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Topic: Teen Girls 1st TimeMy name is Stacy I’m 18 years old and I’m at home all the time now after getting kicked out of school for having sex with my math teacher, I don’t consider myself a slut as most people would think I just like to express myself in any way I can but let me tell you a story about what happened which  opened a whole new world to my eyes thanks to my best friend Sara.
It was a normal Friday night sitting in front of the telly watching a Disney film; I always had a soft spot for the lion king and then I hear my door bell go and I looked at the clock and its showing 9pm and I thought who would it be if it’s a guy he would just want sex, if that was it I would of turned away from him as I open the door it’s my 18 year old best friend Sara. She had tears streaming from her eyes I invited her in and asked her what was wrong and she told me that her bf had cheated on her and dumped her, I knew how it felt so I let her stay round, as we sat and watched the lion king she asked me where my mum and dad was I said that they went on holiday and wouldn’t be back till the end of the weekend so I told her she could stay round my house for the night and she liked the idea of being with someone during this hard time. So after the film had finished we went up into my room and set up the blow up  bed for her to sleep on and laid down a pillow and cover and I thought to cheer her up we could have a bit of alcohol, I looked in the fridge and saw that mum left me a 2 boxes of the small bottled red wkd so I took them up into my room and opened 1 for the each of us and we sat there telling each other stories of the boys we have been with and what we have done with them but me loving to express myself have done everything in the book and Sara was still a virgin having only kissed a boy. Bottle after bottle and we started to get tipsy as I sat on my bed I looked at Sara with a tipsy mind and looked at her stunning body and my eyes moved to her 34c  bra sized boobs covered by her school shirt, she was wearing my bra that I gave her it was a black with small red roses and I thought to myself I wanted it back so I asked her if I could have It back and she said that’s fine she stood up and unbuttoned her shirt and laid it on the floor and she unclipped the bra and took it off I stared at her boobs so lustfully. My eyes fixed on her perfect well rounded boobs and her perfect small pink nipples, which made me get excited and Sara covered her boobs and said that I was embarrassing her I looked up at her to noticed she was bright red.

 I gently take her hand and she came over to my bed and she sat beside me on the bed and I looked deep into her beautiful bright blue eyes and I leaned in to kiss her and our soft lips touched and I wrapped my arms round her naked body whilst kissing her soft young lips she moved her arms to lift up my pj top and she unclipped my bra and released her hold on it letting it fall to the ground and we rapped each other in our arms feeling our naked bodies touching I could hear small moans from Sara as this was a 1st time for her as it was for me I move my head down to her neck and I brush her soft blonde hair behind her and I gently kiss her neck a few soft pecks at a time, I could tell she was enjoying it by the moans coming from her which turned me on. I moved my face back to hers and kissed her using my tongue and matching hers, it felt so good our warm tongues moving together rubbing swapping saliva just by doing this I could feel wet already, while we were lip locked my hands and I softly touched her silky soft skin I could feel the goose bumps coming up and I move my hands to her boobs and I softly cupped them and I used my thumb and 1st finger and gently placed them on her semi-hard nipple and started off in a rolling motion she let out a few moans while we tongue locked and still swapping saliva I moved my head away and look at her beautiful face I could see the lust in her eyes.
So laid her flat on the bed and I laid there on top face to face I started to kiss her neck and moved down slowly licked every bit of her body I explored and I reached her nipples I looked at her face with my eyes breathing heavily waiting and wanting so badly, moved to her left nipple and I wet my tongue inside my mouth with salvia and I gently ran my tongue round her nipple and a circle shape at this point Sara was getting really horny. I lowered my lips onto her pebble like nipples and closed my lips with her nipple inside and gently began to suck on it and I would stop and swirl her nipple with my tongue. I run my hands down her legs slowly moving upwards towards her underwear and I slowly took them off I could hear from her moaning she was begging for me to go down on her and I wanted it as well, so I moved my head down lower and lower till I reached her clit and as I had my face into position to lick and swallow her juices, I could already smell her flowing juices it was intoxicating to me, I lowered my head into her clit and I used the tip of my tongue and started to lick the tip of her clit.
 Sara used both of her hands and grabbed my head as if wanting more and more like wanting it hard and deeper and I moved my tongue down too her pussy lips and I moved my tongue round and round licking off every little bit of juice that was now flowing from her pussy, it tasted so salty but really nice at the same I couldn’t help but slowly slide my tongue into her tight pussy I was surprised that it was so tight, I began to lick her inner walls  and all I could think about or tastes was her salty goodness swallowing load after load just pouring and then I decided it was time to make her scream. With my tongue still inside her I started to move my tongue inside her going in and out licking the walls anything I could lick while I had my tongue inside of her I wanted to explore like a man roughing a girl with his cock inside a pussy I was doing to her with my tongue, I was even making shapes with my tongue inside her pussy and writing out numbers inside her pussy and just using my eyes to look up at her she was gripping the bed sheets screaming and moaning my name I carried on for nearly over half an hour she was having orgasm after orgasm after doing it for so long I could see that Sara was tired and worn out from all the orgasms I had given her, I move to her face to face and she says to me that she loved that so much but she felt bad that she didn’t please me in anyway and I kissed her on the fore head and told her there will be other times and see closed her eyes and gently fell asleep I stroke her hair and smile and I slowly close my eyes and begin to fall asleep together.   

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