The Asian Chick in the Wheelchair Chapter 16


Mike's brother microwaved a tv dinner and took it upstairs to hisroom following the lecture Jessica gave him.

"Do you think I gave him too much at once sweety?" Jessica askedMike. "Maybe. I remember when I was that age how clueless I was. What you said crystallized a few things even for me and I actuallyunderstand our relationship better because of what you told him. ""That's great Master!" "My little Asian fucktoy is brilliant. Justone of thousands of reasons why she is so necessary to her Master'slife. " "Thank you Master. Your little Asian fucktoy doesn't knowwhat she would do without the confidence and support Master hasgiven her. " "The pleasure is all mine fucktoy. "

Mike picked her up and carried her up to his bedroom. After orderingJessica to strip and blindfolding and gagging her, he had her sitwith her legs wide open then affixed her wrists to either side ofthe headboard of his bed. Then he shackled her ankles  to the sametie point, lifting  her body several inches off the bed and leavingher pussy front and center and fully open and exposed. He attached the vibrating nipple clamps to her milk ducts and then inserted thevibrating plastic egg inside of her. He turned the vibrators on to75% strength. Mike then got on to his stomach and began licked andsucked her clit while the vibrations began to resonate through herbody.

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   Jessica could feel that she was so open to anyone who wantedto use her. Mike had put her in this position once before and shehad shattering orgasms from it, but Mike also didn't lick her clitbefore and now here she was, feeling the pressure of the positionshe was bound into, and Mike sucking and tonguing  her clit whileher pussy drooled and the egg nestled inside of it hummed and herthrobbing nipples were shaken by the buzzing, pinching clamps. Shebegan to moan and shudder, her mind now surrendering to Mike andleaving itself for anything he wanted to. She continued to pant andsigh while the heat and vibrations dripped through her entire torso,the stretching of her clit by Mike's suction now making it begin totwitch.

Mike's little brother furtively put his ear to Mike's door, whichwas blocked by the makeshift doorstop, and heard Jessica's raspybreaths and faint moans. His cock was hard in seconds and he pulledit out of his shorts and was stroking it. Mike slathered his tongueover and back on her clit, rubbing both sides of the little nubbinas Jessica's mind began to evaporate  into the ether and her clitsent little jolts of heat to her brain. Mike then used a long seriesof short sucks on t he love button to make it pulse, which triggeredchronic panting from Jessica. Mike wacked the vibrators wide openand resumed sucking harder and faster on her clit and then sheproduced a loud, choked scream and then machine gun gasping as theorgasm shivered through her. He was so vulnerable, her pussy ondisplay like it was, her hands and feet immobilized. her  mind nowaccepting whatever fate was going to come, trusting in Mike to seeher through it safely. Mike continued to lick and suck on her clit,which was now the most sensitive it maybe has ever been in her life,or so it felt at that moment. Every time Mike distended it into hispuckered lips, a burning almost laser  like in its narrowness wouldtravel up the center of her body and cause it to convulse inecstasy. Little bro was wondering  just what on earth Mike was doingto make Jessica emit those noises while his cock was now red andabout to announce liftoff for his 18 year old's sperm. Jessica camehalf a dozen times within just a few minutes as her mind unburdeneditself from any cares.

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   All it wanted was more stimulation in hercrotch.

Jessica was well and truly gone now, her mind evading reality atwarp speed. . Mike pulled the nipple clamps off as the egg wasallowed to remain buried inside Jessica's steaming slit, and hestarted to suck and pinch her milk duds, again, like he did with herclit, using short sucks at a rapid pace to accelerate the throbbingand pulsing in them. Her thigh and pubic muscles spasmed again asher pleasure centers pleaded for more. The sensations from hernipples were at the outset of each suck rather vague in her presentstate of mind, only to then slam into her nervous system like a carputting the pedal to the metal as it was about to collide with abrick wall. A rippling wave of heat moved up her body and her faceand chest were now very flush as she came yet again. Mike put thenipple clamps back on her and wacked the vibrations back to full. Mike's little brother had already dispensed with one load into sometissues he brought with him. He ran into his room and got some moreand returned to listen to what big bro was doing with Jessica. Hewas hard within five minutes, by which time Mike had extracted theplastic egg from Jessica's twat and slid his cock into it. He bracedhis hands on the head board for leverage as his hips slammed hismeat spear into his beloved slave. Jessica could feel Mike's abdomenagainst hers as he jackhammered his red rocket in and out of herflooded, pink pussy. "Fuck, god fucktoy, you should see yourselfnow," he grunted while his penis pistoned in and out, driving her tothe summit of that mountain of pleasure,, taking him so deep, hiscock making her cunt feel so stuffed, so good, yes so good, yes, shewas living for each thrust of his cock, the endorphins making herforget about the stress on her legs and arms.

All Mike's brother could hear was their edgy breathing, sighs andgrunts plus the headboard shaking, Jessica's sloppy vaginal wallswere squeezing his cock and each thrust earned her those familiarjolts originating from the nerve endings at the opening of herreceptive fuckhole.

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   With the windows closed on a 90 degree day, evenwith air conditioning,  Mike was sweating now from the exertion andshe was also, but from the effects of the orgasms and othersensations on her. Jessica let out a long mewling sound and then aneven longer series of pants as yet another orgasm claimed her. Hergag was smothered in drool and some of it had leaked out and gonedown her chin on to her chest as Mike pumped and pumped and pumpedhis dick in a steady but forceful rhythm. Little bro couldn'tcontain himself anymore and soiled another clump of tissues with hissemen. Mike was at the end of his endurance and his balls were astight as they would ever become before he detonated his payloadinside Jessica, her vertical smile absorbing every thunderous spurt. Mike pulled out and then yanked the gag off of Jessica, who waspanting hard still and jammed his still turgid tool into her pieholeso she could clean it off for him. Mike then removed it and fellback on his ass and watched his cum spill onto his bedsheets fromher gaping poon, his girlfriend's mouth half open as if she washigh.

He  was so taken with his handiwork, the way her legs were in a "v"and how pushed out her pussy was as a result, that he had  to admireit. The slit was coated in sperm like a jellyroll that had beenslightly squished, forcing the filling to its seams. He turned thevibrating nipple clamps off and decided to suck the little nubsagain just because doing so felt hot to him and Jessica loved it,moaning her approval. Little brother trudged back to his room,disappointed that the show was apparently over. Mike untied andunlatched the bonds  that restrained his Jessica and she fellagainst the bed like a rag doll. The room smelled of sex and Jessicawas back in shangri-la. Mike picked her up slightly and moved herdown the bed so that she could fully recline on her back. He admiredher body as he recovered from his own exhaustion and her face had acalm expression on it.

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   He had all night to let her float along thesea of submission her mind had carved out for her and even though hehad to be in control all the time, he envied the peace she wasfeeling now, the tranquility that is the special province ofcommitted submissives.

Mike opened the window of his room to air it out  as dusk waspeeking in, a gentle breeze wafting in and swirling over Jessica'stiny naked body. He took her lefthand and caressed it and kissed it,admiring the delicacy of her fingers, the same fingers that wereslamming out Iron Maiden riffs not long before and would again. Hewatched her chest as it rose and fell with each breath and marveledat the dignified beauty of her face, allowing her to experience therepose her mind and body required. He almost wanted to either cry orlaugh she just felt so indescribably precious and impossibly good tohim. He went to the foot of the bed and began gently massaging hercute little feet. At this point in his life, the way they fed off ofeach other, he could not imagine living without her. To most of hishigh school classmates, she was just the Asian chick in thewheelchair. To him, she was his indispensable other half, the reasonhe got up every morning and the one he endeavored to be a better manfor.



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