Teenage Drama : Part 1


My name is Ellie Greenberg, and I was 18 years old when I had my first time. It was with my boyfriend Daniel of 3 months currently. Me and Daniel are the It couple at my high school. He's the football quarterback and I'm the sexy cheerleader. But not everything about him was perfect. His cock was only 5 inches! My first time was not at all satisfying. . . . but here's my story of the second time. .

I have AP chemistry, and my teacher Mr. Stafford assigned my chem partner to be Todd Richardson. He's 5'11 with floppy brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Todd is a quiet kid with few friends at my school. I never thought of him much, except that he was on the basketball team and he had some verrryyy nice abs.

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   I saw them one day when I was cheering at his basketball game. At the end of the game he took off his shirt and poured water all over his glorious body. Then he locked eyes with me and smiled. He came right up to me and said "Hey, we still need to finish that chem projcet. It's due tomorrow, right? Why don't I come over your house or you come over to mine. " I replied, "Sure, uh. . I guess we could go to mine, I could drive you over right now. "

We arrived at my empty house (My parents were out for dinner and wouldn't be back till 11) and Todd said he needed to shower, because he didn't get to back at the basketball game since he left right away. I said sure and gave him a spare towel and showed him the bathroom, then went to my bedroom to start up my computer. I realized I left my books on the kitchen counter and went down the hallway to get them. The bathroom door was just a bit ajar, but I could see Todd's huge cock through the blurry glass of the shower stall. My nipples instantly went hard and I scurried off, pretending I hadn't seen anything.

After a few minutes I was still thinking about what I saw. We had started the chem project out on my 5th floor apt.

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   balcony, because it was way cooler outside.

"Here," Todd took the laptop from my hands and pointed to the Microsoft document. "I think we should add something about the salt there, so that it can be 500 words and we'll be done. " He looked into my dull green eyes and I stared back, in a trance. All of a sudden he leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. I was so shocked that I didn't do anything, but then he leaned closer and put his hands around my head, pulling me closer and kissing me more passionately. I couldn't think or breathe, I was so schocked! It felt so good that I started to kiss him back. His hands roamed all over my back and squeezed my butt. By this time we were both standing and the laptop was abandoned on the tiled floor. Todd's hands went up my shirt and he played with my double d's. He pulled up the hem of my shirt, indicating that he wanted me to take it off. I did and he unhooked my bra and kissed my breasts all over. He pulled off his shirt too and started kissing me hard on the lips again. My hand rested on his crotch and he finally unzipped his jeans and i tore them off. He pulled off his underwear.

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   I had never seen anything so large! I started sucking his dick and he moaned and whispered my name. After a while he played with my breasts once again while I took off my skirt and my panties. We were both fully naked, and a chilly breeze passed by for a moment. He bent down and I spread my legs. Todd put his tongue inside my pussy, licking all over and once in a while went inside, teasing me. I moaned and said I wanted more. . . he got up and said, "Do you wanna do it. . " I replied, not thinking, "Yes!" He put on a condom quickly and while kissing me some more carried me over to the small patio table and stood up, his cock looking for a way inside my pussy. He finally got in and I was in so much pleasure I moaned so loud. He started out slowly, pushing in and out and gradually started to go faster and faster. I screamed, more, more! And he started pounding so fast with his balls smacking against my ass while grabbing my boobs. Finally he stopped and kissed me some more and I turned him around so he was on the floor, and started riding on his dick.

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   This was way better then when I had sex with Daniel, I thought! After a lot of moans we went inside and to my parents' bedroom and lay there naked with Todd'sdick inside me, just talking about how Todd thought I was beautiful and how no one should ever know about this. I agreed and after an hour or so Todd had to go, and he left me in bed wondering about this.

The next day in the hallway, Todd winked at me and I winked back. My boyfriend Daniel was with me and said, "Did that guy just wink at you?" I replied, "No, must be some kid behind me. "

But just then we passed a bulletin board with kids swarmed all around it. There were pictures all over, crystal clear pictures of me sucking Todd's dick on the balcony, him eating me out, me riding on his dick and him fucking me and playing with my breasts!

Daniel saw them and screamed, "WHO IS THIS BOY ELLIE??!" Kids backed off to watch the fight that would go down in Middletown High School history. I said "NO. . . IT'S NOT -ME. . " stammering. He shouted "FUCKING HOEBAG. YOU FUCKING LIAR! I;M GONNA GET YOU AND THIS BOY SOME DAY. YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK, YOU SLUT.

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  " He ran off and left me alone, weeping. Ipulled the pictures all down with blurry tears in my eyes and skipped school for the rest of the day, crying in my bed.

More coming soon. . .



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