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Quickly she asked “What do you do? For work I mean. ” I was surprised and amused by her bluntness and I told her how I had been laid off from the factory where I worked and was collecting unemployment. Continuing this conversation she told me how her dad was in prison, her mom was bi-polar, they were all home schooled just so her mom didn’t have to send them to school, her age (14), her sisters names and ages (2 older ones, 1 younger) and just about everything a person could ever want to know. With that done she suddenly jumped up and said she had to go help with the moving and in a flash was gone. This was all taking place on a warm June morning, a lazy Saturday where all I had planned was smoking a bowl, working in the garden and getting some sun. This new and unexpected change of events had my mind spinning. I was going to have a houseful of young and from what I had seen very attractive girls living right next door for the foreseeable future. I had always admired cute young girls, their hard bodies and budding breasts but had never even considered the possibility of some sort of relationship with one. That was all to change. Only a few hours later around lunch time there was a knock on the door. It was my new neighbor Tina. She was barefoot and sweating, maybe all of 5 feet tall and as she spoke her chest heaved, her nipples, obviously braless, poked thru the thin fabric. She wanted to know if I had some ice, and like a good neighbor I told her I certainly did. I invited her in and could see the relieved look on her face, to get to come into the air conditioned room. She immediately walked over to my desk and stuck her face in the small fan there. I couldn’t help but smile at her.

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   She certainly had no problem making herself at home I observed to myself. Her hair blew wildy in the fan, blonde, straight and middle of the back in length. More and more I was wondering how this summer was going to turn out. While I was in the kitchen Tina was shouting questions from the living room, her face still in the fan. “What do you do all day? Are you a doctor? Do you look at porn?” I nearly choked on that last one, thinking to myself “What sort of crazy girl has fate dropped into my lap?” I took Tina a pitcher of ice water and several plastic cups. “Here” I said, “take this to your house. Come back when you can stay longer and you can ask all the questions you want. Even the porn question!” I added laughing as I said it. She laughed an easy natural laugh smiling and put her hand on my arm “Thank you” she breathed out, “I’ll be back first chance I get!” and with that she was again gone. My mind was churning harder now. Beautiful !4 year old wants to talk about porn. What to do what to do…Sure enough, around supper time there came a now familiar knock on the door. Tina was standing there; she had obviously bathed and changed clothes, her damp hair hanging down the sides of her slender face, her t-shirt hugging her damp and again braless body. “Can I come in?” she asked. “Sure” I said, “please do, I’ve been thinking about you all day you know!” “Really? Why” she replied quizzically.

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   “Oh” I continued, “It’s just you’re pretty hot, and I’m single ya know…” I let the last part hang there and then studying her face I added “and I bet your moms pretty hot too!” At that she looked relieved and hurt at the same time. Quickly she said “No, my moms huge and she sleeps all day and all night on medication. ” “You really think I’m hot? I mean, not like to date or anything like that cause you’re old…” Tina blurted out. She had sat down next to me on the sofa, leaning into my arm, her soft breasts gently snuggling against me. She spoke again, not so rushed, “I don’t mean old old. Do you have a girlfriend? Do ya’ll fuck?” I couldn’t believe my ears. This little girl was getting me so horny with her dirty talk. “No, no I don’t have a girlfriend Tina, unless you want the job!” We laughed together, she brushed her hair back and threw her leg over mine causing me to jump slightly. “You’re too old to be my boyfriend, more like an uncle!” she said laughing. “Well,” I replied, “Am I the good uncle or the bad uncle?”Tina studied her fingernails for a moment and then looking me square in the eye she answered “I want a bad uncle. ” With this said she raised her hand to my chest where she let it stay for a moment before she slowly started to slide it down my body. Her eyes were still staring straight into mine, a smile started to form, her lips looking fuller and more inviting. Just as I leaned over to kiss her it was as if someone had dropped a bomb. The doorbell rang and I nearly jumped out of my skin! Tina quickly lifted her leg from across mine as I scrambled to the door. There at the door was a smaller girl, with darker hair and complexion.

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   This had to be Tinas little sister, April, the 12 year old. “Hi” I said, “Are you looking for Tina?” The dark haired angel said “Yes” and I opened the door for her to come in. I could tell she was also enjoying the air conditioning, she was as sweaty as Tina had been earlier and her nipples stiffened visibly in the cooler air. . She went over and sat on the sofa beside her sister. “Mom says you got to come home. ” She was unconsciously rubbing her hard nipples which amused me immensely. “Mom says we got to fix dinner and do the dishes and get baths. She’s being a bitch tonight just cause she got all tired out from the move. ”I was surprised to hear the kind of language she used but not at all shocked. I was realizing that these were street smart girls who had learned how to survive in spite of their mom and dad. Tina didn’t look too happy but she got up to leave anyway. I stood at the door and said goodnight, starting to feel some relief that maybe I had just gotten out of making a bad mistake with a 18 year old girl when Tina dashed back across the lawn, grabbed me around the neck and pulling my ear down to her mouth whispered “I’ll be back after everybody goes to sleep!”I didn’t know whether to believe her or not but the thought of the possibility sent my cock into a full blown hard-on. I went to shower and to jack off, the steamy session solely devoted to visions of Tinas hot young body being subjected to her “bad uncles” advances. I was watching the nightly news on the tv in my bedroom when I heard the light tapping at the window.

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   Peering into the darkness I could see Tina, smiling and waving crazily. I motioned for her to come around to the back door. Again she was out of breath, “Hi” she said, “I told you I would be back!” Her body seemed to almost vibrate visibly with energy. She walked past me into my bedroom, looking around, picking up things here and there for her momentary inspection. “My mom and everybody is asleep, do you want some company?” she asked. “Of course” I said, “I’m always happy to see somebody when they come to see their favorite bad uncle!” Tina laughed at this and flopped down on the bed, lying on her back and staring at the ceiling. “So you like porn, huh?” she asked, her face getting a little more serious. “Well, yah, I like something to look at when I um, you know…” I let it sort of trail off. She sat up and looked at me and then said “You know, I’ve seen porn and all those people fucking but I’ve never done any of that stuff. My mom and everybody thinks I’m a slut, but I ain’t never done nothing”I have to admit I was a little shocked. I was in the “Tina is a slut” camp up until that confession. Now I saw her in a whole new light. She was infinitely more interesting. She was not a little slut, she was a young virgin who was consumed with thoughts of sex! I sat beside her on the bed, my cock obviously hard in my underwear and held her hand. “Tina” I started, “I really do think you’re one of the hottest most interesting, entertaining and sexy girls I’ve ever met.

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   If there’s ever anything you want to know about sex, you can ask me and trust me to give you the best that I can. ” “I like you so much and I just met you” she said and then slipped closer to me, her arms going around my waist, her head against my chest, her leg again over mine. “There’s lots of things about sex I want to know, and I want my new bad uncle to show me”Without speaking I opened the fly to my shorts and let my hardon pop out. I took her hand in mine and placed it around my stiffness. She slid her hand gently up and down and with her other hand began to caress my balls. Without speaking we kissed, our tongues twisting and licking. My free hands explored under her tshirt, squeezing her stiff nipples and cupping her “A” size titties. Taking a break from the kissing and fondling, we stood together and quickly disrobed. Her teen body was a vision. She was barely 5 feet tall, straight blonde hair, budding breasts with puffy nipples, slim hips and a surprisingly large amount of dark coarse hair on the swell of her pussy. My cock bobbed in the cool air, her nipples poked out straight and hard. We sat down together on the bed and began to again explore each others most sensitive areas. Tinas small hands slid up and down the length of my cock, her mouth kissing my neck and chest. I was squeezing her amazingly firm ass and running my fingers up and down her crack, letting them brush across her pussy occasionally. She would give a small whimper and a little grind of her hips each time I made contact with her virgin pussy lips.

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   We changed positions, her lying back and lifting her hips while I placed a pillow beneath them. Now with her pussy elevated I put my head between her legs and gazed at the virgin pussy that I was going to fuck this evening. It was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen! Pouty lips, a swirl of hair, the nub of a clitoris. And the smell. It was ambrosia. I traced the outline of her lips with my finger, dipping slightly into her hole and leaned in to lick at her clit. She moaned and began to rotate her hips slowly. I kept rubbing at her pussy lips, licking at her clit and dipping into her increasingly wet hole. I looked up to see Tina squeezing her nipples and pinching at them. I kept licking at her nub and began to explore deeper into her hole with my finger. She arched her back and continued to rotate her hips in time to my inward thrusts. I played with her asshole with one finger while my other hand pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy. Suddenly she pushed her hips hard against my fingers and I could feel her hymen tear and my fingers slide even deeper. Knowing that she was now ready for some fucking I pulled my fingers out, kneeled between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock around and around on her soft wet pussy lips. A small amount of blood was trickling out of her pussy and I used the head of my cock to spread the red fluid around her pussy, over her clit, up and down, round and round going faster and faster.

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   Tinas hips started to buck again like when I was fingering her and I put the head of my cock to her hole and pushed my way in. It was so tight. She was taking deep fast breaths. I pushed and pushed, slowly sinking into the depths of her virginal hole. She was grunting now, breathing deep and twisting her hips around. She had no problem handling my grown mans cock and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, lifting her pelvis up to meet my thrusts. It was without a doubt the best sex I had ever had. Tina pulled her knees up to her chest and closed her eyes as I kept stroking in and out of her hot tight hole. Before I came I pulled my cock out of her wonderful pussy and told her “Do it with your hands baby”. Her small soft hands slid up and down only a few times before my hips started to buck with the force of my orgasm, strings of cum spewing across her taut tummy and little hard nipples. Tina had not yet experienced her own orgasm but I was about to change all that. Lifting her hips I slid the pillow out from under her and had her get on her knees, her sweet love hole pointed at me. My cock was only semi-hard but by rubbing the head of it round and round on her soft pussy lips I soon had it back to full erection. I eased it back into her pussy and pulled her hips to me. Tina was either very naturally a great fuck or she had really paid attention to the porn she had seen because her hips started to make circles in time with the thrusts of my cock as if she had been doing this forever.

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   I reached underneath her to play with her nipples and clit as our bodies slammed together faster and harder. She reached her hand back underneath to caress my balls. Then without any warning she let go of my balls and I saw her hands clinch the bed sheets and her ass started to twitch and she was grinding her pussy onto my cock in an uncontrolled way. She bucked. She vibrated. She grunted and muttered cuss words between gasps. I slipped the tip of my finger into her little asshole and slowly stroked it in and out until her very first orgasm had subsided. “Oh my god!” were the first words out of her mouth after her breathing had slowed a little, “That was better than anything I could have ever thought of!”“That’s what I was hoping you would say baby” I replied. I then pulled on her hips and slowly sank my still hard cock back deep into her pussy, filling her one more time. She again reached back to stroke my balls and within moments my cock erupted, my hot love cream overfilling her pussy till it trickled out and ran down the crack of her ass. She slowly leaned forward allowing my cock to slip out of her swollen abused pussy. I lay down next to her and stroked her hair. We lay spooned that way for maybe 18 minutes before anyone spoke again. “Bad uncle Mike, I gotta go home, but I’m coming back tomorrow and the day after and the day after!” “Tina, I want you to come back just as often as you want to or need to. We are going to have lots of new things to do together” I heard myself saying.

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   “Well” I thought, “I’m in this far now, might as well see where it goes. ”Tina dressed slowly, occasionally stopping to give me a little kiss or to stroke my still semi-hard cock. I let her out the back door and went back to bed, unable to sleep but looking forward to a great summer and some really sweet dreams. .



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