The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 31


It had been quite the last three months now for Jessica. She hadturned 18, accepted Mike's marriage proposal, engaged in incest withboth of her parents, Mike was screwing her mother every now andagain and she played gigs and was kicking ass in school. She had atouch of senioritis, though, and didn't  take any AP classes becauseshe had done so much work her junior year and had a lot more of itahead of her in what was likely to be 8-18 years of college, so shejust wanted to cruise her last year of high school  and spend timewith Mike, play guitar and read.

But no rest for the wicked, as they say,. Mike created more havoc oncampus. In fact, it was the worst incident of his checkered highschool career, though it definitely tickled his sometimes borderlineevil sense of humor. As October went into the books, Jessica washoping that they would hit a nice straight stretch of relatively predictable tranquility. The year was now in the home stretch in November. On acool, drizzly day early in the month, Jessica and Mike were hangingout in a corridor to get out of the rain before school started andwere being treated, if one can call it that, to overhearing a groupof evangelical Christian chicks prattling about the concept ofsubmission to one's husband. This inane bit of nonsense had beenkicked up by a Republican presidential hopeful who had, inattempting to play to the wackjob ooga booga faction of her party,talked about it in a couple of her speeches, which the press thenpicked up and, as it is wont to do, turned into another asininetalking head waste of everybody's time food fight.

Mike just barged into their little group and told them he was goingto ask them a question. Not "may I ask you a question," but theattitude was 'here's my question and love it or shove it. " "So doyou guys know what the difference is between natural submission andcoerced submission? Because the truth is that most of you assholeswho talk about this shit are no more willing to submit with yourwhole heart to your husbands than I am to eat a shit sandwich. " Thedeer in the headlights look they gave him at the sudden intrusionjust about caused Jessica to fall out of her wheelchair in laughter. Mike looked into the eyes of the one girl who was the prattler inchief and saw a familiar expression on it. "Oh shit, I have thischick by the short and curlies now" he thought to himself.

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   The bellrang signaling everyone to go to class. Mike looked the girl, whowas named Jocelyn, straight in the eye and basically ordered her toshow up at her brother's basketball game at a local Boys Club laterthat day to talk about it.

After school, Jessica and Mike went to see his little brother play. He didn't much care if Jocelyn materialized, but it would be highlyentertaining to him if she would. Too bad for her and the image ofevangelical Christians as well as the school they all attended thatshe did. Her original stated rationale for going to that game was toexcoriate him for making a fool out of her in front of her friendsin the profane fashion he did. She started in with some of the usualbizarro world cant that empty eyed knuckle dragging true believersare prone to spout, but Mike just told her to shut the fuck up,which she not only did, she liked that he said that. Well, deep downanyway.

Mike then lectured her on the concept of natural submissives vs. coerced submissives, that being that someone who is a fully realizedsubbie isn't repressing anything and rejoices in their subordinationto their dominant and that kind of submission is based oncommunication, trust and love whereas the kind of submission thatthe Christian nutbars are fond of is inherently repressive, sexist,exploitative and abusive. The reason is that women, by mere dint oftheir gender, are consigned to be under the thumb of a manirrespective of whether those women are dominant themselves, naturalsubmissives or somewhere in between. And when people have to represswho they are that repressed character will usually express itself insome negative way, either through depression, self destruction oracting out in anger. Or they get the crap beaten out of them bytheir husbands for not being the perfect picture of what they holdto be the Christian woman. She tried to answer him back, but he toldher to shut up again and if she wanted to discuss some more shecould do so at his house the following day.

The girl was obviously outgunned and an easy target.

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   Mike wonderedif she would actually go to all the trouble of driving some milesaway to visit his house ostensibly to defend herself  even if shehad an inner need to obey a strong male. Well, she did turn up onMike's doorstep and had the president of the school's Christian clubin tow to boot. Now this is actually where the problems started. Mike invited them up to his game room and then he recapitulated hisrant of the previous day. . The president of the club, FredBirtanoff, endeavored to explain how he thought Mike had it allwrong. Jessica chimed in by talking about how she had read ErichFromme's "Escape from Freedom" and how the main reason peoplebelieve in the bullshit that Fred was propounding was that it madethem feel good and little else, that all Christians are basicallyKabuki Christians and that the brand of submission that they wereselling was not just in total denial of reality, but downrightcruel.

"What you're gonna have, and probably do have," Mike started, "iswomen who go through the motions of being submissive to theirhusbands but their husbands are not required in the least to knowthe root of their submission, respect it as the gift that it is orknow how to provide the guidance that would make her submission atruly fulfilling experience. Instead, this topic is just undercoverporno marketed to jackoff small dicked redneck losers. Meanwhile,the people in the BDSM community who practice a non-coercive form ofsubmission where the object is to use erotic power exchange as partof one's daily happiness are seen as evil and some Christians evenwant them locked up when many of the folks in the religion industrywho call BDSM adherents names are themselves some of the scummiestperverts and thieves on earth. " Fred tried to answer that with theold bullshit dodge that there is a difference between Christianityand religion, which Mike cut off at the knees by noting that so manyChristians feel a need to attend giant industrial corporate typechurches and they all basically circle jerk each other in terms ofwho they feature and what rhetoric they propound.

Mike then said, "okay motherfucker, let me show you something thatwill blow your mind. " Mike looked Jocelyn in the eyes and orderedher on her knees. Just like with Jennifer, her first impulse was totel Mike to go fuck himself, but something inside of her stopped herand she quietly kneeled in front of him. "Okay, now take off yourclothes," he commanded.

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   Again, she hesitated, but mere minuteslater, she was naked. Mike then hogtied, gagged and blindfolded her. He grabbed her by the hair and asked her, "you love this, don't youbitch?" She nodded yes and then she left the launchpad for subspace.

Jessica was quietly laughing to herself at the spectacle. Ol' Fred'sjaw was on the ground. "So dude," Mike inquired, "are you going togo to your fellow club members tomorrow and excommunicate her fromit because she's a natural subbie, except she doesn't need theself-defeating horseshit you assholes are spouting off about, or areyou going to recognize that she is prime submit to your husbandmaterial and keep her around? What she actually needs is a kind andloving Master who will truly shepherd her through her submission andnot some greasy haired scammer televangelist more interested inmoney and power than souls and saying she's a degenerate because shehad an innate need to serve another. And you motherfuckers willabuse her anyway. . "

"This girl will give her whole heart to her submission, but shecan't unless you fuckers start handling the issue better. The otherswill just be going through the motions or completely lying abouttheir supposed submission. Therefore what you guys need to do isstart dominating women to find out who the real submissives are fromthe long line of fakes. Let me show you something. . . .

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  " Mike pulledthe blindfold off the girl and the far away glassy eyed countenancewas well in evidence. "When you give a girl a direct order and yousee indications of looks like the one she has right now, then youwill know she is a true subbie. Also, it isn't enough just to orderthem around. Restraining them and applying corrective punishmentwill reinforce the need to submit. I'll show you how to tie them upif you want and there are also tutorials on the internet. "

Fred was such a lamer that he had never seen a girl naked before inthe flesh, only on porn sites online. What Mike was saying seemed tomake a good deal of sense, though he found a lot of it highlyunscriptural. His libido and repressed sexual curiosity basicallyhad him soon taking rope bondage lessons from Mike and from the net. Mike untied the girl, woke her out of her stupor and sent her andFreddie boy home when it was dinner time. And then, as Mike toldJessica when the pair of believers walked out the door, "all hellbreaking loose in 3. . . 2. . .

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  . 1. . . "

After about half a dozen lessons in the art of bondage, Mike toldFred that would be it, that he wanted nothing to do with them againand that if Fred wasn't careful, mixing religion with BDSM can get youin a whole world of hurt. Mike knew, though, that religious nutsjust can't help themselves and he had totally set them up.

The carnage began the following February. The story was that Fredhad gone back to his little club and announced their new policy offerreting out girls who really would submit to their husbands anddistinguish them from the actresses who were merely talking the talkand not walking the walk. This resulted in a lot of the male clubmembers obtaining BDSM gear to use on their female friends orgirlfriends, which ordinarily is fine. Unless of course, if yourmommy finds cuffs, floggers, nipple clamps and dog collars underyour bed. That is what happened. The headline in the alwayssensationalist local news was, "High School Bondage Cult. "Embarrassed parents of some of the girls in the club pressed assaultcharges against a few of the group's males. . One of those chargedattempted to have Mike come in to testify, but Jessica's dad'sattorney got that subpoena quashed on grounds of relevance, thejudge saying that he wasn't going to entertain any "the devil (ortwinkies or heavy metal bands) made me do it" defenses.

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   Thehysterical media coverage lasted for weeks and tarred the reputationof the school and Christians were backpedaling all over hell andback denying that their "submitting to your husband" cant was anendorsement of kinky sex. Mike was so proud. Jessica almost wantedto call him, "Master Loki," after, to describe it rather broadly,the Norse god of chaos.

But to get back to November, just before Thanksgiving, both Travis andDennis announced that they were leaving the band. Travis was drafted inby another metal band, Malicious Wizard, which gigged more regularly andhad a cult following in Europe, and Dennis had a ton of work in his APclasses and he decided he wanted to go to either Harvard, Yale orColumbia. His SAT score was in the 1400 range. However, he wantedJessica's dad to write a letter of recommendation for him. Carl had justbeen promoted to a marketing vice president position with a 30% jump inpay. .

The change in the Hamadas' home life had Carl going to and coming homefrom his job in a very happy frame of mind and it helped his performanceat the workplace, something he credited to Mike and Jessica. Jessicawasn't supposed to get any Christmas presents that year because Carl hadbought some equipment for her now dissolved band, but he told Mike topick a new guitar for her and come December 25th she opened the box to ared ESP Random Star that had been ordered from Japan. Jessica was a fanof Loudness guitarist Akira Takasaki and he was known for playing thatmodel. This was after Carl told Jessica to pick a guitar for Mike ingratitude for training his wife and when Mike came to Jessica's aftereating Christmas dinner with his family on the holy day he was now theowner of the same Jackson Rhoads RR5 model that Jessica played. He hadalways been asking her to let him play hers and so that made giving himhis own a no brainer.

Carl hardly knew Dennis at all, but he decided to interview him beforeputting his signature to a recommendation letter.

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   Dennis began playingclassical string bass in elementary school and then switched to electricwhen he and Mike started becoming interested in heavy metal in juniorhigh. Carl was suitably impressed by him and had Jessica write theletter on his company's stationary for him since she knew him betterthan he did before reading it and then signing it. Jessica subsequentlygave him a blowjob partly for helping her friend out and mostly becauseshe just wanted to make him feel good. While she was on her knees and onhis dick, Mike came over and Jennifer answered the door dressed in thelight blue lingerie outfit Mike had her buy a few months back. "Jessica's sucking Master right now," she told him. "Can pussy doanything for you Mike?" "Yeah, I could use a bj myself," he retorted andJennifer took him into the living room and got him off while he watchedJessica bobbing on Carl's prick.  

Mike had coached Carl up good on the BDSM protocol and anything else heknew about it and just as Mike called Jessica "his little Asianfucktoy," Carl opted for "pussy" for Jennifer after the James Bondcharacter Pussy Galore. Plus, just as Jessica's slave name reminded herof what she was, so the same became true for Jennifer.

For Mike's brother, though, things weren't so hot. He still couldn't geta girlfriend and was continuing to waste his time playing video gamesfor hours on end. His grades stunk as well. So for his 15th birthday,Mike had his parents donate his brother's video game console and cacheof games to charity and buy him a Fender Highway One Strat, a Marshall215c combo amp and some effects pedals and more or less dictated to himthat he was going to take lessons, too.   The thinking there was that notonly would playing guitar help his brother meet women, but studyingmusic is good for a child's mental development and at least if hestarted playing in bands it would get him out of the house. To say thatMike's brother wasn't happy would understate things by a long way. Hehad also grown to the point now where kicking his ass would be achallenge for the lanky Mike.

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   So shutting him up by merely punching hislights out was less of an option.

    The early going was pretty rough. Mike would go  into his brother's roomat night and ask what his guitar teacher had taught him and browbeathis brother into trying to play it in front of him. Mike would then makesuggestions, tell him to do added work to supplement it and rank himout if he didn't hear him practicing. His brother started calling Mike"the Guitar Nazi. "

    Mike determined that a lot of his brother's resentment likely originatedin his lack of action with girls and decided to help him out whilepsychologically slapping him around a little bit to jar his brain tolife. Just a few days after New Year's, Mike tied Jessica up in hisfavorite position for her in his bedroom after inserting vibrators inher ass and pussy and using the vibrating nipple clamps on her milkduds. . That is, her arms spread  wide open on headboard with her legsrestrained to the same attachment point as her wrists, leaving her pussywide open and thrust in front. He blindfolded and gagged her and thentickled her until she was out of breath while the vibrators shook at 75%of full strength. She was soon in sub space and having multiple orgasmsbefore Mike pulled the vibrating egg out of her pussy and fucked thebejesus out of her, infusing a full load of cum into her exposed slit.

    Mike pulled out and put some pants on and then went into his brother'sroom without knocking. "Hey dude, I want to show you something uberamazing," Mike tempted. But look, you need to keep quiet, okay?" "Thishad better be good Mike or I'm gonna be pissed," little bro warned. Thebrother followed him and Mike opened the door to his own bedroom.

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       Littlebro did a double take. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Jessicawas naked and tied up and Mike's semen was dripping out of her. Littlebro's cock instantly became hard while Mike snickered at his reaction. Mike then steered his sibling just outside the door. "Now look, when Iremove her blindfold, pay close attention to the expression on her face. If you know that expression you can get and fuck a fair number ofchicks," Mike promised. Of course, little bro was up for that and theyboth tiptoed up to Jessica, who was somewhere between Pluto and AlphaCentauri in her mind at the moment. Mike gingerly lifted the blindfold,revealing his subby's heavy lidded eyes and drunken expression before hedropped the eye mask back on her.

    They slowly retreated from the room and Mike explained that he willteach his brother how to use reading a girl's face to get with her afterhe takes Jessica home. Little bro walked back to his room and jackedoff three times in a row, doing it so vigorously to the point where hiscock was rubbed raw, whle imagining himself with his penis, which wasnow as long and thick as Mike's when erect, connected to and spewinginto Jessica's sperm gutter.

    When Mike returned home, he fetched his brother but also told him tobring his guitar with him. "Now listen dude, you have to handle what I'mabout to say very carefully or otherwise you will become the schoolcreep," he began. He then talked about how some women are hardwired tosubmit to certain men but that it is also in a very specific way. "So Ijust can't slap them when they get out of line?" little bro ignorantlywondered.


       "Actually, dude, you shouldn't need to use any non-consensualviolence to keep a sub in line. In fact, you, as a dominant must havebigtime self control to make this work and be willing to be patient withher progress in her journey of submission," Mike lectured. He then toldhim how he can determine if one or more of his classmates is asubmissive, but stopped there, saying, "okay dude, practice the C minorand E Minor pentatonic scales for an hour right now in front of me and Iwill give you more info about this shit tomorrow," Mike swore. Mikepulled up online tabs of those scales and told his brother to getcracking.

    The next night, he expanded on his initial teaching and then had hmpractice the lesson his guitar teacher had given him that day. . Littlebrother was a clever shit and when he finished he made a proposal: "if Ipractice four hours a night for six months then will you let me fuckJessica?" Mike's eyes narrowed and he looked like he was going toamputate his brother's head right there. "Listen, dude, it just doesn'twork like that. Yeah, I basically tell her what to do and she prettymuch gives me sex whenever I want, but it is within a really limitedframework. The point of a BDSM relationship, as it is in allrelationships, is trust. When I tie her up or do something kindaprovocative with her, she allows it with the understanding that I willprotect her and bring her out of it safely. Once she feels she can nolonger be protected by me then she will tel me to fuck off and she'llfind someone else. I also don't believe that you have the work ethic topractice four hours a night. "

    Mike spent the next night at Jessica's but he wondered if he could useher sexuality to make his brother a better guitar player. He discussedit with her, saying that when he does something good you could give him akiss on the cheek.


       Also, wear some kinda fruity perfume so that he willassociate a smell with you. " "Oh, kinda like a Pavlov thing Master?""Yes fucktoy, exactly. Put your tits in his back every now and again,too. " Jessica giggled at Mike's plan.

    So the next day, Jessica put a couple of tiny drops of a strawberryscented perfume on her neck and spent the day and night with Mike. Jessica knocked on his bedroom door. "Hey sweety, do you want topractice with us?" Jessica was dressed primly, but still looked sexy. Little brother followed her wheelchair as if he was on a leash. For thenext few hours, they went over the stuff he had been taught to date,with Jessica acting really flirty with him, rubbing his back when heplayed something perfectly and showing him how to play it correctly whenhe didn't. He so wanted to please Jessica it was cracking Mike up. Thebrother's cock felt like  it was going to burst, it was so stiff, andthe front of his jeans were sopped with leaking precum. Jessica feltkind of bad cockteasing a high school freshman, but was sort of enjoying it, too. Little brother only knocked off practicing because thetips of his fingers were sore since he hadn't developed calluses heavyenough yet to play over such an extended time.

    Jessica was over again the next night and she purposefully tormented himagain. At the end of that session, Mike asked him, "so if you werestill playing video games you think Jessica here would even be talkingto you?" "No," the brother admitted.

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       "I'll tell you what baby," Jessicacooed to the brother. "You learn all your major and minor pentatonicscales all over the fretboard at 125 beats per minute and know instantlywhat note it is when I point to a fret on the fingerboard then I willlet you make out with me for five minutes. " He choked down an "okay,"causing Mike to just about rupture a kidney laughing. "If you can do allyour major, minor and diminished scales all over the neck at 125 bpm,which isn't that fast, I'll let you suck my nipples for five minutes. Ifyou know all of your major, minor and diminished scales, modes and youcan sweep pick, I will let you lick my pussy for as long as you want. Ifyou can do all of the last one and play "Far Beyond the Sun" by YngwieMalmsteen, "Technical Difficulties" by Paul Gilbert and the funtwoversion of "Canon Rock," I'll let you do all of the other stuff plusgive you a blow job. But there will be conditions attached before I'lldo the last one. " "What's that?" "You have to shave your pubic hair offand have had a shower. " "Why do you want me to shave my pubes?""Because when a girl goes down on you she will know that she isn't goingto get any hair in her mouth plus it makes your cock look bigger. "'I'll settle for neatly trimmed hair down there, but wild untamed bushis a no," she elaborated.

    "Again, dude, any chance in hell any girl makes this offer if you're notpaying her if you fritter all your time away playing with yourjoystick?" Mike challenged. "No," the brother conceded.

    When the brother had vacated for the night, Mike turned to Jessica andpondered, "so what does fucktoy believe the chances are that she willhave to deliver on any of that?" Jessica giggled, "Master, your littleAsian fucktoy  can see the first one Maybe happening, but she has strongdoubts that she will have to deliver on any of the other promises. Andby the time he nails everything on that list anyway it will be a minimumof two years, perhaps double that. " "Well, I guess we'll find out,fucktoy," Mike said.

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       "But I think fucktoy is likely to be provencorrect. "



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    Searching online is one of the best ways to find women in Singapore. There are a lot of websites and groups that connect clients with women. These can be a great way to find the right partner. You can check out SG VIP Escorts, SG Escort Babe, and SG Escorts, which are all famous sites.There are many escorts in Singapore that can give you the date of your dreams, whether it's a quiet candlelit dinner, a wild night on the town or some quality one-on-one time. There is no lack of beautiful escorts to choose from, whether you're looking for an Asian model or a Western whore.

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