Teen Camping Trip


My boyfriend Dave and I were camping at Old Forge. We had his parents pop up camper. Dave also invited his friend Bobby to join us for the weekend. I thought Bobby was just joining us because he was an outdoors kind of guy but I guess the boys had a plan in mind involving me as the center of their hot weekend away. We arrived late on the first night and it was dark. We opened the camper and set up camp.

I was so horny and I was hoping this weekend Dave and I would finally go all the way. I had sucked his rod before and we had watched each other get off before but never actually fucked. The boys brought a mini dvd player and some dvd’s. While they were out getting firewood (or so I thought) I popped in one of the dvd’s. It was actual porn…I had never seen porn like this…there was one girl and she was being serviced by two cocks at once.

I started to slide my fingers into my slit and watch more of the movie when all of a sudden the boys entered the camper naked with their really hard cocks in hand, literally! They had been watching me watch the threeway and had gotten so hard and ready to fuck …Is that the way you’d like to do it babe, said Dave…Bob and I are only too ready to play! If I said no I was a prude and a liar as I was so horny and I wanted to take their rods so deep into my slit…. OH YES baby…I want you two to take me NOW! Bobby almost shot his load as he watched Dave suck my hard nipples. My 38C’s and I were in ecstasy! He licked them and sucked on them…I was getting soooo damp. Bobby couldn’t resist and told me to suck on his cock. I sucked him hard and fast as Dave now put his mouth on my clit…Then Dave slid his massive rod into my cunt as I continued to suck off Bobby.

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   OH GOD!!!! Yes FUCK me boys I screamed.

I cannot count the number of times we all came but we fucked deep into the night. I even let them both but their cocks into me at once. Bobby in my ass and Dave in my cunt…. . Next time Dave wants to take my friend Jennifer camping with us but that’s another first time I’ll have to share later.