Teen fantasies pt. 1


School had just finished and I was tired out as normal. After collecting my things from my locker, I dragged my feet across the corridor with my bag slung over one shoulder and my hair covering my face. Underneath my medium long hair was quite a handsome face, but due to the circumstances that I was in (meaning a grumpy 18 year old teen) I kept it long and untidy. I walked up to the front doors where I would normally meet my best friend to walk home with, but since he wasn’t in school that day, I carried on walking while looking at the floor. Like a zombie I moved, watching the floor move beneath me. I was on the front steps when I hit something. I knocked girl over that was in the year below me. I was so embarrassed that I apologised, which was unusual for a teen of my age to do, I helped pick up her things and asked if she was hurt. “No, I’m ok, I’m sorry about that” said the timid voice. I looked up to see the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, I knew her name was Mel as I had already taking a liking to her. Her face looked smooth and clear, her glasses were small and made her look cute, her tight school trousers and shirt made her ass and small breasts stick out. After staring for about thirty seconds she glanced down at me and smiled.

“Come on, to make up for it you can bye me an ice cream”. We went by the river and through the park in almost complete silence, breaking the quietness with an awkward question for each other every now and then. After a while it got on to music. Turned out we both loved the same music (which was unusual for teens then as I was always one that didn’t fit in with the crowd when it came to music).

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We ended up at her house in her basement, listening to music and playing pool. It was quite warm as it was summer, but the basement was quite cool. There was a wide television, the pool table, a couple of sofas and chairs and a table. Still in her school uniform, she bent over to take the shot. This gave me a great view from behind and my cock immediately stood to attention. There was no hiding my 7 inch hard on from her when she turned around. She stared in astonishment. After about a minute that seemed more like 10, she came up to me, I could see her face clearly now, there weren’t many freckles, but about four or five perfectly placed on her face. I felt a hand unzip my school trouser flies. Immediately my cock sprung out in front of me. She stared at it, and then looked up at me and our jaws where soon clenched together.
She pushed me back onto the pool table, then our tongues untangled as she moved her head. I liked my lips and felt her nice taste that was the same as her smell; it reminded me of something really sweet, like marzipan.
    I didn’t have much more time to taste the sweetness as I had the greatest sensation I had ever felt. I realised she was sucking my cock.

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       I had never had a girl touch my cock before, never mind give me a blowjob. She started to lick the head and the slit and gradually worked up to putting four inches of me in her mouth and sucking up and down. I saw her head bobbing up and down as I sat up and put my hand on the back of her head. I knew I was going to cum soon, and so did she as I was now groaning from the great pleasure. She pulled up and started to jack me off. By the time I had cum she had turned around and I had came all over her ass crack. I let out one last groan as she finished me off and then helped her rub the cum into her ass crack. By the time she was ready she bent over the pool table and I climbed aboard. I got about half my cock in slowly, then started to ride her tight crack. She was screaming in pain, but also in pleasure. I rammed the rest of my cock into her which sent her over the top. Her orgasm then made me shoot another load deep into her ass. At that moment her 18 year old sister, almost as pretty as she was, came into the room and looked at us both in shock.
    Pt. 2 coming soon 

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