightly played with hismember. She gently pressed it  just under his cockhead a few timesbefore reducing his sleepy time stimulation to the pad of her indexfinger gliding over the skin of his shaft and then doing circlesaround the very tip of it.

She was also enjoying the sensation of her own beautiful nakedness. She rose up and slid down the bed and tenderly enclosed her lipsaround the base of his cockhead. and gingerly pushed and pulled herlips around the full length of his penis. She came up to the tip ofthe head and sucked on it hard to extract his precum out of it. Loosening the pucker of her lips just a bit, she barely covered thetop 10% of his head and licked and sucked it. That startled hissenses and woke him up, blurting "oh fuck" groggily. "Good morningsweety!" she laughed.

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   "Fucktoy shall continue what she was doing,"he ordered. ""Yes Master," she agreed and decided to slowly teasehim, pulling her mouth off and employing the tip of her tongue toflick and lick his shaft, wiggling it as she did so.

She moved in between his legs and gently grabbed his balls androlled them in her palm while her head bowed and her mouth plantedkisses on the head. She ejected a bunch of saliva on to her tongueand slathered it on that head before sucking it off. Mike wasmoaning and gasping and she wanted to see how much he could standbefore he started to cum. She tenderly stroked his dipstick with herthumb and middle finger again while the tip of her tongue rancircles around the top part of his cockhead. Her mouth covered hisdick about halfway on his shaft and she held it there, waggling hertongue from side to side underneath it Then ever so leisurely, shebobbed her head, his member coasting on that tongue while hesecreted more precum that was swallowed into her tummy. She rubbedthe palm of her righthand on his stomach while she sucked hard asshe drew her lips back up toward the head. Then she did it again andagain, squeezing more precum out of his lickin' stick.

Mike had so much pent up cum in his balls now that he felt as if hecould fill an oil tanker with it. "Fucktoy has five minutes to bringher Master to an orgasm or she will be punished," Mike commanded. "Well, I guess the fun is about to end," Jessica thought as shestarted to bob her head rapidly, her lips slipping tightly over theskin of the shaft. In three minutes, she was the owner of a mouthfulof cum. "God fucktoy, I almost don't want to get out of bed, now,"he sighed. Jessica giggled and thanked him for the dose of hismanjuice.



After Mike's mom made them breakfast, Jessica offered to buy herlunch later on for her putting up with Jessica being over so much. They went back upstairs and jammed and screwed around for the nextfour hours.

Mike's brother and a friend who he had reconnected with after beingdumped by Lizzy went to the beach early that morning to surf. Whenthe blackball flag came out signaling that the surfers had to giveway to the swimmers and waders in the waves, Mike and his friend puttheir boards down and bodysurfed and ogled the girls who were aroundthem. Just before noon, little brother went to a convenience storethat was on one side of the front parking lot to buy some munchiesand drinks. Then he saw her. "Oh my God,  that's Minako Nakanoyama!"he silently recognized. Minako was a 5'2" and 95 pound Japan-bornclassmate of his that he had in his health class. She was thedaughter of Dr. Terukazu Nakanoyama, who went to Johns Hopkins, fromwhere he had received his medical degree. He subsequently returnedto Japan, but his taste for the American way of doing certain thingsand the more laidback social atmosphere there as well as a strongyen compelled him to pull up stakes, moving his wife Nanako, theirone year old son Takahiro and five year old Minako to the South Bayarea before ending up only about 300 yards away from Mike's placefour years back. Little bro would often sneak peeks at Minako inclass because she reminded him of Jessica. But other than having herin his class, he didn't know that much about her, only that hethought she was amazingly cute.

It then ran through his mind, "I wonder if she's a subbie?" She wasjust standing there in front of the bank of refrigeration cases inthe store attempting to decide what to drink. Her friend was inanother part of the store, though likely not for long.


   "I better gofor it," he told himself. He grabbed a pen off the cashier's counterand then wrote his cellphone number on the back of a Lotto form andstrode right up in front of Minako. "Hi Minako!" he smiled, lookinginto her eyes. Then in a firm voice,  he commanded, "here's my phonenumber. Call me when you get home. " Mike watched her peepers. Theywidened and then came the telltale glazed look. "Okay," she placidlyreacted.

He bought his stuff for him and his friend and then headed back towhere they were stationed on the sand. "Yes!" he exalted to himself.

He tried to be cool when he sidled back up to his buddy and handedhim the comestible and his coke. They sat there for another halfhour before Mike 's brother said that he met somebody and is waitingfor her to call him. He didn't have his cellphone with him andwanted to go home. The friend was good with that since they hadalready been there almost six hours.

When he arrived home, he looked at his voice mails and so far shehadn't called.

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   So he idled the time away noodling on his guitar. Abit after three his phone rang. It was Minako. "Hi, this is Minako,"she said, still having the remnants of an accent despite living inthe U. S. for a decade.

Yet another instance of in disappointment there is opportunity.



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