The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 24


Carl Hamada entered his house and Jessica cheered. "Hi daddy!Welcome home!" "Hi there kitten! Don't you look gorgeous! Big date tonight?" "No daddy, it was because you were coming home!" "Huh?"

Just then, Jennifer Hamada came out of her bedroom in a white sundress that extended just below her knees, light blue stockings andwhite four inch heels. "Hi honey!," she said, kissing him hard. "Wow! What's with the big reception?" Carl also noticed thatJennifer and Jessica had the good silverware and china laid out onthe dining room table. "Honey, Jessica and I are sure you dealt witha lot of bullshit this week, like you do every week, and we wantedto show you that we really appreciate what you go through to putfood on the table. " "Fuckin' A, thanks you guys, but you didn't haveto go to all this trouble. " "Daddy, come here and  give me a kiss,"Jessica demanded. "Sure kitten," he said, picking her up and givingher a quick peck on the lips.

They plowed through the four course meal that Jennifer and Jessicaprepared for him, topped off by a nice red wine, except for the milkJessica had because she didn't drink alcohol. Jessica then excusedherself and went to her bedroom and closed the door. Jennifer stoodup and unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor,revealing her light blue bustier, panties and thigh high stockingswith patterned top bands as well as the white four inch heels. "Holyshit, Jen! You look smokin' hot!`" he praised.

"Come on baby, sit on the couch so I'll have more room to entertainyou," Jennifer told him. Carl moved to the sofa and Jennifer begangiving him a lap dance, at times climbing on top of him and grindingher pussy against his cock through their apparel. Carl was hootingand hollering like he was at a strip club. "Would you like to go tothe VIP room with me sweety?" she tempted.

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   "Oh yeah, I'm definitelythere," Carl said, his heart racing  and his cock as stiff as as apastor in a whorehouse. She grabbed his hand and led him into theirbedroom, sitting on the end of the bed while she resumed hergyrations. "Are the customers allowed to touch the girls here?" hequestioned jokingly. "Mmmmmm, just you big man," Jennifer  ripostedwith a sinful smile. "I think I'm going to be a regular customerthen," he chuckled. She bent over with her ass just above his knees. "Want to put some giddy up in this horsie stud?" she winked. "YesMa'am," he shot back in a bad southern accent before delivering ahard slap to her butt. "I don't know if that's enough to spur thishorse," she lead on. Carl reared back and gave her posterior twomore hard, loud impacts. "Ummm, now I think the horsie is feelingmotivated. "

She sat astride him as she was still feeling the heat of his briefspanking and commenced grinding herself on his cock again. Shepulled her bustier down, causing her big teardrop shaped tits tojiggle out. He bowed his head and put her left nipple in his mouthas she held his head against her. "Oh yeah baby, get your dessert,"she smiled.

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   Carl loved the sensation of the rubbery but nonethelessfleshy milk duct in his mouth, using his tongue to rub the head ofit before pulling on it with his lips, Jennifer moaning and hergash gushing.

"Would cowboy like to saddle this pony up?" Jennifer grinned. "Yeah,but I'm gonna ride her hard. " "Mister, we breed 'em to be hardyhere. " "Glad to hear that. I think I'm going to tie this pony tothat hitching post so she doesn't run away. " Carl stripped and thenused one end of his shirt to tie Jennifer's hands together and thenwound it around one of the bed posts and knotted it off while he hadher lay on her stomach on the bed. He jerked her panties off andparted her legs and propelled his thick cock into her. "Oh God Carl,I love how your dick feels inside me," she sighed. "And I love howcomfortable this ride feels already," he said, continuing the equineanalogy. He began screwing his wife earnestly, loving how her wetcunt felt as it gripped his organ, the friction inside of herheating both of their passions, her pussy making obscene soundswhile he plundered her. "Come on horsie, let's see some galloping,"he growled and then slapped her butt hard, making her push her hipsbackward to fuck herself with his cock. "Come on horsie, faster!" hedemanded, slapping her ass again, as she continued to pump her pussyon his cock. His cock and the throbbing of her ass from his slapselevated her endorphin output and she was being pushed up thatpleasure mountain now. "Is horsie loving how she's being ridden?"Carl interrogated.

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   "Oh God yes baby, ride me harder! Put your brandon me!" she squealed. He slapped her forcefully five times in quicksuccession and then gathered her pony tail in his hand, pulling  herhead up.

She was gasping bigtime now and Carl reamed her pussy with all thestrength he could muster and a pleasure bomb detonated inside ofher, her short, fast breaths creating a maelstrom of ecstasy in hertorso and  then on up to her brain. Carl slapped Jennifer's now redbehind two more times and she was fading away, her subconsciouscalling for him to really overpower her, to conquer her, to own her. She was panting again, every breath now like being given a drug ashis meaty hand conveyed the power potential of his body everytime itstruck her ass, her pussy greedily clenching his cock and making hercum for the second time, the convulsion  feeling like what wouldhappen if a heart attack carried pleasure with it rather than pain. He laid three more of the best on her ass as his ardor  wasattaining apogee, culminating in a fusillade of baby batterplastered on her cervix. He collapsed on top of her, the nerveendings in her back dispatching the sensation of the heat from hisbody up her spine.

Her mind was in a fog, the gauzy state of her thinking clouded by acombination of her subconscious need for submission, the orgasms andthe physical energy she expended. Carl's dick deflated out of herand he lethargically rose and freed her from the bedpost. Carllooked at his wife's face and saw her mouth half open, her eyesalmost closed and in a stupor. He shook her. "Jen? You okay?" "Yeshoney. You gave me such intense orgasms that  they took a lot out ofme," she half lied. Well lied only because she didn't know yet whatwas causing her to feel like she had drunk a fifth of whiskey whenshe got super excited sexually. "Here honey, come here and lay withme," Carl entreated.

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   She groggily turned her body and slid it overnext to him, as he had his head propped on a pillow, which wasleaning against the headboard. "How are you feeling  babe?" heinquired. "Really good and feeling super peaceful," she disclosed. He was relieved that she was okay. "I guess I just gave her morethan she could handle," he bragged to himself. He cuddled her asthey eased into a well earned slumber.

Saturday, Mike came over to Jessica's and then Jessica called hermother over and whispered, "trainee is wanted by Master. " Jennifer followed Jessica into the latter's bedroom. Mike had Jennifer pushher bikini bottoms down and he inserted a butt plug into her beforestipulating that she pull her bottoms back up. "Your Master hadforgotten about your anal sex training. You will wear the plug untildinner time and then clean it and put it back in this plastic bag,"Mike ordered. "Yes Master," she quietly assented.

"Fucktoy tells me she heard a couple dozen loud slaps coming fromtrainee's bedroom last night. So he's continuing to spank you?" "YesMaster. " "Did you encourage him to do so?" "Yes Master.

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  ""Excellent!" Jennifer then raised her hand. "Yes trainee?" "Master,when the sex, especially the spanking, gets heavy, trainee's mindstarts to drift a lot and she feels like  she's drunk. Is thatnormal?" "Yes it is. Fucktoy does that a lot. It's called 'subspace'. You have such a strong desire to submit that your body andmind surrender all free will and consciousness so that they can beturned over to whoever you are serving. Does trainee enjoy her subspace episodes?" "Very much Master. " Jessica raised her hand. "Yesfucktoy?" "Master, your little Asian fucktoy would like to asktrainee if her zoning out  into sub space caused daddy any concern. ""Trainee?" "Yes Master. Trainee's husband asked her if she wasokay. . " "What did trainee tell him?" "Trainee told him that theorgasms he gave her just took a lot out of her, Master. " "Not a badanswer generally. Yet, it still shows that trainee is ashamed toadmit she is a submissive to her husband.

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   I don't like that becausethen trainee is hiding part of herself from the husband she wants tosubmit to. Does trainee understand where the problem is there?" "YesMaster. "

"Okay, we have taken enough time away from trainee's serving of herhusband," Mike remarked. "Trainee, before you begin making dinner,you will put the benwa balls in yourself. When dinner is over, youwill clean them and drop them into this other plastic bag. You willalso somehow find time to work on your deep throating today. Doestrainee understand?" "Yes Master. " "Good girl trainee. We'll be overat my house jamming if you need us. " "Yes Master. Thank you Master. "

Jennifer was able to accomplish all her assignments for the day. Shephoned Jessica and then asked for Mike, proposing that she let herhusband catch her looking at a bondage site on the net or watching abdsm movie on an adult pay channel. Mike complimented her on herwillingness to at least partly put herself out there, but when hethought about it, he wanted her to hold off because he preferred todeliver a completed product to Carl, one that can deep throat, engage inanal and whose pubic muscles would be strong enough to give both himand her the most pleasure possible.

Sunday, Jessica, because Mike wasn't coming over until noon, was chargedwith inserting the butt plug into her mother's anus.

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   "When  Masterarrives, you will put the benwa balls inside yourself and you will keepthem there for an hour after he leaves. Does trainee understand?" "YesMistress. " "Good girl, trainee. " Jessica said. And she did as she wastold. When Mike entered her daughter's bedroom, Jennifer followed andplaced the balls in her pussy in front of both of them. Jessica wasbeing hard on her mother because Jennifer wanted to be able to pleaseher husband and Jessica knew that half assing things would not do that. Jessica and Mike left after talking to Jennifer for a half hour,counseling her on being patient and letting things evolve as they willand to learn from the journey. "With fucktoy," Mike elucidated, "hersubmission happened very gradually and organically. Now I'm notinterested in anal, so I didn't push that on her. Therefore I can'tspeak to exactly how long it takes to prepare a sub to have regular sexin her backdoor, but I think we can get trainee at least a good waysthere when she is finished with her other lessons and it will be easieron her than if we hadn't done anything at all. ".

When Jessica came home for dinner, she instructed her mother that shewill suck Carl's cock to help him sleep so he will be well rested forthe start of another rat race Monday and she will also do anything elsehe wants sexually. Jennifer consented to that and at bedtime her mouthwas filled full of Carl's cum, which she managed to gulp down.

Jessica, though, phoned Mike later that night asking to be allowed tomasturbate.

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   "Your little Asian fucktoy has to confess, Master, thattelling trainee what to do really turned her on. " "Oh really? Doesfucktoy wish to make trainee her slave?" "No Master. Your little Asianfucktoy can see her being her sister slave, but otherwise, she enjoysthe closeness that has been fostered with her mother more than anythingelse. " "Fucktoy is permitted to masturbate. Master loves his fucktoy. Goodnight ip. " "Your little Asian fucktoy loves Master. Goodnight Mike. "

Monday, Jennifer was permitted to dress regularly for breakfast. Shegave Carl another hummer and he set out for his workplace feeling likethe big king dick of the century. .



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